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Infowars' Alex Jones Suggests Charlottesville Terror Victim Committed Suicide in Service of the New World Order

Updated on August 18, 2017

Infowars Alex Jones Shameful Charlottesville Rant, August 16th, 2017

Oh! What A Tangled Web We Weave

On the August 16th broadcast of his infowars radio show, Alex Jones went into a seemingly amazingly incoherent rant, which appeared to cast the death of Heather Heyer as a suicide in the service of “David Rockefeller and Rothschild,” and the New World Order, due to possibly being brainwashed by “150 or so [Hollywood] movies over the last three years last three years to really make this painful to people who have hearts,” (whatever that means!)

Robert E. Lee statue, Lee Park, Charlottesville, Virginia, VA
Robert E. Lee statue, Lee Park, Charlottesville, Virginia, VA

Beware, Those Who Would Fight Monsters

Jones, who co-hosts Donald Trump’s pal and political dirty trickster, Roger Stone ("I remember going through the cafeteria line and telling every kid that Nixon was in favor of school on Saturdays... It was my first political trick") to hawk Jones’ range of ‘life products’ (maybe times are hard or about to be) also believably claims he speaks to Donald Trump by phone. Well, I guess you will be known by the company you keep. Trump in the past has also praised Jones “amazing reputation” which includes terrifying his listeners by predicting and reporting on nuclear Armageddon and an armed takeover by the New World Order (yup, it’s them again) under the cover of government forces on the eve of the millennium. The plot which Jones conflated with the possible Y2K computer meltdown (another chunk of Alex Jones fear porn) turned out to be nothing more than a fantasy of his fevered imagination.

Infowars Alex Jones Y2K Paranoid Psychotic Meltdown

Service User

Jones’ rant on this occasion - he actually likes to call his stream of (un)consciousness monologues on his broadcasts ‘rants,’ although they better resemble the ramblings of a service user with Asperger's, who has been erroneously told he has a talent for religious preaching. No offense here is meant to Asperger’s sufferers, although it should be noted that an early diagnosis generally behoves a more positive outcome,- though seemingly starting in a reasonable fashion with Jones seemingly praising Heather Heyer’s mother for her ‘powerful speech,’ is nothing more than his regular right-wing dog-whistle dressed up with pseudo-trappings of respectability. Jones claimed the victim’s mother praised Trump’s response to the murder. There was no praise for Trump, only the admission that it is important that people call out the terrorist event for what it is, something that Trump later rowed back on to widespread disgust.

Infowars' Alex Jones in a flap about aliens
Infowars' Alex Jones in a flap about aliens

Alex Jones and the Hare Psychopathy Checklist

Where Jones went after talking about the "150 movies that were painful to people who have hearts" will be up to him to explain to his maker, but at the start of this deluded rant, Jones has already given the game away that he thinks people who have hearts are weak and easily manipulated against their own best interests. Obviously, a sign here that may push Alex Jones to a high score using the Hare Psychopathy Checklist.

Jones then goes on to equate people who attend protests in defiance of Neo-nazis, far-rightists, and fascists to children who have watched “modern environmental films where the bunnies are dying and the polar bears are drowned.” Such people, says Jones, then “see a Condo being built and cry.”

Came Over the Hill Wearing Ladies Clothes, Didn't Know What Milk Was

Jones Uses His Daughter as a Human Shield - How Sick is That?

To make things clearer, Jones then doubles down and explicitly equates anti-fascist protesters to 6 year old children, like one of Jones daughters friends (yup, pretty sick to bring your young daughter into your soliloquy of deception Alex Jones, but once again, good marks on the psychopathy check list, well done!) who said “we’re killing the bunnies” and “I want to die for the bunnies.”

So far Jones has only been in build-up mode to the point he really wants to get across. Implicit in what he has already said is that climate change is a hoax and only the deluded with the learning of young children would be gullible enough to believe such nonsense.

Pants On Fire

The Noble Lie (Again!)

