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Impeachment for Political Differences – A Dark Day in American History

Updated on November 13, 2019
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I'm on the right side of politics and enjoy a good debate on government, the economy, common sense, and the rights of the people.

The American Democrat Party has singlehandedly weakened the power of the House of Representatives by abusing the impeachment process. They are abusing those Constitutionally granted powers in an attempt to unseat the President for no reason other then they don't like him and his policies. For several weeks, Committee Chair, Adam Schiff, Committee Chair, Jerry Nadler, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi have tried to convince mainstream America that the President was guilty of criminal actions and that it was necessary to impeach him. No charges have been brought forward by the House. Additionally, Adam Schiff has refused to allow any Republican to call a single witness to testify in what most Americans are calling a sham-trial. Furthermore, the entire process is being viewed as an attempted coup, to remove a duly elected President from office, simply because of policy differences.

The Nomination, Winning the Presidency, and the Mueller Investigation

From the moment Donald Trump won the Republican nomination, forces were at work behind the scenes to make Mr. Trump look like an enemy of the people. And when we walked away victorious in the last election, those forces went into overdrive to construct a global web of set-ups, dirty tricks, and false accusations. President Trump was immediately accused of colluding with Russia. Hillary Clinton was unable to fathom losing to a political upstart. The Deep State was terrified at the thought of an outsider coming to Washington; especially an outsider who couldn’t be bought off, and was an ardent patriot. He has been regularly betrayed by those who were believed to be strong allies. Jeff Sessions was the first of many people who failed to help the President advance his agenda.

As Attorney General, Mr. Sessions immediately recused himself from the Russia probe; setting off a chain of events that would take several years and cost American taxpayers more than $30 million dollars. At the end of the long and arduous process, several people were charged with process crimes, yet none directly connected with the President. Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller was unable to find any evidence of a crime by the Trump campaign. Mueller was brought before Congress and was questioned by Democrat House members, desperate to find something worth additional pursuit. Mr. Mueller performed poorly, seemed unable to answer many direct questions, and looked like someone out of his element. This led to speculation that he wasn’t actually running the investigation. Many sources believed Andrew Weissmann, a partisan prosecutor with a long history of prosecutorial misconduct, including suborning perjury, was actually running the investigation.

Congressman Adam Schiff and the Secret Hearings

Despite no charges being levied by the Special Prosecutor, the Democrat controlled Congress refused to accept the findings and continued to scour the known world for “evidence”. Committee Chairs Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff worked tirelessly to create a narrative that would allow them to schedule hearing after hearing, in an attempt to sway public opinion. In September, differences of opinion on foreign policy between the entrenched Diplomats at The State Department, the Intelligence Community, and the President, led to the current situation. Democrats claimed to have a “whistleblower” who stated that the President was guilty of a quid-pro-quo arrangement with Ukraine. The premise was that Ukraine would investigate Joe Biden’s son Hunter in exchange for aid from the United States. The President quickly released the transcript of the telephone call which was the basis for the claim, and it showed nothing remotely close to the previous claims.

It was later discovered that the whistleblower regulations were changed without anyone knowing about it. The new guidelines allowed for hearsay and second-hand information to be included. Anyone who understands the laws of this great nation, know that that type of evidence is inadmissible in an actual court case. Regardless, Committee Chairs begin calling in witnesses to testify in secret, closed-door sessions where they controlled everything. Those Committee Chairs sent letters to people on the President’s team trying to force them to testify; trying in the process to convince them that those letters were actually subpoenas. Many of the people called refused to show up for the hearings. It was also learned that Congressman Adam Schiff was working with the whistleblower behind the scenes, likely prepping him for testimony that would damage President Trump.

Partisan Rules, One-Sided Narrative, and Quid-Pro-Quo

After repeated pressure by the American public, Nancy Pelosi called for a vote on impeachment rules, which were crafted in such a way as to give Democrats an advantage. There has not been a vote to charge the President, nor have any charges been brought. Also, after multiple closed-door hearings, Mr. Schiff will be holding public hearings utilizing a selected group of the same individuals. As part of the rules process, Congressman Schiff was awarded extraordinary powers to control every aspect of the public hearings, including who can be called to speak. The Republicans provided a list of speakers they wanted to hear from, but Schiff denied every one.

Public hearings were scheduled to being on Wednesday, November 13th, 2019. Some of the topics Mr. Schiff and his fellow Democrats want to highlight fail to qualify as criminal actions by the White House. Impeachment should involve the actual commission of a crime, such as with former President Clinton, rather than disputes over policy. It should also be noted that the President has complete control over foreign policy and is not subject to oversight by Congress on his decisions; something the Democrats in Congress want to convince America of otherwise. Also, quid-pro-quo is perfectly legal in dealing with other nations. Foreign aid has always been attached to conditions in the past and will continue to be in the future. The actual transcripts of the call and a statement by the Ukrainian President prove that no arrangement was ever made for Hunter Biden to be investigated to receive any US aid.

Lack of Evidence, Hearsay, and Disgruntled Bureaucrats

The only “evidence” the Democrat-led inquiry has been able to present, is the opinions of Deep State bureaucrats who the President removed from positions of power, or ones he has ignored. There has been no actual evidence to charge the Commander in Chief, and yet they continue to claim the contrary. Some feel that this impeachment inquiry is a last-ditch effort by the Deep State and the Democrats to throw mud in advance of the soon to be released IG reports and the work of Attorney General Barr. Barr and John Dunham are involved in a criminal investigation of the origins of the Russia-Trump probe and how Deep State actors worked to remove a sitting President under fraudulent conditions.

What most Americans are now realizing, is that in our nation’s history, this is the first time one Party has attempted to impeach the leader of the other Party, strictly on the basis of differences in policy. President Trump has led a scorched-earth campaign to correct the failures of the Obama administration and the American people have responded with strong support. President Trump is not a globalist as were many of our previous Presidents. Trump doesn’t think like an entrenched bureaucrat, but rather as a citizen of the nation. The Democrats are leaning heavy to Socialism and want a strong dependency on government. The policies of the Trump administration are polar opposite and give power back to the people.

Summary - President Trump Puts America First and Protects our Sovereignty

Based on the last three years, it’s clear that what Trump has brought to the voters is working. Despite being under constant harassment, he has succeeded on many key issues. Unemployment is at a record low across all demographics. At the time of this publication, more than 4 million new jobs have been created under his leadership. The economy is much stronger than it has been for a decade. The President is renegotiating trade deals that are not favorable to America. During his short tenure, he’s seen a record number of judges confirmed to the bench; judges that are pro-Constitution. And, most importantly, he is exposing the vast corruption that has been going on inside the beltway; corruption that grew unchecked during the Obama administration. The President is keeping his promise to make America great again by making sure Americans come first, second, and always, in every situation.

© 2019 Ralph Schwartz


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