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Infowars' Alex Jones In Meltdown After Snowden Issue Leads To Questions On Authenticity Of Trump Support

Updated on August 30, 2017
Mr Bueno profile image

Mr Bueno is a sometimes writer, musician, and digital artist. He treats art as Magick. He currently lives and works in Cambridge, England.

Following Donald Trump’s successful bid to become president of the United States, questions are being asked about the role the alt-right news media played in his campaign and especially the support given to him by Infowars’ Alex Jones who had previously declared himself to be fighting for freedom from outside what he described as the false right/left paradigm of modern political history.

For the last eighteen months or so, Alex Jones has been doing a good job of convincing his followers and possibly even himself, that Donald Trump is a friend of the freedom movement and his election would mean an end to the corruption that is the status quo in U.S. politics and hold to account those who Jones believed were part of the ‘New World Order’ conspiracy plotting to take over the world, spray whole populations the world over with toxic chemicals from the exhaust plumes of passenger jet airplanes before merging with machines and jetting off to alpha centuari to live in off world colonies whilst injecting themselves with the drug DMT.

Think that sounds all a bit too wacko to be true?

Well, me too but it is not an exaggeration of what Jones has been telling his audience. Try watching the video below to get an idea of the sort of spiel that Jones dishes out to his willingly duped followers.

Directly after the election result was called, Jones was jubilant, as much as one would expect, but as per usual Jones was anything but gracious and professional in his delivery, choosing instead to get publicly inebriated whilst at the same time declaring that Hilary and Bill Clinton and other Washington insider would be s****ing themselves at the prospect of a Trump presidency as they would soon be going to prison. Maybe they should do. That is not the point of this article.

Next to Jones sat Roger Stone who was touted as an ex-Trump insider who more or less ran Trump’s campaign on the alt-right news media outlets and social media. The truth appears to be that Stone was Trump’s real campaign manager in all but name.

Stone’s previous accomplishments include lying to schoolchildren about the political intentions of Nixon with regard to schooling, getting caught out in the Watergate scandal, being involved in the election of Ronald Reagan, a campaign which was accused of treason after secretly involving itself in talks with the Iranians to prevent the early release of hostages before the 1980 election thereby severely damaging the Carter campaign, and also being a prime mover in the November 2000 campaign of George W. Bush which was accused of stealing the presidency by gerrymandering the vote in Florida, a state which was run at the time by none other than Dubya’s brother, Jeb Bush, of whom Trump made mincemeat out of during his 2016 campaign run.

In the spirit of balance and fairness, it should be noted that Stone has since disavowed his relationship with the Bush family and not only that, gone much further by actually writing a book called ‘Jeb! And the Bush Crime Family,’ which goes into great detail regarding the swamp of corruption that the Bush family have mired themselves in over many decades of political and allegedly criminal intrigue.

Stone’s volte face however, comes far too many wars and millions of deaths too late for it to be truly believable as anything else other than another political ploy, this time in his push to make his friend Donald Trump president of the U.S.A.

Taking such a backstory into account, it came as a surprise to many that Alex Jones should not only come out in support of Trump but also feature Stone, whose name is literally a byword for U.S. political corruption, so heavily in his Infowars broadcasts.

Directly after the election result was announced and Stone and Jones celebrated with champagne, Stone’s mood seemed to turn sombre and he looked uncomfortable with Jones’ salivating about the prospect of stringing up his political nemesis and Stone even announced he had had enough for the night and was leaving. Jones however, obviously strong-armed Stone into staying on-set for far longer than he wanted. It certainly appeared that Stone thought it was job done and time to get away from the lunatic Jones as quickly as possible.

Over the coming twenty four hours, the Infowars team celebrated on-set and the ridiculous group of frat-boy-wannabe-Alex-Jones clone-yes-men showed their ignorance about many subjects including at one point talking over a live broadcast of Edward Snowden who they described as ‘too intellectual’ and ‘difficult to understand.’

For many of the duped Alex Jones’ supporters, the nature of their folly in blindly giving their support to Trump on Jones’ say-so began to sink in for a number of reasons the following day.

First of all came the news, going against the grain that Trump would ‘drain the swamp’ of Washington insiders from his White House, that he was appointing Reinhold Richard "Reince" Priebus as his chief of staff. Priebus is the archetypal Washington insider, of the sort that Jones would accuse of being a member of the New World Order. Priebus is also a close ally of Paul Ryan, who Jones was calling, directly after the election result, ‘scum’ and the sort of person that needs to be completely purged from the Republican Party.

