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Iranian Human Trafficking

Updated on April 6, 2009

Decaying Bodies and Stench

Pakistani authorities recently intercepted a large shipping container in Quetta, Pakistan. The container from the outside revealed little about its contents and its destination was Iran, it originated in Afghanistan.

Southwest Pakistan is a well known haven for not only terrorists but a frequently used route for human traffickers smuggling young men and women from the Afghanistan poverty to iran in hopes of a better life (yes, hard to believe than Iran might be a better life, but when compared to Afghanistan....I think you see my point). Some are used as dirt cheap laborers while others sex slaves for depraved Iranian men who talk one way yet walk the other way.

When Pakistani police approached the container, the stench was sickening. Putrid. A smell of death. Upon opening the container, 62 bodies were found. Decaying for days. Police were forced to use masks the stench was so horrible. The remaining 40 survivors were barely alive, the others had suffocated in the large shipping container. All were Afghanistan. The 40 told of inhuman conditions unfit for even animals, no food, no water, no air, no place for human waste. They all had paid various amounts to be smuggled into Iran and promised a better life.


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