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Imperator Barbarroso's New "New World Order"

Updated on October 27, 2012

A New "New World Order"

In his State of the Union Address of 2012, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso called for the European Union to lead the "New World Order". The first time the World became familiar with the term "New World Order" was when President George H. W. Bush provided an epiphany of his intentions and capabilities after Iraq invaded Kuwait. President Barroso's address therefore has a deep-rooted Atlanticist precedent. In this speech, President Barroso also introduced the realpolitik of European forces directly engaged in leadership positions in regional conflicts of strategic interest.

President Barroso provided greater clarity about his own intentions and capabilities, in relation to the "New World Order", when he gave his second address at the Woodrow Wilson Institute at Princeton on September 27th 2012. His speech was replete with allegories and references to "fights" that are allegedly worth Europeans fighting for. The repeated emphasis of the word "fight" was in fact the defining keyword of the speech.

In relation to what is "worth fighting for", President Barroso opined the cause of democracy. In relation to fields of battle, on which democracy is threatened, President Barroso indicated regions of immediate concern. Europe itself was identified as a region in which democracy is threatened by the breakup of the European Union and collapse into nationalist factions. Syria, followed by Iran were also identified as immediate strategic challenges.

The Georgetown University Seal
The Georgetown University Seal
Father Edmund A Walsh and General Douglas MacArthur
Father Edmund A Walsh and General Douglas MacArthur
The European Coal and Steel Community
The European Coal and Steel Community

Origins of the New "New World Order"

The origins of the New "New World Order" have the same pedigree as the resume of President Barroso.

The European Union was created by American sponsorship of a political and economic union of the post World War II European countries; to provide a bulwark and shield against the Soviet threat. In June 2000, declassified American documents provided information that confirmed the role of the intelligence community in creating this anti-Soviet bloc. Documents, researched by Joshua Paul at the Georgetown University, revealed that a GSE named the American Committee for United Europe (ACUE) was the strategy tool behind a united Europe. ACUE was chaired by William "Wild Bill" Donovan, the founding father of the proto-CIA named the OSS. The Vice-Chairman was Allen Dulles; the Dirctor of the CIA in the 1950's. This period in Western Post-War History can be looked upon as the Old "New World Order". The precursor to the European Union was the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC); that then morphed into what was known as the Common Market. Contemporary observers of history should note that Algeria was an original member of the ECSC. The current "Arab Spring" and the drive for representative democracy, that is sponsored by the European Union, has its genesis in the ECSC; rather than the contemporary Islamist causes that are conveniently used to explain it in Western media.

Georgetown University of Washington; specifically the Father Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, affectionately dubbed the "School for Spies", is the first public domain linking President Barroso, the Old "New World Order" and the New. Father Edmund A. Walsh was a Jesuit who's Opus Dei was to create a European Christian Union against the apostate Soviets. Donovan was himself also a Catholic; and therefore spiritually part of this Opus Dei, as well as temporally qualified by his intelligence background.

The "legend" of President Barroso alleges that he attended the Edmund A. Walsh School at Georgetown University of Washington to study for his PhD. There is however no listing of this PhD on record. Since progressing through the corridors of European power, President Barroso's Opus Dei has become more apparent. His mission statement and also that of the European Commission has changed to "fight" a new Infidel; now that the apostate Soviet Union no longer threatens Western Christian values.


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