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Iran Is Now Closer in Making a Warhead

Updated on December 3, 2009

 Just in case you missed it--Iran has snubbed all efforts of the IAEA and Western powers to curtail their ability to create enriched uranium.

What this means is that Iran, right now, today, has 3300 pounds of low level enriched uranium. What does that mean? It means they ALREADY have enough enriched uranium, albeit low level, to now create high level enriched uranium. When that final step is done, they will have two nuclear bombs.

Let me repeat. Two nuclear bombs. They already have the mid-range rockets to deliver them to Israel, which is their prime target. So, we are not talking years here, it could happen sooner than you imagine.

Iran announced to the world that they will enrich uranium to the high level and experts indicate this can be within months, not years. Ahmadinejad announced that Iran will produce 20% of this highly enriched uranium.

It takes only 33-66 pounds of highly enriched uranium to create a nuclear bomb. Once the uranium is enriched to high grade, it is only a matter of WEEKS to convert it to weapons grade.

Now what? The western powers will now move through tougher sanctions on Iran, which in turn, will make Iran even more belligerent. As time moves on, all this means is that at some time there is a flash point. Either Iran will do something to provoke a western response or some sort of military action will come from Israel or western powers. Israel is simply not going to sit idly by and wait for a nuke to arrive from Iran, if it does, a regional tactical nuclear war will happen in the Middle East. When that occurs, it will effect all of us in some way. That is  why you should be concerned because the incident is just around the corner.

This incident is a spark for another major war.


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    • profile image

      thomas 7 years ago

      How can we trust anything the united states Gov. tells us? look at the lies which they have told. Do we trust them and continue to aggitate Iran and force them into a corner or do we look at the evidence, which is no nuc development by Iran, yet theor is evidence of the U.S. having stockpiles of nucs and being the only country to have used WMD's against anyone (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and being the only government to have lied, falsified docs etc to invade Afghanistan and Iraq and on top of that they are telling the world that N.Korea sank the S.Korean ship, (No evidence, could have been a US sub to create greater tension between the two Koreas) How can we trust anything the US gov says? Forcing anyone into a corner only provokes action by that country. UI believe the US gov wants Iran to act so that they can yell "See I told you so!" The US gov. in my opinion is run by dictators and terrorists out to creat greater tension and wars. That is the only explanation why they are pointing fingers at countries who have done nothing wrong, at least no evidence of them having done anything wrong. If, like you say, about history and Germany behaving harmlessly then nation really ought to focus on the United States and place sanctions against them as well as focus their militaries at the US, and no one else. If you want us to look at history and how nations like Germany behaved during ww2.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 7 years ago

      Yes, read all about it in pre-WW2 history. History promised his intentions wee for the best of the German people and germany was harmless to nations surrounding it. Of course, we all know what happened. The iranian government is the problem, not its people. Iran is a great game player and continues to dare the west to stop nuclear development. They threaten to shut down the Hormuz straits, which would cripple the west. I am sure iran is partly telling the truth and also lieing.

    • profile image

      Thomas 7 years ago

      What makes anyone think that iran is going to make a Nuc? Iran has always denied it and said that they only want to produce clean hydro. This sounds a lot like the lies and manipulation which we heard prior to the U.S. led terror attack on Iraq.

      One more thing, as long as a rogue nation led by a dictatorship (U.S) has nucs other nation should have them as a defence as history has proved, the U.S. will invade anyone at any time for any unjust reason, usualy to rape a nations land for their resources.

      Iran make nucs? Well it is not their intent, however I do believe that if the U.S. and other nations continue to push them into a corner, they may make some so that they can defend themselves in the event of an unprovoked attack on their soil.

      The U.S. and all other nations better stop with this stupid fear mongering and lieing about nations such as Iran, N.Korea etc. It is stupid and un called for.