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In Loving Memory Of Late Prof. Pius Adesanmi: Let the Bubble Burst!

Updated on August 6, 2019

Tribute to Prof. Pius Asesanmi

By Fr. Kenneth Chinkata Evurulobi, PhD.
Catholic Diocese of Aba.

Dear Prof. Pius Adesanmi
I opened your FB page
To see if you have added another chapter
To the Book of Lessons
Which your life and works as a professor
Have become for the younger generation of Nigerians, nay Africans.

And here! Just here!!
From the eerie depths
A Scroll unfolded and spread out before me to confront my dull memory and curious mind with a message written in Eternity's own handwriting.

I know I have no weight on this scale
And I can think of no armory
Where my cracked voice
Can awaken the weapons
With which to begin the questioning
On behalf of mortals already on the road
To where we dread but surely must be.

But from my swollen lips
And broken heart
Do hear me, dearest Prof.,
Please, do!

Send an update on the FB page
To wake me up from this terrible dream.
Or, if I am awake now but not slumbering anymore
Then, Prof, I am silent.
And choose to remain so.
For you are also stiff and silent!

I am silenced by your demise.
And by this, I have learnt the biggest lesson of all seasons!

Goodnight Prof!
I came to know Professor Pius Adesanmi from a relatively far space dictated by the FACEBOOK page when, after having carefully studied his profile, I sent him a Friend Request which he accepted.

Since then, through such FB posts and e-mails, the interactions became more pronounced and more cordial but would sometime ago be threatened by some of the positions I had prophetically taken with regards to the political situation in Nigeria and in the Church.Professor Adesanmi was a very practical man and also a scientifically minded fellow. And so I could understand where his professional and scientific mind was taken him to going by the way he felt whenever he came into contact with such posts or e-mails.

We reconnected again in 2015 as our professional inclinations found a meeting point and embraced each other on the basis of the necessary administrative changes required to move Nigeria forward during the 2015 General Elections.

It suffices to mention that, with the help of Professor Adesanmi and by extension, that of Professor Okey Ndibe, I managed to find a voice and a page in Sahara Reporter's Newspaper (online) during one of the most difficult and excruciatingly painful moments of my life as a budding theologian and a social justice activist without a home and with no working tools save a determination to succeed and some borrowed internet time (with no experience of typing except in the manner of palm kernel cracker) at different Cyber Cafes in Aba, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Lagos.

Pius Adesanmi and Okey Ndibe were able to look beyond the lamentable typographical errors that littered my write-ups in order to see a budding theologian in search of authentic theological tools for the reform agenda of a scandal-ridden Catholicism suffering under the weight of institutional pretensions and still under the firm grip of a hierarchy that delights in creating theologians into absurd prebendals and disgusting careerists out of the various offices of ecclesiastical government. They were able to see an emerging collaborator and a resolute Nigerian priest in search of deliverance for his country in bondage and a better life for his fellow citizens. Thus, the publications came, and this saved me from the plot to silence me perpetually and have me confined to my untimely grave.

Earlier on, TELL, THE SCROLL, NEWSBEARER and THE PULSE MAGAZINES had made strenuous and investigative efforts on my behalf to speak truth to power and resolutely rise against institutional pretensions. And it was from here that I came to discover the significance of a Free Press for the development of a nation and for the establishment of robust and functional institutions.

Here the roles played by people like Janet Afolabi Mba, Editor-in-Chief of SROLL Magazine, Funsho Arogundade of the P.M. Express and, later - very much latter - Yinka Odumakin and my personal involvements with them remain ever green and highly cherished.


