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International Interconnectedness, Globalizing of Torture

Updated on June 24, 2013

Torture is Going on All Around Us. Much of it is in Secret Black Sites Around the World by International Cooperation

This map with German labels displays the location of black torture sites around the world where various countries collaborate in an exchange program under the CIA extraordinary rendition.
This map with German labels displays the location of black torture sites around the world where various countries collaborate in an exchange program under the CIA extraordinary rendition. | Source
Here is a second image of torture and black site torture prisons around the world. There are a few differences from the one above, but we can see some in countries that we are supposedly at war with.
Here is a second image of torture and black site torture prisons around the world. There are a few differences from the one above, but we can see some in countries that we are supposedly at war with. | Source

Why What We are Shown is a False Flag Fuelling a Planned Perpetual Proxy War

The truth of the international interconnectedness of the wealthy and power elite comes from an unusual source by way to covert, secret police, black or hidden torture prisons and an agreement in principle between 54 countries and the CIA covert ops on torture (1). These tortures are carried out on those identified as terrorists who have been captured, some of whom help or helped as “rebels” in wars against identified terrorist and anti-US regimes in Africa such as Libya and Mali and in Syria in the Middle East. The US is actively using mercenaries to effect the dirty business of war and this includes use of torture in hidden black sites. There is a shady enterprise where mercenaries that are attached to Al Qaeda are sometime identified as terrorists and sometimes as allies to the US, UK, UN and NATO. This fact emerged most clearly in Libya, Syria and in Africa (7). There are of course, the economic ties that were demonstrated between various countries in 2008-09. Behind this are the WTO, IMF and WB, collectively, the new ruling class who are internationalist and enjoy socialism for the rich while the rest are brutally gouged by capitalist techniques. The information on international agreement on extradition for extraordinary rendition between 54 countries around the world for various kinds of hidden torture location has a surprising list of host nations (1). We all think that places like Syria and Egypt would be places where this is carried out and indeed, they are on the list. But there are others that some would expect not to see and a partial list of these are;

  1. Syria

  2. Iran (2)

  3. Sweden

  4. Pakistan (secret prisons)

  5. Libya (secret prisons)

  6. Jordan (secret prisons)

  7. Afghanistan (secret prisons)

  8. Malawi (secret prisons)

  9. Iceland (extraordinary rendition airspace transfers) (This may have changed)

  10. Morocco (secret prisons) (extraordinary rendition airspace transfers)

  11. Spain (rendition airspace transfers)

  12. Portugal (rendition airspace transfers)

  13. Ireland (rendition airspace transfers)

  14. Finland (rendition airspace transfers)

  15. Denmark (rendition airspace transfers)

  16. Belgium (rendition airspace transfers)

  17. Austria(rendition airspace transfers)

  18. Greece (rendition airspace transfers)

  19. Cyprus(rendition airspace transfers)

  20. Canada (providing intelligence for extraordinary rendition to CIA via CSIS, RCMP)

  21. UK (Capture and hand over prisoners)

  22. Sweden (Capture and hand over prisoners)

  23. Italy (Capture and hand over prisoners)

  24. Poland (Black sites)

  25. Lithuania (Black sites)

  26. Romania(Black sites)

  27. US (on and off site torture, secret prisons, FEMA camps, extradition powers)

The elite will fight to keep their ill gotten wealth and self appointed power at any cost and this international scale involvement stands as one of the prominent proofs that they cooperate internationally while they have the rest of us divided by country, fighting each other in undeclared proxy wars (8) and hide bound by nationalist patriotic thinking due to constant bombardment by propaganda. They will use any means to achieve this end and the do not shy away from anything. The history of the last five centuries should stand as adequate proof of the no holds barred approach to establishing a world wide dictatorship. Many would be dictators have tried just this thing over the last few centuries. They have done everything possible to throw a historical monkey wrench into the organizing of a bottom up collective society that can exist and function without them.

