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In Defense of Women's Rights

Updated on April 8, 2011

Want to fight against putting Sharia law into effect in the United States? Then vote Democratic!

Why? Because what the Republican/Conservative/Tea Party crowd is doing to women in the U.S. is just as patriarchal and almost as harsh as any far right-wing Muslim laws you could imagine (except maybe, for stoning women!)

Take the issue of abortion. More than thirty states are considering, or have already passed, severe laws affecting a woman's right to choose. Idaho now bans all abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, Arizona considers it a felony to perform abortions (or provide money for same) allegedly in order to 'protect a fetus's race or sex. And South Dakota wins first prize with its new law that mandates a three-day waiting period for abortions and requires all women seeking an abortion to get counseling first at a "pregnancy help center" staffed by anti-abortion (and it can be assumed, run by conservative religious groups) that are prepared to use scare tactics and outright misinformation in order to browbeat women into not having abortions and force doctors to read a statement that supports those views!

So, if you want to abuse and emotionally 'rape' women in the U.S. - here's your chance. Get on the bandwagon and support the Republican oligarchy's crusade against women's rights and health in the name of being 'for life' (and here they told us they wanted to create jobs and reduce debt!).

On the other hand, if you want to support women and their freedoms, including the freedom to be in charge of their own health care, then . . . well, you know what to do.

Speak up, shout out, and vote against anyone who wants intrusive, oppressive government in private personal behaviors but is against any kind of government intrusion into 'little issues' - like the regulation of financial policies, corporations, environmental concerns, Social Security and Medicare.

[The core insight for this article came from my spouse. She deserves the credit!]


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    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 7 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      I never thought of this subject that way but you are absolutely right. The Far Right wants total control of our private moral lives. Who do they think they are? But when it comes to providing a social safety net or regulating corporations to make sure they do the right thing, then they are yelling at the top of their lungs. I guess you can call it Conservative Sharia. Great Hub Bear Tales.