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India and the last phase of election on 12 May.

Updated on May 8, 2014

India votes and Modi wave!

Whether the tide will turn in Modi's favour?

General Elections in India are always on high pitch. Mud slinging, hate speeches, rhetoric, snubbing the opposite parties are in the game and are frequently used everywhere. Compared to previous elections, this year election was conducted by the Election Commission wisely. There is not much violence excepting in certain pockets of Jharkand and Assam. To conduct the process of election in a diversified geographic locations amongst the people of different states who bear the brunt of maladministration is not an easy joke. The Election Commission deserves much appreciation. But it is a common sight that many of the major political parties always blame the commission, if they do not get a free hand. Rules and restrictions are vital for electioneering process. Handling millions of electronic voting machines and carrying them to the remotest localities in hills and valleys, in snowfall areas, in arid deserts is a cumbersome process. In addition, the staff had to be trained properly in handling the machines, sealing them after the voting is over and depositing them safely in the places earmarked. Baring few incidents of malfunctioning, by and large, the voting machines have performed well.

One special feature in this year election is the number of voters who attended the democratic function. Compared to the elections conducted during 2009, the percentage of voters who exercised their franchise in this election is considerable. In addition, there were first time voters of many millions who crossed 18 years of age. Entire media network has concentrated around Narendra Modi, the PM candidate of BJP, the main opposition party. It is amazing how the BJP was able to mobilize the support of most of the people through print media, through social websites like the Facebook, Twitter etc.No other leader had got this coverage so far in the Indian Election scenario. I hope Narendra Modi would find a place in the Guinness book of record for the most notable and watched person in every segment of media not only in India but also in foreign press. The neighboring countries of India have already started planning to interact with the prospective Prime Minister candidate Modi. No doubt, it is a media hype created by the technocrats retained by the party. When I log in to 'you tube', i find only his face in almost all news channels. All newspapers carry in their front page, news about Narendra Modi and his adventures in every meeting. The meetings are relayed in every news channels of many private networks. Due to the proliferation of Mobile platform, Modi is seen by all smartphone users who hear his talk live. He is really clever in using the entire network for his party's win. His sole aim is to garner 300+ seats in the Lok Sabha which has a total strength of 546 seats. Almost all the major parties in India and regional parties in different states are feeling the pinch of taking on the BJP PM candidate.To my knowledge, no other leader has led his party so far. Even important leaders of BJP are concentrating in their own constituencies but Modi is seen throughout the length and breadth of the country. People throng in lakhs to listen to his voice which is imposing as well as commanding. He knew the pulse of the people. He selects such subjects in each locality which will attract the common voters. In front of him, it is a sad show for Congress, BSP, SP and Communists. In certain southern states, people have listened to him for the first time. Hence it is doubtful whether Modi can make any inroads in the pockets of South excepting Karnataka. Likewise in the Eastern India, he can not hope to gain much. His bastion is Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and a lion's share in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

It is not possible for a single individual to wield much influence amongst the entire population of country. It is doubtful, how the Muslims will vote in this election since Modi is seen as a 'polarizing figure in Indian politics. Many people 'hero worship' Modi but there are many in rural India who would vote only on caste basis. Hence his aim of getting 300+ for BJP in this election is an 'utopian dream' which Modi is well aware of . On 16th May, when the counting starts, the lead positions will be out by 11 AM. Many Indian voters would be watching the news channels with bated breath. Let us hope that India gets a stable government with people's welfare in mind.


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