Here is a Case in Point on Several of the Major Issues Discussed Herein

CIA’s Extraordinary Rendition Program

For a long time, even before “intensive interrogation”, or, as it is called now, “extraordinary rendition”, the CIA has been involved in programs that are enforced by the use of torture, Sometimes this is used to intimidate the targeted individual and sometimes populations at large. Since torture was legitimatized under the Bush regime, adopted and extended by the following Obama regime, lists have been drawn up to either kill or capture those who are identified as terrorists by the CIA (4). The targeted individuals can be in any country and can be extradited under new laws to torture sites. This process has been eased with the signing of the National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA) by Obama in early 2012 and extended in power in early 2013 (9, 10). The whole process developed from Sept. 17Th, 2001 under Bush who gave extraordinary powers to the CIA, FBI and the Pentagon post 9-11(5). The corporation of the United States of America as a company country, backed by the military industrial complex can do as it wishes without answering to anyone around the world. The CIA in effect under the powers of the NDAA can round up anyone in any country and this is the gist of the extraordinary rendition program. Coupled with this is the Grand Jury where the accused has to the panel without access to legal council or Habeus Corpus (11). They can be arrested without charge and detained indefinitely and suffer through extraordinary rendition processes with no help whatsoever. Those charged by the Grand Jury can be sent to life in prison even on no more charge than suspicion and being considered a threat to the state according to their judgement. One of the more chilling aspects of this is that the US and for that matter any cooperating ally can strip a targeted individual of their citizenship, rendering them stateless and more easily dealt with under the program as an identified alien threat. Britain has already stripped targeted individuals of their citizenship and then used US drones to hunt them down for execution. This precedent opens the door for similar actions anywhere in the world and even possibly on the streets of England (12).

The CIA has identified protestors like Occupy Wall Street as “low level terrorists” (13) and an assassination list was drawn up to target the leaders. But assassination is not the only tool to deal with terrorists identified as a threat, actual or perceived, to the established elite. There is the tool of extraordinary rendition that has wide international support by the world elite that demonstrates their international scope and powers. The corporation of the United States of America as a company country in collusion with other company countries that can now agree among themselves to run proxy wars for profit and to use a mass psy-op torture campaign on the countries where they wish to steal resources from the sovereign peoples of those locations. Sometimes, extraordinary rendition is used to focus attention on a specific target to drive home their bullying authority. Genocides are not ruled out and not all are reported showing that they run the media at least from the mid 1960s such as in the case of Indonesia in 65-66 where a purge put over a million to genocide all with the support of the US and UK (14). There was almost no coverage beyond a positive spin in the Media of Suharto's US and UK backed military dictatorship where support came from the US government and the British royals. Neither the right nor the left said much about this. The current genocide of Syria is in like case as the US and UK seek to topple Assad and appoint a brutal military dictator over the region to gain control and access to resources (15). A new genocide is now in process with nearly a million displaced persons and almost 100,000 deaths. It is estimated that by the end of 2013, three million people will be displaced. Assad is blamed for the massacre, but it is the US and UK backed insurgents that are perpetrating the atrocities. A similar thing threatens in Mali and Niger in sub Saharan Africa.

Arbitrary arrest, detention and extraordinary rendition is becoming increasingly common since the post 9-11 rash of draconian legislation enacted in the US. It is by no means limited to the US, but Canada and Britain are also getting involved. For the last several years, the NYPD had the power to do random searched of passers by. In one year alone, some 700,000 of these random searches happened. NYPD officers were forced to fill a quota by their bosses, hence all the searches in public. In many instances, people, particularly blacks and Hispanics were arrested and in some notable cases, tased or shot, sometimes to death. Sometimes this triggers a protest and the answer of the NYPD is martial law. This kind of activity is reminiscent of China and is not limited in New York. Oakland police are noted for their brutality and this came out during Occupy Oakland. During protests, many are often arrested and then subjected to conditions in confinement that can only be described as torture. Under the National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA), the US military and police now have the authority to arrest without warrant and detain indefinitely, anyone they target around the world. This would involve extraordinary rendition in order to extradite them to a black site for intensive interrogation, or torture. Some may disappear into black sites never to be seen again. Targeted individuals who are on kill lists are now subject to being killed by drones. In Britain, some have their citizenship revoked and then they are “taken out” as terrorist alien enemies right in Britain. In Canada, CSIS and the RCMP have identified what they call “multiple issue terrorists”, that is, anyone who publicly protests more than one issue. For several years, various countries have cooperated in allowing extraordinary rendition of citizens to black sites around the world by the US long before there was NDAA legislation to assist the process.