True to fact, the Nigerian system has been hijacked and created into a Psychiatry various departments or wards run or administered by vampires, cultists, Satanists, terrorists and kidnappers who have subverted and turned healthy and powerful private/public interests or agitations into exasperating bloody agenda while the progenitors behind them are made to transform into absurd prebendals. Any sane person can choose to come to work or serve in the Psychiatry – whether the one in Aso Rock, in the State Houses or Federal/State Ministries - but anyone who attempts or makes sincere effort to medically attend to, effect authentic change, rebuild and bring Nigeria out of that Psychiatry is serially criminalized, rounded off and silenced. This is what happened to former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. And highly concerned friends and well-wishers went haywire to help him remain alive by asking him to forego a re-election bid.

It has not been that easy for all those who, from their different professional platforms and from disparate sources, have creatively investigated and studied the Nigerian political landscape and its promises. It suffices, however to mention that there are many who have actually sacrificed a lot in their efforts to chart a new course for our dear country Nigeria. Professor Pius Adesanmi occupies a prominent place here. Because, not yet done with identifying the larger goals of policy, planning and research for his students at the Carleton University in Canada, he has unrelentingly committed his professional skills, time and energy to charting a new course of action for the liberation, development and progress of Nigeria.

Influential and authoritative efforts are being made to return Nigeria back to the primitive era and crude methods. And this must be resisted.And given the struggles of Professor Adesanmi for a better Nigeria and the manner of his demise, this resistance has become more compelling now than ever.

Mourning her husband, lover, friend and the father of her two daughters, Mrs. Olumuyiwa Balogun-Adesanmi, wife of the late Professor Pius Adesanmi, wrote thus: ""I am comforted by the sheer enormity of the lives he touched. He lived and died in pursuit of a better world. He lived and died in service to Africa. Nigeria was dear to his heart and he longed for Nigeria’s development. Pius Adesanmi was also a Canadian citizen and deeply appreciated the blessings".

Is it not unfortunate that this seems to be all there is to the huge sacrifices that this beautiful soul had made in his avowed commitment to a Nigeria that must work in his life own time? And here, afterwards, the makers of the brigandage against our people whom Professor Pius Adesanmi had fought would carry on with their normal stock-in-trade, albeit with strong bouts of mockery and cynical epitaph thrown across unto his graveyard from political mansions that house men and women whose consciences died very long ago but were never mourned, and who can only pass as mere carcasses of greedy vultures and vampires.

No! Professor Adesanmi does not deserve such. Instead, he deserves more and better! Hstory has a place of honor reserved for this great icon of patriotism and democracy in diaspora. And so, let the bubble burst!

Some rare insights and resoluteness define the Pius Adesanmi personality whenever he goes about demolishing the wild structures of perfidy, nepotism, corruption and terrorism that have taken roots in the nation's political landscape having found therein a fertile ground. It was as if Kayode Fayemi, governor of Ekiti State, had Professor Adesanmi in mind when he wrote thus: "...indifference is dangerous for democracy. Democratic institutions cannot survive or be strengthened in a climate of antipathy nor can politicians retain their legitimacy under such circumstances. If the price of a free society is eternal vigilance, then apathy will carry a severe penalty for our republic".

At this point, therefore, I am compelled to raise the question - in favor of the general population of Nigerians and in an effort to appreciate the mountainous contributions of Professor Adesanmi to national development and the relationship these have with the present state of affairs in the nation - of the significance of the death of Professor Adesanmi for a peaceful and progressive democratic Nigeria.

During the course of the exchange he had with the Governor of Kano State , Fr. Camilius Ejike Mbaka, Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministries, Enugu, Nigeria (AMEN) told the members of his congregation during the 2018 Adoration Harvest & Bazaar in Enugu that "President Muhammadu Buhari's health condition has a spiritual undertone ".

Fr. Camilius Ejike Mbaka is a very close friend of mine, a confidant, a collaborator in ministry and in the practical application of the new Theology of Communion and Liberation. And with other close friends and collaborators like Fr. Jude Onyeka (aka Marshall), there is no gainsaying the fact that, even in those moments of great trials and betrayals, we have been together with Fr. Mbaka from earliest part of the beginning of Adoration Ministries, Enugu, Nigeria (AMEN).

