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Is America Ready for a Gay President?

Updated on February 5, 2020

Ready or Not

Now, I really don't think the strong showing by Pete Buttigieg in the fiasco and meaningless caucus in Iowa proves anything. But, he did show a very strong showing that even shocked himself and kept him ahead of socialist Sanders. If Pete can continue to shock opponents until June, would the democratic machine actually allow a gay man to lead their party against Trump? Assuming it would happen, what kind of message would this send to the many, many, democrats that like Pete but simply refuse to vote for him because of his sexual preference. They would be a majority that would either not vote or turn to Trump for the lousy candidate the party chose. This is what happened in 2016! Many democrats voted for Trump then due to their hatred of Clinton.

Pete does come across like a very level headed and pragmatic man about many issues. He does reflect the future being only 38, who recently only embraced his homosexuality. Many voters like him for his common sense about key issues that is more moderate than not. He speaks well and can handled himself on the debate stage. For many, everything is good as far as being a POTUS except for his sexual preference. That, is the killer for many would-be voters. Call it whatever name you want, but it IS just a fact that he cannot overcome when it comes convincing straight people otherwise.

One possible reason is the appearance on the world stage, let alone America. There are many countries that do not accept homosexuality in some form. The optics of having a POTUS that is gay living in the WH with their spouse simply is bad for many Americans. Imagine the slurs and innuendo. With Trump, we know POTUS sleeps in one room, while his wife, in another (as in House of Cards). Obama suffered many right wing nut theories that said that Mrs. Obama was actually a man with questionable photos as proof,or she was a man having a sex change. Having a real gay man with his spouse in the WH would be cannon fodder for those.

Would Pete be able to stand up to a bigot and racist like Trump? Tough question. He is not a physically big man, either. He is just a small city mayor, while Trump is far different with some credits to his name after three years.

Luckily, for the Democrats, Pete's path to POTUS will be short lived as he goes down the primary road. By June, unless something dramatically happens, having to decide about this question will all be moot until next time!


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