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Immigrant tells his family story, "First Time "Online."

Updated on April 6, 2017

Tell us YOUR Experience as an Immigrant to America.

There are wonderful people from around the world who have come to the United States to call it home and help make it a better country.

Are YOU one of those people?

Did you come from far off to be here? If so, and you wanted to make this country a home, then welcome. There is information below to help you find the right sources and we'd love to hear about your experience.

Please go a little by the outline to keep it short for readers.

  • Your Name
  • Your Business, Job, Title
  • (A Working Business Number if you'd like customers)
  • Where Are You From
  • Did you dream of coming here, or where there other circumstances
  • Top 5 Things to help others stay safe, find the right people etc.
  • Tell Us About Your Experience in 7, 7 sentence, 7 paragraphs
  • Thank You
  • Your Name & Business #

Read the information for helpful links.

Comment Below if you are a IMMIGRATION RESOURCE, an IMMIGRANT TO AMERICA, would like to share your immigration experience and HELPFUL INFORMATION for others safe trip.

Thank You for stopping by this site, thank you for sharing to help others.

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LEGAL Immigrant Family

Mr. Border Resident, LEGAL immigrant of a family that fled their native country Hungary in order to Live.
Mr. Border Resident, LEGAL immigrant of a family that fled their native country Hungary in order to Live. | Source

Where My Family Came From, and Why I'm Proud of them

"On my mothers side, my grandfather came from Buda, My grandmother was from Pest. My grandfather was a craftsman, you had tin smiths, and different types of crafts. He designed metal molds in Buda, he'd gone 7 yrs. as an apprentice to gain his credentials as a mold maker. He was about 14 when he finished his apprenticeship. He was about 21 yrs. old when his father told him to leave Hungary, "there will be a war, I don't want you to be killed." That was around 1901 or somewhere around that time. He came to the US by freighter in steerage, which is in the bottom of the ship; it was the least expensive way. The conditions were less than subhuman in some cases as the water and rats lived in this area, it's said that some people ate the rats.

From where he lived, it took months to travel, and with little food and money to cross the seas he did different types of odd jobs around the ship to help feed himself and stay alive.

This was all before the establishment of Ellis Island. Their papers were authentic, but no one knew Hungarian and therefore changed the names to sound like the American name.

The names were generally changed to a phonetic sound of what was written. In other words, Schmidt might have become Smith.

"There were a set of 2nd cousins and their name was spelled Shiit. The spelling was thought to be shit in English, in which case, they changed their name to sound like 'shoot' and spelled Shute or something along those lines.

When checking on your family history name, keep in mind the name might have been changed to sound like something else. Check your name again if you have had problems finding your ancestors, lost siblings, etc.

Coming to America was a daily struggle of survival. Coming to a country, losing everything, speaking no English, where you were not wanted and no one understood you. Grandfather worked hard doing any job available to earn a little money. Eventually, he found a job shoveling coal which helped get him on his feet, and life became a little easier.

When my grandfather came to America, he wound up in Miamisburgh Ohio, where he bought an old house on #19 street. They called it #19 strret because the house had 19 rooms. Soon after, he set up a restaurant and a gentleman's club where businessmen could go and relax. My grandmother would never allow unmarried people to sleep together, so there was no hanky panky for these businessmen.

My grandfather Frank Mencsik had to EARN his right as a coal shoveler in order to earn his way and have more. He brought over my grandmothers Suzanna Hegeducz, she was born in 1890 approximately in Hungary on the Pest side, in the Hungarian wine fields, Tokay. She had blonde hair and blue eyes and stood all of 5'1", she loved to dance. Her fascination was fresh fruit and she ate it constantly which apparently made her allergic to alcohol because she ate them when they were well ripened in which produces natural alcohol."

My grandparents were proud to be Americans. They knew the life they left would never be the same and therefore settled in a country not their own, where they made a new life. They learned English and made sure to speak and teach it everywhere they went; they loved America for saving them death."

These immigrants believed that hard work, treating people with respect and honor, honoring the God that Created them, and the flag and country that took them in, were the things that made America the great country it was and is.

My grandparents respected the flag as the symbol of freedom from a war that destroyed the rest of their family, leading many to gas chambers. They loved America and grew old, raised children and grandchildren in this new country they called home.

I'm proud to be an American because my family was saved from Hitler and the destruction of the Jews."

This is the history of an immigrant who appreciates the country his ancestors brought him to in order to live.... in freedom.

Meet Rusty


One man and his ancestors immigration

German, French, Hungarian, Nomatic Jewish Tribe

Tzgine is gypsy, and from a jewish nomatic tribe as described by the person being interviewed.

One persons TZIGINE (spelled phonetically)(to pronounce it: C Gine) (God Bless You) of the Creators history from a "gypsy's point of view" (Hurray for Us)

"You're family, whether you were Native American, or if you came from Europe or any other country. That was important because it took them a lot of gall and a lot brass to leave where they were from and come here to a frontier where it was going to be extremely hard to live.

You must honor them because that decision that they made is the reason that you're alive today in the United States."

To hear more about this immigration story, click here:

Some of Martin L. King Jr. thoughts

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation Where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character"

"This will be the day when all of God's children will be able to sing with new meaning. "My country, 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing. Land where my fathers died, land of the pilgrim 's pride, from every mountain side, let. freedom ring.''

