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India Who Rules.(Karnataka )

Updated on February 25, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

The Last Ruler of Karnataka ( Old Mysore )

H.H.Maharaja of Mysore.
H.H.Maharaja of Mysore. | Source

Mysore State was renamed as Karnata State.

The Ruler of the State of Mysore was a man of International reputation,he was from the Royal Family of Wodeyars..His name H.H.Sri.Jayachamaraja Wodeyar had a charm among those who were under his rule.Till India became a Sovereign Republic in 1950 be ruled the state and was in peoples heart as a loving Head of the State.He was a Philosopher,Musicologist,Political thinker and Philanthropist.besides writing books "Dattatreya - the way and the Goal".& " The Geetha and Indian Culture".The British who ruled INDIA honored him with their country's high honor GCSI in 1945 and GCB in 1946.The State was a Royal State.Those were the days of peace & Plenty.

There is a Sea Change now in Karnataka.

The State is now ruled by a Chief Minister who is under multiple corruption charges.He has under him persons of low esteem in the eyes of educated young men.His main hobby is to visit temples.He has more than one wife which is against Hindu Law.He has under his direct control the following portfolios:-

Department of Cabinet Affairs.Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms,
Department of Finance including Institutional Finance and excluding Excise, Small Savings & Lotteries,Intelligence Wing from Home Department,Urban Development Department - All subjects pertaining to Bangalore City excluding BWSSB.,Information from Kannada and Culture, Information & Tourism Department,Mines and Geology from C & I Department,and all or Any other Department not specifically allocated.Even Prime Minister has no such things said in his portfolio.

27 Ministers are in his control 24X7.

SRI. UDASI CHANNABASAPPA MAHALINGAPPA - he is the Minister for PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT the highest corrupt department.

SRI. MUMTAZ ALI KHAN - he is a minister for pleasing the Islamic minority who consider his party which is supposed to be unfavorable to them.He needs their votes so a minister for them will go a long way in maintaining peace among Hindus and them.

SRI. R. ASHOK - he is the remote control of the Chief Minister.


SRI. JANARDHANA REDDY - he is looking after Tourism.

SRI. KAGERI VISHWESHWARA HEGDE - he looks after primary education.

SRI. G. KARUNAKARA REDDY - he looks after the States Revenue.

SRI. B.N. BACCHEGOWDA - he looks after Labour.

SRI. BASAVARAJ BOMMAI - he looks after Major & Minor Irrigation of the State.

SRI. JAGADISH SHETTAR - he looks after Rural Development and Panchayat Raj including Rural Development Engineering Department and Rural Water Supply and Sanitation.Health and Family Welfare Department excluding Medical Education(a)Mass Education and Public Libraries from Education Department,( b)Small Savings and Lotteries from Finance Department,(c)Animal Husbandry from Animal Husbandry & Fisheries Department.

SRI. SURESH KUMAR .S - he looks after so many things that he has no time to even take a good shave of his beard always looks so clumsy perhaps to show that he is a hard worker and has really no time.

(a) Law. Justice and Human Rights.
(b) Parliamentary Affairs.
(c) Legislature.
(d) Urban Development Department (7 City Corporations, KUWS &DB, KUIDFC, Directorate of Town Planning, Directorate of Land Transport, Urban Development Authorities excluding subjects pertaining to Bangalore City, BWSSB
(e) Municipalities and Local Bodies (CMCs, TMCs and TPs) from Urban Development Department.
(f) BWSSB from Urban Development Department

Writing about others is a waste
of my time and yours may be also.

All are belonging to one Political Party.The State collects highest tax among all states and has shortage of power and drinking water supply for even the rich people who do not mind paying any money for power or drinking water.Most corrupt Govt officials that have all the muscle and money to keep them out of Jail.A local TV showed Convicts who had murdered people and who were in Jail caught by camera were roaming the streets of capitol of the city...

The State Governor has permitted the Lok Ayukta to charge sheet the Chief Minister for corruption and but he is made to officially by law unable to execute his duties.



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    • skgrao profile image

      S K G Rao. 4 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      There are Vacancies I am told.

    • profile image

      raja 6 years ago

      EX Chief Minister is a widower and is not much married as alleged. Peccadilloes are not counted here and not official any way !