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Iraq Is An Extension of Iran

Updated on August 18, 2019
One of the few F-16 the Iraqi AF has
One of the few F-16 the Iraqi AF has

Iraq Closes Its Airspace

If there is any doubt left that Iraq is fast becoming just an extension of Iran, their recent closing of the airspace over their country to ALL forms of flying aircraft (including drones) at the behest of Iran, makes this perfectly clear.

Even with many American forces and aircraft still based there to thwart Iran from gaining control, Iran has its own para-military and military forces there, many undercover. Let's remember that Iran's strategy is a land bridge to Syria and that is Iraq. Much of the government that controls Iraq is shared with those sympathetic to Iran and its customs. Iraq is fast becoming large Iranian province.

The Closing Airspace

Iraq's real purpose is to prevent the Israelis from their continued airstrikes and drones that cause Iranian assets destruction. On Aug. 12th, an Israeli drone destroyed the ammunition depot at Al Saqr (Camp Falcon) in Baghdad.
This was the command center of the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMU), the largest Shiite militia in Iraq, led by a lieutenant of the Iranian Al Qods leader, Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

However, even before, the Israeli Air Force struck two Shiite militia sites in Iraq by multiple incoming aircraft or drones. The first, on July 19, targeted the Hash Haabi militia’s 52nd Brigade, a subsidiary of the Bader Brigades, both loyal to Iran. On July 28th, the IAF hit Camp Ashraf, near the Iranian border and 30 miles north of Baghdad.

To try to balance things, the Iraqis told Iran to remove all of its militias from the Baghdad area, but not from the country. As if this will do anything. But the issue seems to confirm just how much pull the Iranians have in Iraq now, let a alone a few more years. One can see how the Iraqis will one day tell the Americans to leave. But the closing of the airspace is just trying to give the Iranians protection to appease Iran. Iraq has no real air force to challenge violators and only the Americans could but would never fight their friend, the IAF. Even though Turkey has many Israeli drones also, the Americans would never shoot at another NATO ally, which is Turkey. Since the Turkish plans include going into Syria that may lead into Iraq to destroy Kurds, Iraq is helpless to stop them without the USA.

Now, what happens if Iraq invites Iranian or Russian warplanes and drones to be stationed in Iraq, if the US refuses to engage against airspace violators? This would be Iraq's counter and would truly ignite the region further.

This is a real game changer and could easily happen.


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