Fr. Mbaka really knew what he was saying when he remarked that Muhammadu Buhari’s health condition is spiritual.

Two weeks after the Presidential Election, a very thick plot of assassination against Fr Mbaka has been uncovered. The assassination is designed to silence perpetually and to give room for the hijacking and suppression of the divinely instituted political structure upon which the present and victorious Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi administration stands with a view to returning and handing it over to the old Ebeano political structure. The Ebeano Political Structure is the total and unreserved personification of the criminal and satanic political structure known as PDP and belonging to the Cabal. This is the reason why Fr. Mbaka fought the past administration in Enugu State. It is for the same reason that he is supporting Muhammadu Buhari as a way of creating the much desperately needed pedestal upon which one can stand to confront the dragon that has taken Nigeria and her entire population hostage.
It is also for the same reason that I am doing what I am doing as a priest and a theologian, and in my capacity as the President of MARYSROSE, the price to wit!

On my part, for instance, I have won an unenviable title as the "Madman of Aba Diocese". And I have always told anybody who cares to listen that I am not perturbed. I live the Cross.

In an FB post a day before he met his untimely death in the ill-fated Ethiopian Airlines that crashed six minutes after take-off from Addis Ababa, Professor Pius Adesanmi, in his usual manner, lamented and satirically mocked an MOU that was purportedly drawn up between APM/Akinlade and Ladi Adebutu's group in PDP, OGUN State towards the governorship election of March, 09, 2019. Follow link : < >

Unarguably, from the inception of the new democratic era and up till now, MOUs such as the one featured in Adesanmi’s post inescapably constitute an integral part of the sharing formula both for Federal/State/LGA Monetary Allocations from the Federation Account, including those of the different Ministries/Institutions, and as well, determine the characters or qualities of people to be “appointed” (in the name of elections) into electoral offices and as heads/chairpersons of the federal ministries and institutions.

What makes the whole thing laughable and very repugnant is that some of these MOUs are drawn up by and tied to powerful satanic cults, both local and global, involving human rituals in which an irrevocable demand is made or placed for the blood of a particular person, or for all the members of a family/group or a certain percentage of the population of a designated village/ethnic group considered as the enemy and marked “opposition”.

The TASK FORCE (a.k.a Unknown Faces and Unseen Hands) of the particular cult at work is deployed to extract allegiance or commitment to the Terms of Agreement from the inferior parties, and thereafter, silence them perpetually.

From one end, powerful individual/group interests or ethnic/religious agitations are subtly hijacked, subverted and rebuilt to provide cover for the killings. And from another end, terrorism, kidnapping, blackmail or cruel deprivations are created as means or medium of manifestations of these bloody demands upon the parties involved.

I was forced to act when I came into contact with and later on took possession of the MOU that was drawn up by the PDP as it affects the Old Aba Zone (Ukwa-la-Ngwa ethnic nationality of Abia State) and the Catholic Diocese of Aba. The terms of the MOU are absolutely insulting to the psyche of any Ukwa-la-Ngwa man or woman and to every Catholic faithful as parties are compulsorily made to swear to Satanic Oaths and copted into Satanic cults, both local, traditionalist and global satanic cults (The emphasis here is on SATANISM, induced decay, acute greed, institutionalized cruelty, methodical killings and conscious depreciation or suppression of our shared humanity. Otherwise, I believe it is a free world, and that life offers one a wide range of options) where they are divested of their original and authentic convictions, vision and mission, while a spurious and satanic agenda is dusted up and handed out to them, consciously or unconsciously, for implementation in the name of State Policy.

To a Catholic Priest, it is about an intimidation to renounce the faith and subscribe to global Satanism, or in the alternative, accept to go to the prison instituted by the global cult and handed over to the local/traditionalist cults for implementation. Whichever way, the person or group concerned is designated “an incurable mad imbecile, a fugitive and a wanderer”.