Whilst the news of Priebus’ appointment was quickly front page news around the internet in a matter of minutes, it took a strangely long time for it to be reported by Alex Jones and Infowars to their audience, trying to think no doubt, of a way to sugar coat it and make it palatable to their viewers and listeners who had been so thoroughly duped. For hours a story about comedian Dave Chappelle giving Trump a chance sat as their lead story, whilst the news of Trump’s new Chief of Staff was actually broken to the Infowars audience via the comments section below the story about Chapelle.

Some Jones followers were apoplectic with rage and refused to believe that Trump could have done such a thing as recruiting a member of the ‘New World Order’ to run his White House. As Jones tried to process the information live on-air, he flailed around giving a number of different excuses for the decision to try and cover his ass and not give the game away that he had been duping his followers.

First of all Jones said that, of course, Trump would need some help from political insiders to help grease the wheels of the machine and keep things moving in the transition period. Then he said it was probably a Trump ploy and predicted that Preibus would be gone within 90 days (although you don’t need to be much of a genius to make a prediction like that given Trump’s predilection for firing people) and the last I heard from that broadcast was that Jones had taken the position that he believed the appointment was just wrong. At this point it may be a good idea to rename Infowars, Cognitive Dissonance Wars, as that is what is going to be on show for the foreseeable future, as Jones predictions for the Trump presidency spectacularly fall apart.

The second event that caused a total meltdown for Alex Jones and his Infowars coterie was an article going viral in certain circles which called into question the authenticity of Jones support for Trump and the background of Roger Stone and also asked how Jones could square his support for Trump with his previous alleged support for Edward Snowden, as Trump had previously appeared to call for the execution of Snowden.

The reverberations of this article rocked the world of Infowars to its core but to their credit, they have now been leading their front page with a call for Trump to pardon Snowden as one of his first acts as president. How likely that is to happen is uncertain (If Snowden is pardoned, I would suggest he think long and hard about returning to Trump’s United States.) Jones has been claiming that Infowars won the election for Trump however, it appears Trump thinks differently as Jones told his listeners that when Trump phoned him to thank him for his support, he told Jones that he was sixty first in his list of people to call after people such as the queen of England.

It was probably lost on Jones viewers and listeners that Jones has previously accused the queen and the royal family of being child rapists, yet here he was saying that his hero Trump who was draining the swamp by phoning the Queen of the UK after his election success. For the record, from the research I have done regarding the royal family being involved in child abuse, all the evidence shown in support of this theory has been thoroughly discredited.

With the further news that Steve Bannon has received a payment of approaching $200,000 from a Trump superpac, the suspicion must now be that Trump purchased the support of the alt-right movement to further his presidential bid. It turns out that this could have been very shrewd manoeuvring.

Perhaps it was a coincidence, but at around the same time Jones declared his support for Trump, Jones’ Infowars website also got itself a shiny new look and appeared to have a makeover of the sets that made it look far more professional. Could it be too much of a leap of faith to think that Trump purchased the support of Jones and gave him a far more professional set of tools to do his job?

I guess the truth is buried somewhere, in someone’s tax receipts but it’s doubtful they will ever see the light of day.

I wonder if a Trump victory was Alex Jones’ worst nightmare. After his request to ask Trump to pardon Snowden, will he also be requesting that the U.S. stops spraying chemtrails on the U.S. population after he takes office. The chemtrail conspiracy has been a favourite of Jones to generate sales of his products over the years, but how can he now further that conspiracy now his plump for president is about enter the white house. You can see why the chemtrail conspiracy might be hogwash by watching the video below.

There are some points I agree with Alex Jones on. Our national newspapers, especially in the United States and United Kingdom feed us a non-stop stream of propaganda every day. Among the worst offenders here in the U.K. are the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph. Coincidentally, they are sources that Alex Jones’ refers to as reputable news sources on a regular basis. That tells you how reputable Jones’ ‘news’ is in a nutshell.

And of course, there is still the smell of 9/11 in the air. Jones knows that and he has done a great job of co-opting the truther movement to vote against their best interests. The thing is, all the meaty intrigue of 9/11 was never aired by Jones. It was aired by a guy called Daniel Hopsicker (who Jones interviewed once and smeared his evidence with ridiculous fantasies in the closing minutes) in this video below.

So, there you have it. Jones is on borrowed time after encouraging the pitchforks. He should be wary of the direction those pitchforks will be turned when the owners of them realise that rather than selling his audience freedom, he was selling them a yarn to increase his number of affiliates.

Think about it. Would someone that was working for your freedom, be boasting about his huge increase in affiliates after an election, or be more worried about how he could make a difference to the life of the common man?

He does profess to be a Christian after all, and aren’t pride and avarice deadly sins?

Be seeing you!

© 2016 Mr Bueno


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