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India in Afghanistan

Updated on June 6, 2012

For those who are too young, India and Pakistan fought a war, a real military war in 1965. Pakistan invaded India with a massive tank attack based on an old WW2 plan that the German General Rommel used in North Africa- it was a blitzkrieg. India countered it as it was taken by surprise, stopped it and then counterattacked crossing the Pakistan border, which really freaked them out before peace was sought.

Ever since, both countries have hated one another. Both have nuclear weapons. At various times since, they seem to be almost casual friends, then, something happens or someone speaks wrongly of the other, then, it returns to what it is - a stand off, a tolerance of discontented neighbors. They just do like nor trust one another.

Now, the U.S. is asking India to become more involved in Afghanistan as the NATO forces dwindle down. Part of the reason is because of the same distrust between the U.S. and Pakistan that continues to nosedive. Like India and Pakistan, America and Pakistan do not really trust one another. There must be a pattern here. Yes, Pakistan has the problem. Their government is a ripoff one, one that feeds off others and fails to hold their end of an agreement. They have a punkish attitude because they have nuclear weapons. They have an insecurity complex.

Now, India may become more involved in Afghanistan, which has become a good friend. Yes, Afghanistan and Pakistan also do not really like one another, either. All because Pakistan will not remove the Taliban from their Northwestern areas. Internally, they, themselves are afraid of the terrorists also. India is already training some Afghanistan soldiers or policemen in India and already has investments in Afghanistan.

Pakistan still refuses to open the supply routes that were used send supplies. They continue to take billions in aid and think they can "flip the bird" towards America. Most US government officials are sick of the lopsided relationship and engaging India will help both the U.S. and India until NATO troops are gone in 2014.

One can see, though, where it might lead. More disaster between Pak and India, given their history. Both countries still dispute the Kashmir region and Pakistan probably be even more provocative towards Afghanistan if India's presence was large. The ISI would probably support even more Taliban attacks in Afghanistan.


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    • profile image

      Adnan from Saudi Arabia 5 years ago

      India is New Hope For Afghanistan.

      Indians and Afghans have a Good Relations for a Centuries.

      I Hope India will do an Important Role in Afghanistan for Development.


      Saudi Arabia

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 years ago

      I agree, as Mr. Spock once said in Star Trek, "live long and prosper".

    • profile image

      Junaid Khan 5 years ago

      Mr. Ahmed, I m Also an Afghan. I Accept your Comments that in this 21st Century Russia is Trying to Occupy Economically the Central Asian Counteries & Our Afghanistan. So Only India, Pakistan & US can save us from Russia's Satanic Programmes. People of our Country r Tourchered from 2 Violence groups 'Northern Allience' and 'Taliban'.

      But if u Say that Pakistan is Problem for Afghanistan so u r Wrong & u have some Miss-understanding. India is Helping Afghanistan, We Most Welcome & Thanks India. Because India is Biggest Country in Asia with Population and Area, India Has Help Many Smallest Country of Asia e.g Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Sri lanka as well as Afghanistan. But we should Keep in our Mind that Afghanistan Cannot ignore Pakistan. Afghanistan will Never be Develop Without Pakistan. Because Both Countries Share Same Ethnic, Culture, Language, Food, Cloth and More Our Religion is Same.

      So it is My Request to Our Afghan Government that we should keep Good Relations with Our Neighbours e.g Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, China Also with Pakistan & with Far India.....

      So Just thing about this My Friends....

      Long Live Afghanistan, Long Live India, Long Live Pakistan..

    • profile image

      Ahmed 5 years ago

      Thank u perrya.

      I Know Russia failed but They r Still Trying to Occupy Economically the Central Asian Counteries & Our Afghanistan. We Reject 'Northern Allience' We Reject 'Talibanization'. We Accept Only Our 'Afghan Government'.

      Pakistan is Using us For Kashmir. They r taking Afghans for Jihad from Afghanistan and Living Them in Kashmir Valley. Kashmir is Not Our Problem. Its is Conflict between India & Pakistan.

      USA has Given us a Chance to Become a Develop Country Like India. We Afghans r very Thank full to US Government. We also Hope that In Future India & Afghanistan will Be Best Friends.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 years ago

      ahmed- Russia tried and failed. Pakistan supports some of the taliban. India sees afghanistan as a future ally. Pakistan will not like this because of their bad blood. America has given Afghans a chance for a new and different future- it can return to taliban rule or become more like India. It is your choice.

    • profile image

      Ahmed Khan 5 years ago

      We Afghans r too much Disturb from Russia and Pakistan. Both Countries r Using Our Land as Their Ethnic Colonies and they want to Divide Our Homeland Afghanistan, which we Cannot Accept. Afghanistan is Land of Afghans we Have a History for a Centuries. We r Afghans, We r Lost Tribe of Bene-Israel, We r True Muslims. We Need Support & Help from Indian Brothers.......

      Long Live Afghanistan, Long Live India......

      Ahmed Khan

      from Kabul City

    • pramodgokhale profile image

      pramodgokhale 5 years ago from Pune( India)

      After withdrawal of NATO troops India is going to enter in Afghanistan, involvement in development and investment in infrastructure projects.Whether Pakistan agree or not India has to maintain her lead in this part of Asia.

      If there is war like situation then also India has to help Afghanistan.Pakistan may create problems,why we worry right now?

      Let us wait and watch