Consequently, I set out to and did not only succeed in destroying the MOU, but also employed the principles and provisions of a relatively obscure branch of Theology called “Mystical Theology’, in consultation with Inculturation Theology, to turn the terms of the MOU against the parties involved. I equally went ahead to appoint people of good character and integrity to occupy the electoral offices, ministries and parastatals. This was and still remains the significance of the SACRED DEED. The SACRED DEED has been built into a Code, a Creed and a Conduct.

This exercise has spiritual, astral and mystical undertones respectively in the sense that it represented the expulsion of terrorists, cultists, vampires, e.t.c., from those places and getting human beins to occupy them.

To the scientifically minded, such documents as the MOU featured in Adesanmi’s post or the one I am reviewing here will look very unreal and fetish. And any person who is perceived to be inclined to taking them serious or believing them to be real could easily be regarded as an issue in mental derangement. For instance, it would be very absurd for the critically minded to understand the real significance of the picture of the Diagramic Code given in the picture box here (See Fig. 1). And there may exist the tendency to classify it as meaningless.

In actual fact, going by an existing PDP MOU/AGREEMENT, this Diagramic Gode outlines the basic structures and character of whatever can be regarded as a functional national party. Such a party, whether it originates from the North or South, must and cannot fail to have the major and governing input, imprimatur and membership of Babangida, Ahamdi Tinubu, Jemes Ibori and Orji Kalu, even if this be by proxy. These four, together with five others, belong to and own a political structure called the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

But care must be taken to distinguish between this political structure called PDP from a political party bearing the same name also.

Investigations have proved beyond reasonable doubts that Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is more of a powerful and influential political structure that is criminally and Satanically designed and fabricated for the purpose of the actualization of one man's Life-Presidency Project either directly or indirectly (by proxy) so much so that the political structure has no other life and existence except as these are centered around this key personality, or on his nine “other-selves” and made to serve this life-presidency project.

At the inception of the new democratic dispensation in 2019, this political structure forced itself to be twinned with a political party known equally as Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) and later turned around to hijack, subvert, suppress and eventually swallow it up effortlessly.

This is to say that a very powerful and influential political structure known as PDP exists within a national party registered as PDP. And the destiny of this national party which is registered as PDP is already predetermined and solely designed to serve the political will of the owner of this political structure and does not have any other life, meaning or agenda save as dictated by him.

Simply put, there is a PDP (a nest) within PDP (a political party). This political structure is what many have referred to as "a nest of killers”.

The PDP being referred to in this Diagramic Code is a political structure specially designed for and entirely owned by one man with his nine disciples or his “other-selves” for the purpose of accomplishing his life-presidency project, even if indirectly, or by proxy. This is the cabal.

The Cabal can choose to create and redesign PDP into a seemingly opposing political party and make it bear a new name only to revert to the original when it has achieved the purpose for which it shed its original structure, design and name. Thus, in PDP (as a political structure), Nigerians are dealing with”a chameleon”. This is what happened to ANPP, PDP and CPC by the event of the ACN/CPC/ANPP merger.

The merger was not, first of all, for the purpose of making Mr Muhammadu Buhari the President of Nigeria even though his person presented the need of the moment, but to stop Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan whose second tenure in office could have uncovered hidden mysteries or riddles about Nigeria. And it was either Jonathan accepted to go or goes ahead to win but only to be taken back to Otuoke, dead or a prisoner, after having been impeached and humiliated.

The Cabal decided it was easier to regain its hold on power through a subtle political arrangement that will provide pretentious relevance and criminal benevolence to Muhammadu Buhari's presidential ambition that had crashed almost beyond repair. Therefore, in and through the cabalistic expertise of Ahmed Bola Tinubu, the political structure called Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, vandalized, killed and ate up the Congress For Progressive Change (CPC), All Nigerian Peoples Party (ANPP) and Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM). Here is the real significance of the Tinubu political miracle which is absolutely treacherous and criminally insinuating.

