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Chinese Mental Diagnosis: Internet and Mobile Device Addiction

Updated on July 4, 2011

Has the Internet and mobile phones alike becoming the downfall of human focus, and in its grips becomes a real medical disorder? China says it is, as it has gained insight through research in a group of 3,000 subjects, the research led by Tao Ran, a man who helped create the first internet addiction clinic within China's capital, Beijing. Of China's massive population, 253 million citizens partake in the internet luxuries, most of these logon's in relation to video games, or .mmorpgs(Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games).

It has become a very serious issue, as clinics have begun to spring up all over China, an effort that most clinics have told have an average of 70% success rate. These numbers are small however, as the world's population continues to boom all over the world, as more and more countries become technologically dependent. The United States still have not proclaimed Internet Addiction as a Medical Disease, mainly because statistics have been low in reference to the surveys done on the topic. Many Statistic Scientists have determined this is only because many U.S. citizens have failed to give an admission of their technological problem.

There is real symptoms to the disease as well, Chinese scientists proclaimed. These include depression, family problems, suicidal thoughts, sleep deprivation, the lacking of communication skills, and above all else, the sense of self, as subjects were more interested in knowing what their friends were doing, or psychological dependence. This in reality after some years down the road could possibly disrupt even our everyday lives as the human race has one important characteristic that helps to give us emotion and well-being, and that is focus. If we lose focus, our culture might begin to fail in the sector of education and working, this in theory would cause complete failure in society and cause major back steps in our current world advances. The world has begun to follow in China's footsteps though, as Internet addiction programs have sprung up all over the western world, their efforts miniscule but nevertheless giving hope in a tunnel of the world's dimming cultural light.

Sources: Times Archives

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