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Internet and Social Media Assisting in Spewing Hate

Updated on April 11, 2020
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I'm a journalist and writing is my passion & my profession. As a graduate of Media and Mass Communication Studies I'm writing online.

Faaran Shahid
Faaran Shahid

The Day Starts with Social Media

Like many others, my day starts by having looked at Whatsapp groups, scrolling down twitter handle and a site on other social media sites. Most of the time it helps me to get updates anything happening within my state and around the world. But sometimes on these forums, I’ve to read something extremely unwise, there are people who go on these forums for the only purpose of vomiting aggression and hate. Sometimes they are maybe right to spew their hate but most of the time I realized many people have no concern with the issue but even they are participating in insulting.

I stand with the idea that these forums are to express their views and the forum is for open discussion to everyone. This is correct and I don’t mind with that and everyone is free to express their opinion as well, but I feel that these forums are for us to have thought-provoking discussions, respectful debates, only opposing other’s viewpoints is not a sole purpose.

Theory behind Internet Forums

I believe the theory behind social media sites and internet forums is really good and it can play a vital role in an effective way to discuss problems, share your grievances, experiences and diverse viewpoint. But in my experience reality is that those forums mostly are being used to spread toxic, hate, lethal and below the belt materials. No humanity, nor regard and wrath and are the norms. Very rarely I ever had an encouraging understanding on these forums, either its there on hub pages or somewhere else.

I think it happens to many am not the only, when I’m posting something on my wall and someone wants to disagree, I truly welcome discussion from those who have different points of view. This is all fine but the problem starts when the so-called opposer starts using abusive language and they indeed insult you, and your point of view directly. I want to request them “Hey I want to hear you either I agree or disagree, but why we can’t talk in a much better way of being respectful?” And unfortunately, this statement makes them angrier and they can go to any extent to abuse and exploit you. I mind this way of dealing because it gives you nothing, then why you play the dirty game?

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Bullies on Social Media Forums

There are many on the internet and social media forums they are not concerned with the issues but yes only opposing other’s viewpoints appeal to them. Maybe this behavior gives them a sense of supremacy? On the occasions someone is agreeing with the aggressive person, then the two or sometimes more than two others take up and begin abusive collectively. It is like two angry dogs surrounding their victim, tearing their worthy opponents.

I’m so frustrated in this regard and I have left indulging into discussions on internet forums because I cannot afford abuse, as it gives me anxiety. I’m disappointed and I wish these forums should be positive and forum of exchanging good ideas.

But yes there few forums I love to go on, I find those where controversial topics are not being discussed. In my experience religion, politics and a few other social topics are mostly made controversial. This doesn't mean that I want those forums where people will use to agree with me. No, not at all but I think at least I have something to offer and in the same way ill be delighted with other's insights and experiences. This should be the actual approach while we are rushing into social and internet forums. And I believe certain topics should be declared as venomous because it hurts many others like me.

Healing Point

I know many others like me who mostly desire to use the forum because they want to exchange their ideas and opinions; they want to learn and want to reach out to others for the sake of productiveness. Sometimes we can make friends make a positive change in their lives and so on.

And yes, I don’t think probably my readers will agree or still disagree with me. But this is okay, I don’t mind. But I can expect from my readers that they will realize the fact that we can be able to learn something about people and issues being discussed on the internet or social forums.


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