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Inhabitants Of The United Kingdom Should Carry Hard Walking Sticks With Them For Protection Against Knife Attacks

Updated on June 23, 2020
Awolesi Abiodun Adedola profile image

Abiodun is a concerned human who thinks some mindless killings could and should be prevented. He has written crime related articles.

Cops Standing Guard At Forbury Gardens In Reading, England, Scene Of The Knife Attack

We Can Self-defend Better With A Strong Metallic Or Wooden Walking Stick Against A Knife Carrying Attacker Than With Our Bare Hands

Since news of knife attacks in the United Kingdom have been reoccurring, I came to a personal conclusion that the security network of the British must be so effective that guns and explosives can easily be detected hence, the reason why murderous criminals choose the option of resorting to knives for their horrible acts.

Knives are domestic tools which anyone with bad intentions can slip into their clothing and go use to stab another human being. It probably will take divine knowledge to know a regular everyday person has a knife on them for the sole purpose of stabbing another person to death.

Let me take your mind back to the scenario that played out some years back, precisely on the 3rd of June, 2017; in which terrorists used knives or swords on people after ramming their vehicle into a crowd on London bridge over the River Thames.

It was since this time that I have been nursing this seemingly ridiculous idea of law abiding citizens carrying strong walking sticks with them.

Let's assume the first victim of such an attack was caught off guard, others standing by can quickly overcome the element of surprise and with their collective walking sticks defend themselves as well as assail such attackers.

You will agree with me that other knife attacks have also happened in the UK.

Do you think those three defenceless men in the most recent knife attacks in Forbury Gardens could have somehow averted three casualties had there been some kind of stick at hand to defend themselves with, even if one of them had already been stabbed?

If guns are not so permitted in the UK as it is in the United States of America, it is only fare for authorities in the UK to advise and encourage people to move about with some sort of protective material.

After reading up the following outlines, you would be convinced that moving about with such protective sticks could prevent many tragedies in the United Kingdom and perhaps in other countries where knife attacks are frequent.

1. An attacker will think twice before attacking anyone in the public; knowing fully well that several sticks could batter his own head before the police arrive.

2. Even in the case of a loner, an attacker will have to think it through that the person he is assailing could be dangerous with his/her walking stick.

3. Should you or myself in particular be the next person an attacker aims at, after successfully stabbing the first victim, we would be prepared to act in self-defence with our sticks; wouldn't we?

4. Several collective sticks fighting off a murderous fellow will make the job of the police easier as such a fellow could be prevented from stabbing another person or escaping the crime scene.

5. Instead of cowardly succumbing to a gruesome death in the hands of a knife wielding assailant because we are bare handed, we could give him a tough time and luckily overpower him/her with a firm walking stick.

6. Such would be assailants would be needing sophisticated weapons to carry out their evil acts, and not just an ordinary knife that cannot be easily detected by the ever watchful United Kingdom security network.

7. Here's the thing; if an attacker is going to stab one to death anyway, it is better to make it harder for them. Perhaps providence can make one overpower such an assailant. A firm walking stick could play a vital role.

Athough evil cannot be eradicated in this world as we know it, there are still situations we can control. Personally, I feel disturbed that people who went out to soak in the summer sun could just have had their lives snuffed out by a cruel personality using knives on them.

I have tried to play out the scenerio in my head and wondered if the shocked victims had desperately sought for some hard object in their vicinity to ward off their murderer.

These three most recent victims of knife attacks like others that have gone before them as a result of these gruesome attacks will be missed by their loved ones, and all humans who have compassion would be feel a bit of their loved ones' pain.

As for those who survived knife attacks, they have a trauma to put up with but, with adequate help, they'll overcome it in time.

According to the news I heard, one of them was a teacher whose students and colleagues held a two-minute silence for, within the school premises. After the covid-19 lockdown, little did they know that such an incidence will bring them back to school to mourn their beloved teacher.

Personally I think it's high time everyone in the United Kingdom became the first line of effective defence against assailants, and my call out to carry a strong metallic or wooden walking stick around is not a barbaric one but, an actual defence of civilization against barbaric minded criminals out there.

This means that apart from smartphones, such firm walking sticks should be a regular companion for self defence. Don't you think so?


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