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Updated on January 2, 2010


If this topic seems overdone, it’s only because it never loses it’s relevance.
So why is Infidelity such a hot topic?

I will simply say that it is due to the fact that some men and women are allergic to having one partner, staying faithful to that partner and keeping their hands, lips and other parts of their bodies to themselves. In this modern time, we have recorded so many cases of divorce and from my own personal point of view, 90% of this divorce is caused by INFIDELITY.

From my own point of view, it is true that so many people fall victim to infidelity but the majority of all are women, most times you see them put up the face that all is well in their relationships simply because they don’t want to be embraced. Unlike the modern world, Africa society doesn’t give women much room to lash out on this issue. Folk, i wish to let you know that the majority of physical ailments are linked to sense of anger, rejection and betrayal.

Majority of women develop illness because of grief and hurt they experience all in the name of Love. Though one might boldly say that Men can handle this issue but bet me, no man will take infidelity so for you young lady who willingly go after another woman’s man, be ready to shoulder the blame because i truly believe that “A WOMAN CAN DIE OF HEART BREAK.” This particular topic reminds me of what my late mother normally tell my sister and cousins. “Don’t ever make another woman cry.”

“Infidelity, cheating, unfaithfulness, Cacho, horning” call it anything you can imagine has become the norm, rather than exception in our world today. Folk, Infidelity does not discriminate, it can rare its ugly head at any given time and in any circumstance. I bet you, anyone can be a VICTIM. People can carry on with this life style for months and years and as far as i am concerned, in most cases, infidelity is never discovered but what happens when it is discovered.

Bad day for you today.

The following stories about infidelity are real, if you do follow me in face book, you might have seen my trend on the 9th of Dec 2009.I have known Frank for so many years and he hates the company of women so he was the last person i questioned when doing this research. Read what he told me and that of others.

Frank’s story:
She was the remote of my television, the nail that held the picture upon my plaster wall; She was the moving escalator in my local shopping mall. She was the divider on my freeway, the curb along my street; she was as necessary to me as the skin upon my feet.

She was the reason why I work so hard, she was the money in my pay; she was the beginning and the ending of my every single day. Her body is divinely formed. I loved her to my very soul, She was my Valley's Lily; She was in my heart of hearts.

On the night of my 26th birthday, she gave me the birthday gift of my life. I caught her in my own bed with my friend Danny. Ever since then, i have not woken up from the shock and each time i come across a girl, i see her face right in the girl’s face. “No, i don’t need another Erika in my life.”

Emeka’s story:
My girl friend and i lived miles away from each other, i was in States and she was in Nigeria, we kept more in touch via the internet so one day we decided to communicate by SKYPE phone, using the webcam, we had a romantic evening and by 11.00pm, it was clear that we have had our share of romance so we said good night and hung up.

I had a friend over that night round about 4.00am, my cell phone biped, it was a text message so i checked it and to my greatest surprise, it was Nnedi my girl friend, she text me to let me know that i was the worst thing that ever happened to her, that i am a cheat and that we are done, i didn’t understand what she meant and why that, besides i agreed to send her the one thousand dollars she requested, as i tried to pick up my other phone to call her, i realized that the computer was on it said “current Skype call 5hrs 27min 10 sec....etc.”

I left the webcam on all night and she watched all my indiscretion.

Naomi’s story:
We have been married for three years and he was the love of my life, i took him for his words and never doubted him, i was what you will simply call the OBEDIENT WIFE.I normally close work late every evening so getting home is always around 8pm due to traffic, i wasn’t feeling well so i left work quite on time, i called my husband to let him know that i was a bit sick but his cell was off ,i was shocked when i got home and his car was on the driveway, he is not always at home by that time because he closes late as well.

As i opened the door, i heard moaning coming from the bed room, i pressed my ears to the door and heard someone call on his name but the voice sounded like a man so i banged open the door and there he was having sex with man. I froze; the three of us stared at one another for what seemed to be an eternity. He later apologized and said he was just experimenting. Though i forgave him but i am yet to come over it.
We all will have to take responsibilities for our actions so we should always try our best to be contented with the love of our lives.Until you loose what you have got, then you will realize it importance.

"Be faithful because you can!"


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    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 7 years ago from Biafra

      Thanks folks,nice and great...that's a pass mark.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Great writing.

    • kj8 profile image

      kj8 7 years ago from Australia

      Nice Hub