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Indian Independence - What common people are not told about Gandhi

Updated on December 24, 2014

Who is Gandhi

Well Gandhi is a great person without any doubts, but how great is he?

His freedom struggle started in South Africa around 1895 when he wanted to travel in first-class coach and British threw him out of the train, and what he wanted to achieve is that the Indians should not be treated as Black people. He tried several means to achieve this goal including supporting British in wars against black people, but finally when he realized that it is hard to fight British in battle and so chose non-cooperation .

Around 1915 he came to India and joined congress and started Indian Independence. The lessons in the books of Indian children says that Gandhi got India Independence with his non-violence, but many of the other truths were neglected about how India got the Independence.

Indian soldiers sent to die for British

Soldiers sent by our Congress to fight for British

This is the time when Gandhi started his so called reforms in India, when lacks of Indian soldiers were volunteered for Indian army and fight for British. Although it is the British who were ruling the country and formed the Indian army, the men fighting were all Indian volunteers who were mostly peasants .

Why would Indian youngsters voluntarily risk their lives for British government, and the reason behind this is Congress and Gandhi, Where he used the same tactic which he did in South Africa . ie: helping British in expectation of some favors .

When British did win the war , they did return some favors by allowing Indians to work in administrations of the Government , which actually favored the members of Congress to work as officials .this is achieved by what cost ?one lack Indian soldiers dead.

When the second world war started , Indian army had more than 2000000 soldiers and they were actively involved in the wars against Axis forces, the similar fate was waiting for Indian soldiers in this war , dying for the sake of Congress and Gandhi to get power and name.

At the End of war , British had no resources to contain the vast Indian empire . And to return the favor of Indian soldiers who had fought for Britain , British Troops had no option but to return home.

Is it really Gandhi and his non-violence that got us Freedom?

Is it non-violence that really got us freedom ? certainly not .

Did Gandhi fought against British with his Ahimsa ? no , he fought along with British to get freedom

In this game of independence who really gained? British got funds and people from India for their fancy world wars through Gandhi , India lost wealth and people, India lost great leaders like Subash Chandra Bose and Bhagat singh ,who were truly fighting against British.


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    • gsn profile image

      gsn 2 years ago

      Mahatma Gandhi was a tall, simple leader and lived with high esteem principles. Huge crowd was behind him to heed his words.

      So, we cannot demoralize Gandhiji's ideologies. Request to read Gandhiji's " My Experiments with Truth".