We then hear of a television and computer game from Australia that Jones said his colleague in crime, Paul Joseph Watson, reported on eight years or so ago. Jones says that winning the game in question involves committing suicide in a euthanasia centre “so that all the bunnies can live….how sick is that?” Whether or not the game exists, and one would have to remonstrate with Jones here that if it does, it is just a computer game (but Jones sees social conditioning everywhere, probably including in his morning scrambled eggs.) He then goes on to suggest that the game is teaching young children to “kill yourself so David Rockefeller has more power and Rothschild has more power.” In so saying this at this part of his show, what Jones is doing is suggesting Heather Heyer committed suicide by going to protest against fascists and her mind was so far gone from media brainwashing that she didn’t realise that she was really just a pawn of Jones version of the shadowy New World Order. Although this may sound heartless, cruel and more to the point insane, as far as Jones is concerned, anything that furthers his world view and accomplishes his ends is just grist to the mill. An expedient and noble lie.

Alex Jones - Proudly predicting imminent martial law for three decades.  Always wrong.
Alex Jones - Proudly predicting imminent martial law for three decades. Always wrong.

Jones may counter that this analysis of his rant is taking his words “out of context” and misquoting him but it isn’t. His words are quoted here how he said them and the context of it was wedged between segments of white-supremacist terror victim Heather Heyers’ mother giving a speech at her daughter’s memorial. In what other context could it have been meant?

Alex Jones, your intention was to demean the death of a brave young woman who stood up for what she believed along with other good people. With a nod and a wink, you are telling your audience that her death at the hands of a white-supremacist was ok and that it was really suicide, as she was just a brainwashed tool of the New World Order and this sort of death at the hands of a white-supremacist domestic terrorist is what such people deserve. Your disclaimer saying you “were not saying this is what happened with Heather Meyer” just doesn’t cut the mustard, Jones, you’ve already thrown the verbal grenade and even weaponised your young daughter and her alleged friends love of bunnies in your psychotic ramblings in order to further your own ends.

How sick is that?

How are your affiliate numbers?

You may wish to try and give your broadcasts a veneer of respectability by covering events such as the death of Heather Heyers’ memorial in the manner of a respected media outlet but outbursts such as this give away the games as to who you really are - a twisted and unstable psychopath who sees a brave young woman’s death as just another stop on the way to the final destination.

And there you have it. Like Jones, Like Trump.

Be seeing you!

A screenshot from the readers comments section of, one day after the Charlottesville terror attack.  Jones and Infowars noticeboards are a magnet for threats of racist violence.
A screenshot from the readers comments section of, one day after the Charlottesville terror attack. Jones and Infowars noticeboards are a magnet for threats of racist violence.

(Below is a full transcript of Jones rant analysed above from his show broadcast on August 16th 2017)

“I don’t know her daughter Heather Heyer, but there are a lot of people that go out to these anti-racism rallies who really have seen the KKK, they really have seen these unsavory groups do stuff. But they’ve also seen Hollywood put out about, what, 150 movies over the last three years about this to really make this painful to people that have hearts. It’s like the reports of seeing little kids that see the modern environmental shows where the bunnies are dying and the polar bears are drowned. And, and then they see a condo being built and cry. And I’ve talked to parents and their 6-year-old cries and falls on their knees, one of my daughter’s friends when they were younger, she said, yeah, no they crush, cried and said we’re killing the bunnies. And then basically said I wanna die – for the bunnies. And in Australia you can google this, ABC News Australia, that’s the Australian Broadcasting, ah, news, and not our ABC but it’s national TV, they, was it 8 years ago Paul Watson wrote about it, they had a video game and a cartoon for kids where you have a carbon footprint and as you live and eat food and live it chops the head off of bunnies and puppies and kittens and then in the game though you commit suicide and win the game and all the bunnies can live, and you, you, you, you, just quietly go into the next little room, you agree to commit suicide in a euthanasia centre and the little (flaps arms) how sick is that? Teaching you to kill yourself so David Rockefeller has more power or Rothschild has more power. They’re, they’re cutting off your life force and teaching you you’re evil so you get out of the way but not before you’re played off against each other and I’m not saying that happened with Heather Heyer she was there, you know believing she was standing up against something, ah, evil, and there was some evil she was standing up against that’s what Donald Trump said in his press conference, ah that’s coming up at the bottom of the hour………”


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