Activism and truth exposures are now considered acts of terrorism. Activist such as Occupy Wall Street leaders were identified as “low level terrorists” by the FBI and were assigned to a kill list. Whether or not anyone has been disappeared, is a question that needs investigation. We do know that in various Latin American countries from the beginning of the 20th century and on, were subject to violent regime change with US involvement since the inception of the Monroe Doctrine. Since the Cuban Revolution in 1959, there have been no less than four violent regime changes (Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Argentina), two attempted but suppressed revolutions (Paraguay and Argentina) and two successful “reverse regime changes” (Cuba and Venezuela) taking the two countries out of direct US control. The four that were crushed by the US experienced violent intervention with death squads, military strikes, torture, support of dictatorships and disappearances. Usually these tortures and disappearances were done on site and not outsourced as today. Increasingly around the world, protestors and activists are being targeted for assassination or arrest. This has evolved out of two major historical watersheds in the US being 9-11 (3) and the crash of 2008 (16). Increasingly the world population both foreign and domestic are being placed under intensive surveillance and some are being targeted.

It's not just in black sites around the world, but in US prisons as well. This includes all prisons run by the state or privately (6). The private prison torture system has implications in the international scene especially, as it is here where corporation and state meet and unite in a blend known as corporatism that is identified in history as fascism (17). Torture in prison is nothing new and has been going on and reported for decades if not centuries. Torture is used routinely in prisons by guards on prisoners to enforce compliance and by prisoners on other prisoners for dominance. There is a hierarchy of torture in this system that is the ultimate in bullying. The techniques vary from the standard techniques used by the military and the CIA, but they can be as horrible to experience as any practices in the black sites (7).

The elite of the world, the owners of massive private enterprises, who control the banks, the resources, governments and entire countries are linked internationally so that they can maximize their profits, power and wealth. They are a mixed breed of oligarchs, company owners and heads, organized crime, royalty, dictators and major religious leaders. They cooperate with each other on an international scale and keep the rest of the human race confused and ignorant with deceit, distraction and divisions that are all lies and artificial manipulations. Torture was developed over thousands of years by the various imperial states and organized religions around the world and honed to an excruciatingly brutal science. It is basically a fear and pain compliance techniques used to subdue and control the real producers of the world. Torture is a method to maintain slavery, whether chattel, debt or the wage type. Claiming to be the direct representatives of a fearful and awful deity, they have used all kinds of heinous techniques to visit hell on their victims. Some have passed into history, such as the iron maiden (18), but others like water-boarding (19) are still with us and are in common use. New ones have evolved such as electroshock, injected chemicals, microwave “therapy” and many others that are not publicly known. Added to this is psychological torture to induce states of perpetual fear based trauma (20). Regions that we are told are in opposition to each other and seemingly at war, actually collaborate with each other in secret to control the world's populations of “useful idiots” and “useless eaters”, otherwise known as the producers of all the real wealth that is systematically cheated and forced from them. We do not even have a full list of which 54 countries are in international collaboration, just that there is a secret international cabal operating freely, often in secret, on a planetary scale to keep the rest of the population in fear, compliance and docile. We do know that three families control most of the world with the exception of N. Korea, Iran and Cuba. All of these countries are slated for invasion, “regime change” and resource extraction. The threat of nuclear war from N. Korea (epoch Apr. 2013) is a case in point to ramp up fear and provide a pretext for a preemptive strike (21). But the most interesting point here is the collaboration of Iran with the US-CIA in a covert program of extraordinary rendition (2). Despite the sanctions, the corporate media storm of propaganda and drum beats for war, there is a secret cabal operating under the sights of almost everyone. Add to this are all the double-thinking, double-dealing and we have a real toxic mix of confusion and ignorance. We must ask; what is really going on? That will have to be decided by a jury of investigators elected from workers councils during the revolution to overturn this world capitalist/corporatist criminal cabal that rules all of us like a plague of demons.























This video confirms the use of torture in US prisons. This is just the tip of the problem


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