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Imploding....Trump Style

Updated on August 7, 2016


[im-ploh-zhuh n]
1.the act of imploding; a bursting inward (opposed to explosion).

the occlusive phase of stop consonants.
(of a stop consonant) the nasal release heard in the common pronunciation of eaten, sudden, or mitten, in which the vowel of the final syllable is greatly reduced.
the ingressive release of a suction stop.

You can barely turn on television news or radio news or social media without hearing that Donald J. Trump is imploding.

Oh ye of little faith!

Certainly for those on the left there is much salivating and hand rubbing over the idea that indeed, Trump is imploding. They are ordering champagne by the caseloads in anticipation of a Clinton election all the while nodding at each other with a blend of winks and nods and I told you so's over what appears to them to be Trump losing the election this very week we are in.

On the right, the pundits and the pawns in Washington and the Karl Rove's and the George Will's and those learned minds from the hallowed halls are all but biting their nails to their knuckles. Not because they necessarily care about Trump losing. But because they feel they are witnessing the demise of the Republican party.

Ive got news for them. The Republican Party's demise began a long time ago and when you use the word "implode" its the party itself these so called scholars of politics should be worried about imploding.

Should Trump try harder to please? Of course he should. But its not about harder as much as it is about smarter. I will come back to that later, though.

The GOP hierarchy is nothing if not stuck in their ways. They still don't get that the paradigm has changed and yes! Oh my Lord, yes! It needed to change. The shakeup which was brought about by Trump was long overdue and sorely needed. Its been said many times and repeatedly that Trump is resonating with the average person in America. These are the people who are fed up with Washington and cronyism and the good old boy network and the proof of that is the fact that Trump won the primary. Let us not forget that he took down 16 other opponents. Several of which were deemed to be shoe-ins for the nomination. And he did this single-handedly, because he got no help from the established GOP or the press for that matter, Trump took out opponents whose coronation time had least according to those who have run Washington for decades.

And yet we still have Karl Rove banging his head against the wall over Trump's behavior over the past several days.

OK. I get it and I agree to a point. Trump needs to concentrate on the worst candidate for the office of the President of the United States in history. And that's Hillary Rodham Clinton. He needs to focus on her miserable record or lack of record. He needs to remind us all, on a daily basis, why shes inept, incompetent and not honorable and not to be trusted. And there is more than enough proof of that for him to keep driving that point home. Trump needs to stop concentrating on defending his honor, his character, himself! Let the surrogates fight those battles for him. Let the Newt's and the Huck's and the Pence's do their jobs. Trump needs to concentrate on the past 8 years of poor economy, poor job growth, an abysmal foreign policy and and draw the link between those 8 years of the worst president in US history and HRC.

He needs to question why she is the "changemaker" as touted by Bill Clinton when indeed, they have both sang the praises of the past 8 years. Why change when Obama was so great? Trump has been handed a plethora of ammunition and he needs to start using it.

And the reason he needs to do all of the above isnt for those of us who support him. Heck no! I've been a Trump supporter since he first mentioned years ago that he might like to run for president someday.

No....Its for the Independent voters and those who are still undecided. He has to make sure that they keep hearing the message that shes unfit for office and why shes unfit because they are the ones who will ultimately decide this election.

But here's the bigger point I want to make.....Trump isnt imploding! He's off course. The Trump implosion which the deceptive media is pushing is based on words he has said. Hillary Clinton should be being judged on her past and present actions. There is a big difference in someone's words being used to destroy a character versus the actions of someone else.

But even on his worst days, there are still literally thousands of supporters showing up at his rallies. An estimated 15,000 showed up at his Harrisburg, Pa. rally the other day and that's in a state which has voted Democrat in the past 6 presidential elections.

Day after day, Trump is still packing them in at his rallies all over the country. Compare that to Hillary who is having trouble in cities like Cleveland, Ohio a known liberal stronghold in the Buckeye state. The turnout in Johnstown, Pa. the other day was so bad that the Clinton campaign was forced to issue a statement that they are booking smaller venues for her rallies so that they can keep things on a more "personal and intimate" level.

Never let a good crisis go to waste!

Consider that in a Kansas primary yesterday, 3 term incumbent GOP, Tim Huelskamp, also a vocal never Trump Congressman, lost his bid for re-election to a Pro Trump supporter, Roger Marshall.

Now..there is nothing scientific to back up the theory I portrayed above, and there may have been other mitigating circumstances in that election to cause Huelskamp to lose...but to quote a popular phrase...'im just sayin'.

The media would have us believe that polls after the DNC are a reason to throw in the towel as well. Hillary got a bump. Its expected. And polls are nothing more than a screenshot of (usually) a very small number of people at a certain time being asked certain and even specific questions. There are too many panties in a wad lately. But I do have to wonder....if Hillary is as good as she and the Dem's want us to believe she is, if her cachet is all that it's cracked up to be, if she's truly the best person for the job...why then isn't she literally running away with this election? For all intents and purposes, she should have sealed the deal by now. But she hasn't. And that's because she is a truly flawed candidate...a truly flawed human being. And regardless of what every pundit, every expert, every analyst says to promote her, the American people see through her and her lies.

Trump rallies are a good indication of the support he has in the country.

Conversely, if what we are hearing about HRC's rallies, the same is true.

There are millions of Americans, out in the heartland, who never discuss politics with their neighbors and friends, they never go on Facebook or Twitter, they don't call into radio shows, but they vote. And these are the people who are 100% fed up with the Obama antics of the past 8 years and that includes the lying and cheating of Hillary Clinton.

These are the people who don't say much, but take it all in.

These are the people that my money is still on.

And as we all know...the fat lady hasn't even come close to singing yet.


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