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How to: Buy and Sell Penny Stocks

Updated on January 27, 2015

A Financially Educating Journey.

The NEED for financial education and financial FREEDOM.

In an effort to explore my financial growth options as I am creeping my way up there in age and fully engaged in full-blown adulthood now-a-days. I set my self on a self-motivated journey to become wealthy long-term, and i realized that was going to have to start somewhere, in some way, with learning. I needed a FINANCIAL EDUCATION.

I'm realizing my teachers and parents kinda duped me into thinking I should be saving money in a bank. MY money is not in there, those paper dollars don't even exist and the value of what does is a currency, which by self-description would mean that currency must always be current and therefore needs to be moving to grow.. or invested in something like real-estate. I am using the stock market, and experimenting with pennies stocks as a means for capital gains first however, in order to invest in real estate you need capital down. Once i do that, i will from then and forever more only invest with the base intentions of cash-flow.

I looked into the numerous ways that people make money in the stock market. I even invested about $500 into a share-builder account and has actually made me a little bit of money already, (mind you through investing in what I know... i.e. a company i see myself spend money on every day, as well as a monthly dividend paying real estate investment trust. By doing this I added to my assets collection not only those paper certificates, one which is growing my money, the other that is paying me to hold it, but also with hands on, trial and error, financial education.

During my searching and just genuine knowledge seeking, I became interested in the idea of penny stocks (originally mistyped penny "slots", you can see where my head is at) because you can trade in and out of them in mass quantities of shares consequently these are higher risk investments, but the profit margins are just shocking! Its like playing in Vegas! Naturally this version of investing caught my eye. Mind you! I only have about 50$ i allot myself to spend on this enticing gambling like investing, and even so i was determined to do it wisely.

So by this time I'm thirsty to know all about the brand new publicly traded companies, opening at practically well, pennies per share! I wanted to know about the hottest penny stocks with real potential to cash in on. Real potential being defined by me as "a well educated" look into the quality of the company, news and cultural influences relevant to the industry, etc.

I stumbled upon, believe it or not:

Medical Marijuana Inc.

There is was, like gold. Or like inheriting a pick and shovel store on the banks of the north river in California in the 1840s. Maybe it was because I believe in the movement to legalize marijuana or maybe because i thought it was bad-ass concept, all i knew was that that I had to have it! I wanted to be apart of the movement, and for 16 cents a share. Yes Please!!

This publicly traded company has teamed up with leaders in research, engineering and botany to be a forward moving provider to patients and suppliers alike. There mission statement is as follows:

Our mission is to be the premier cannabis and hemp industry innovators, leveraging our team of professionals to source, evaluate and purchase value-added companies and products, while allowing them to keep their integrity and entrepreneurial spirit. We strive to create awareness within our industry, develop environmentally friendly, economically sustainable businesses, while increasing shareholder value.

I just purchased 255 shares of Medical Marijuana Inc 16 cents a share. My ideal turn out would be that it doubles in price, I withdraw my initial monetary investment, and own however many shares I have left once I make my money back, for free!!! Either way, I feel like the medical marijuana industry is trending to be as big as any pharmaceutical company out there, and feel like I got on the band wagon just in time!


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