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Children Abuse on the Border

Updated on July 16, 2019
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Donald Trump is a hateful egregious person with no soul. Four more years with Trump being president will basically destroy America. #

Immigrants Children

Immigrant families who are crossing the Border Illegally are detained and separated from their children and prosecuted under the Trump administration. Children are held in a detention center

Innocent children are separated from their parents under the Trump administrations. Families who cross the border illegally are prosecuted and the children are held in custody. Children are held behind bars like common criminals, in deplorable conditions, these children are packed together like sardines in a can with no room to move or a place to play. The treatment of these children is intolerable, no child should never be treated this way because of who they are.

Trump Is Holding These Children Hostage

These children are being held hostages because of a campaign promise Trump made to his supporters in 2016. Trump said if he was elected president of the United States, during his first year he would build a big beautiful tall wall on the border, to keep rapist, drug deals and criminals out of the U.S. Trump said Mexico was going to pay for the wall,The Mexican President said they were not paying for a Stupid wall.

Trump Fail to Keep his promise To His Supporters

Trump had no intentions in building a wall all these were just empty promises to get elected. After two years as president of the United States, no wall has been built and Thousands of immigrants continue the journey the trip to the Border. With the 20/20 election a few months away, Trump has to find a way to keep a promise if it means sacrificing the lives of innocent immigrant children to keep a promise to his base, children lives don't matter to Trump.

Two Drowned In The Rio-Granda

The life of twenty-four-year-old Oscar and his daughter Valarie does matter, after waiting two months in a migrant camp Oscar took matters in his own hands, he was ready to get to America at any cost. Oscar made it across leaving his daughter behind to go back for his twenty-one-year-old wife Tani. Valarie start twenty-three-month old daughter followed behind, Oscar tried to save his child but the current sweep them away with his wife looking on.

Monday their bodies were found on the Mexican side, laying in the shallow water face down side by side, Valarie was drape under her father shirt with her little arm around his neck.

Every American

Every American should be affected by the image of Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez and 23-month-old daughter Valarie, who died with her arm around her father neck. Every life counts even immigrants crossing the Border trying to get to "America."


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