Muhammadu Buhari was merely used as a puppet figure around which the vultures could congregate and then, afterwards, recover their hold on power. And he eventually fell victim to this arrangement.

Thus, imbued with an indelible character of a satanic cult and irrevocably made to stand on induced mysterious foundations, the political structure called the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, taken in isolation of and separated from political parties like All Progressives Congress (APC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), is a smugger board of all the “isms” that define the terms “corruption” and “terrorism”. It is an octopian virus existing as an interface between a vandalized democratic process and a ridiculed expectation of the Nigerian citizenry for good governance. Impetuously, it exhibits a mysterious incursive behavior that has made an average Nigerian, the entire Nigerian system and many of her institutions (including religious institutions) vulnerable to corruption, violence, terrorism, yahooism and voodoism.
Thus, imbued with an indelible character of a satanic cult and irrevocably made to stand on induced mysterious foundations, the political structure called the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, taken in isolation of and separated from political parties like All Progressives Congress (APC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), is a smugger board of all the “isms” that define the terms “corruption” and “terrorism”. It is an octopian virus existing as an interface between a vandalized democratic process and a ridiculed expectation of the Nigerian citizenry for good governance. Impetuously, it exhibits a mysterious incursive behavior that has made an average Nigerian, the entire Nigerian system and many of her institutions (including religious institutions) vulnerable to corruption, violence, terrorism, yahooism and voodoism.
Muhammadu Buhari won the 2019 Presidential Election, and the members of the cabal that have congregated around him are devising means and floating measures that will greatly weaken President Buhari, and in this way, cause a total erosion of powers from his hands as a way of killing his political will and render him unproductive. Then, finally, he would be sent to his grave. The Presidential Electoral Tribunal could be prevailed upon to donate the tools for the actualization of this plot without scuttling the APC victory during the 2019 presidential election

In the MOU I have reviewed here, Muhammadu Buhari is designated and marked “opposition”. This portends more danger than political intimidation that contributed to show Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Therefore, as dictated by the PDP MOU, on demand is the making of another Stella Obasanjo in the 2019 Aso Rock power game and, at another level, nothing short of the blood of President Muhammadu Buhari. And the Masters of the Jungle are closing in on Mr. Muhammadu Buhari.

This is the reason why President Muhammadu Buhari, or specifically, Mrs Aisha Buhari must reach out to Rt. Hon. Rotimi Chibuikem Amaechi, Director General of Muhammadu Buhari Presidential Campaign Organization, for the purpose of taking a look at the MOU and the way it affects him/her and the 1st Family.

Along this line, I have to observe here that it would be too fatal for Rt. Hon. Rotimi Chibuikem Amaechi himself to ignore or underestimate the weight or significance of the document in his custody marked”M.ORG/FGN/2018.

Significantly, I think it is now time for Nigerians to arise and take back their country from the cabal. What is required is for all to join hands to awaken President Muhammadu Buhari from an induced slumber and then support him to take a strong look at the strange bedfellows that surround him.

Fr. Ken Evurulobi, President of Indigenous Confederates of Nigeria for Authentic Nationhood (ICNAN)
Fr. Ken Evurulobi, President of Indigenous Confederates of Nigeria for Authentic Nationhood (ICNAN)
Fr Victor Kalu and I after 8.00am Mass at S.S. Anthony &Jude's Parish, Immaculate Heart Avenue, Umungasi, Aba, Abia State, NIGERIA.
Fr Victor Kalu and I after 8.00am Mass at S.S. Anthony &Jude's Parish, Immaculate Heart Avenue, Umungasi, Aba, Abia State, NIGERIA.
Mrs Aisha Buhari decried strange bedfellows around her husband, President Muhammad Buhari of Nigeria.
Mrs Aisha Buhari decried strange bedfellows around her husband, President Muhammad Buhari of Nigeria.

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