"When we allow freedom to ring, when we let it ring from every city and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, "Free at last, Free at last, Great God almighty, "We are free at last."

(Copyright 1963, MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.)

Who Was Martin Luther King Jr.?

Camp of Flags


People Helping People

Dad wanted to help his friends, he was there because he wanted to be. I can understand where right now there are people that have been in business, affiliations, friends, and there are problems they're having in their countries. My dad would go there to help others. The mexican revolution was tough, we were fighting, but having gone down to mexco with no real reason, he doesn't know of any that went down that thought they would mke money, they went down to help.

My dads friend Williams ranch went to mexico and loved it and stayed, now there are 4 generations there at the ranch. He was about 4-6 yrs. older than my dad and married a woman. He was given land and made good with the family because they were in agriculture. I don't know how much they have but it's a good amount. I was down there and talking to one of the great grandsons. He said they had somewhere in the neighborhood of 25,000 achres but that wasn't the whole ranch. The amount the rest of the family had, his mothers family, he doesn't know. His great grandparents have been dead a long time. But this is where, dad was different. He went down to help the people, not the politicians.

People recently said to me "In a lot of ways you talk about mexico like you love it more than I do, I got that from my mom and my dad. There are a lot of people who like you because you're an Anglo and treat us like we're people." I'm second generation per sae, and it amazes me when people who have been here for many years or generations cannot feel for the country any more than they do. I love the US and to see it go down the toilet is wrong. My dr. said I'm not selfish enough because I help others, but I guess that's where I'm like my parents. They helped others.

Sometimes I get mad or feel sorry for people because we have every type of car from best to worst with ducktaped parts held on. I had a guy put a sign on his window and the mexican language and the guy was about 50 yrs. old. Do you have time to take off the old sign and put this one up, he was going to do it for me because I was an "old Anglo" and wouldn't let me pay him. I paid him the little bit I had but he didn't want to take the money. I insisted he take the small amount, and I apologized for not having more to give. He was a dad raising children and I just couldn't take anything from his wife and children.

There are no guarantees in life, that's just the way it is. I've made some mighty stupid decisions in life, but I learned from them.

Send a Flag for Solidarity. Where are you from?

We stand together as One Nation Under These Flags

Send your flags from these states and those I hadn't thought about:

Send 3' x 5' Flag

American Indian Nations

Send 3' x 5' Flag

Kings Rifles
Jewish Tribes
Indian Nations
British Army
Your State Flag

Send 3' x 5' Flags to:

Mrs. Rita's Friend

4650 Monsees Rd. 

Every states has a flag, the reason I'm about the flags:

I'm in America, the Hungarian flag flies because of my mom, German for dad, Israel for both families on both sides to honor those in concentration camps, in Auschwitz, but also to honor Israel because they accepted people the same way America did. They took all people, some of my people. I felt honor bound to honor Israel because they did that, they didn't have to.

Because my dad was given citizenship to mexico, he loved mexico and wanted for us to move to mexico because so many things are so beautiful, the mountains forest rivers, so many places that make other places in the world ugly.

My feelings toward Texas because it's where i live. I love Texas, it's my home. there are so many people who have no opportunity to show their appreciation because they don't have a home.

A man is bringing me 4 flags from his family in Australia because he has no place to fly them.

Campode Bandera = Camp of Flags

People go buy and take pictures, but I want people to have a point of reference. They can say "My Flag Flies" there.

Send the American Flag also, the border can be lined with them. Fly the American flag everywhere and thank God for being in America.

Educational History Flags

What would you like to see take place?

If you had the position, would you

See results

Help Legal Families Cross Safely and Legally

Don't Pay Anyone, Let America Help You Get to Safe Places. Come Through The Legal Way. We Can Help.
Don't Pay Anyone, Let America Help You Get to Safe Places. Come Through The Legal Way. We Can Help. | Source
Help friends and Family Cross the Border the Legal Way. Send Your State or Country Flag Here.
Help friends and Family Cross the Border the Legal Way. Send Your State or Country Flag Here. | Source

We The People

We The People

Listen as this border resident and grandson of an immigrant tells American's the steps we need to help immigrants who are at risk. I'll share links in the comment section below to find steps to helpful links to share.


Some of these immigrants are running from something, if the family is able to justify need to come across the bridge.

"Please I need political asylum."

Declaration will be honored and border patrol will honor that.

It must be somehow proven. Falsification of government applications will keep the family from coming to America.

If you believe in your heart you know your family and life is at risk, if you come here with a specific necessary reason, they must be factual and real. If there are other categories which are open to the system the paperwork is available through the dept.

The border patrol will aide people who need help and ask for help legally. They will help set the immigrants up.

Become citizens the legal way and get the help you need.

From 1864 until now this family has been documented in the states and in 1903 this family came from Hungary to get away from the war. The children were told to leave the country and the parents knew the children would perish if they stayed.

If YOU have an inspirational immigration story,please share it here. Help others do it legally.

Everyone has their own life experiences, both good and bad.

If you came to America, please tell us your short version of your best experiences and WHY you love America.


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