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Political Ineptitude

Updated on October 5, 2012

Self-Inflicted Wounds

Unless you've personally been living under a mighty big rock on the Moon, then this should be common knowledge here on earth that Mitt Romney has had another major gaff to come back and take a big chunk out of his 2012 Presidential Campaign's ass. That's right, Mitt is at it again, shooting himself in the foot metaphorically speaking.

How many more times can he do that before his campaign is declared dead on arrival for the November 6th Presidential Election? With all of the GOP spin doctors on call to work on his campaign's behalf, that should be the $64,000 question of the day but they keep prolonging / deflecting the answer for obvious reasons.

Even when speaking in an environment he believes to be friendly or conducive to his views, i.e. the quiet backroom, yet he still manages to offend or be insensitive to a major segment of the American people when it becomes public knowledge. I think he's trying so hard to please everybody on the far right that he's lost sight of himself, for most that's a bad thing but for Mitt Romney it's a blessing in disguise. Due to his current financial standings, I'd say that he has very little empathy or understanding of what regular working people deal with on a day to day basis. This condition often occurs with a person comes from an affluent family, it's the silver spoon effect.

Not that there's anything wrong with being from a well to do family, but when a rich person is running for the highest office in the free world. He or she should be able to really understand or empathize with the working poor, middle class and lower income wage earners on just how money effects their day to day lives. Their days sometime come down to choices between the lesser or two evils, like the difference between paying an overdue bill or putting food on the dinner for that evening. That's why average Americans almost always want their kids to have a better life than some of them have had.

The most disturbing aspect of the GOP & Romney campaign is the underlying animosity towards President Obama, because he's fighting to level the playing field so that the haves (1% aka the rich) and the have nots (99% aka middle class & working poor) play by the same rules and contribute their fair share to the benefit of the nation as a whole. Because it's been the same for generations, the rich continues to get richer and everyone else is barely getting by. It's a known fact that when the middle class and the working poor has extra money to spend, they tend to spend it on things that generally enhance their lives.

It's no surprise that the rich keep getting richer, the surprise is that the GOP fails to realize that the rich get that way because the middle class, working poor and people on the lower income side of the scale, buy a vast majority of their goods and services. When the GOP opposes the President's plans to improve the economy, out of pure spite it hurts us as a nation. Now I urge the Republicans (Tea Party) to imagine what our economy would look like if they'd play ball with President Obama, more than likely unemployment rate would be considerably lower and the national deficit would be on a downward trend and Congress wouldn't have an approval rating hovering at around 12%. Plus their (Congress) job security wouldn't tanking like some of their re-election campaigns, in jeopardy of losing control of the house and senate.

Right Wing Zealots must go!
Right Wing Zealots must go!

Of course that's a mighty big if, back to my point they the GOP members of congress will put on a good show for their constituents, but they'll fold like lawn chairs when all is said and done. Ideally speaking they won't all vote yes on everything President Obama once re-elected proposes but they'll take turns opposing him just for show, they might make back room deals just to save face with their particular voters. Again it would be to keep their jobs as members of the US Congress. I think it's safe to say that in light of Mitt's 47% comment, that his campaign in on life support and slipping away rather quickly as it's hemorrhaging party support and potential voters.

All thought I don't have anything personally against any of the far rights zealots like Michelle Bachmann, Alan West and Joe "the deadbeat Dad" Walsh. But that whole mentality is bad for the country, now as for Joe Walsh I used to live in the 8th District that he now represents. I believe that my ex-stepfather continues to live down the block from the Glendale Heights Hospital, if I still lived there there's no doubt that I'd be supporting Tammy Duckworth. Because I too am a veteran of military service and I was a helicopter pilot. Althought I'm not disabled, I'd support her because I served in the first Gulf War conflict in 91 and in Libya in the mid 80's.

My point being is that we can all get along with our republican colleagues to do what's collectively right for America as a whole. As Mitt Romney said "we are one nation", as well as stated in the US Constitution "under GOD, with liberty and justice for ALL.


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    • Salvienation profile image

      Salvienation 5 years ago

      Thank you, I appreciate you for taking the time to read my hub. Tell others about it to keep the conversation going.

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Well said, Salvienation. The Romney campaign has been remarkably inept starting with the candidate's constant flip flops on issues. He has no core and will say whatever it takes to get elected. As stated in his finally honest 47% comments, our interests are absolutely not his.


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