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Is America Opening Its Door to Communism?

Updated on March 18, 2021
Aron Mejias MD profile image

I have devoted my life to studying human behavior and social evolution. I love sharing the best of my knowledge with those interested.

Are We Giving Up?


Nobody could ever imagine how fast socialist and communist ideals had infected the Americans' minds. The last week of May 2020 showed how weak the country's values are in new generations. Violence, riots, destruction, looting, and an unprecedented social class hatred took over the nation. America's streets turned into chaos, dismantling social discipline and the rule of law. America's streets turned into a mess, similar to those seen in falling third world countries. The communists disguised as liberals, anti-capitalists, and socialists are destroying the best society ever created to impose the red revolution and destroy 240 years of social development.

There are many reasons to protest and demonstrate. Still, there is no legitimate reason to loot and steal from others their hard-earned property. American society has been a lighthouse to the world. Americans taught the power of people self-determination to other nations. The outstanding industrial, technological, and financial development achieved during the last century by the USA, were possible thanks to the country's freedom and social stability. Of course, millions of Americans had paid the ultimate price to preserve it.


Socialism Propaganda Is Everywhere

I cannot point to a precise moment when the communist agenda started spreading among Americans. Nevertheless, anybody can corroborate that during the last 20 years, socialism and communism are ever-present. Teachers and professors are the first to promote social change as a way to tackle social class differences. Educators offer unrealistic and Utopian places where everything is better than America, thanks to socialism. Besides, the media, political figures, and celebrities actively promotes socialism and the need for changes to live in a better world without poverty, contamination, violence, crime, and racism. The only problem is nobody tells or proposes the plan and the means to achieve the Utopian dream.

The Utopian dream is filled with titles, clean industries, Eco-friendly neighborhoods, green fuels, universal health care, low-cost homes, universal income, non-binary genders, and egalitarian society. By all means, we all want that, but as any mind sounded adult, you need to know how you are going to make that possible, where the resources are coming from to pay for it, and what strategies are available to achieve the proposed goal. How can the government provide universal income or universal health? What are the changes needed for pollution reduction that we can realistically implement? Unfortunately, all those lefists only know titles, they lack the planes, the means, and the most relevant, they never acknowledge the price to pay for those changes.

Give Me the Poor, the Sick, the Marginalized, and They Will Become My Slaves.

The deceiving propaganda targets the weakest. Initially, socialism offers free homes, free energy and food, a less demanding education, and those more vulnerable put all their hopes on those promises. The lies are continuously repeated, and after a short time, even the liars start believing in them. Afterward, social movements, political parties, cultural organizations, and arts are infiltrated with communist ideas. Currently, thousands of American Students believe Cubans have a better lifestyle than the US.

The lack of general knowledge of politics and international news facilitates the recruitment of followers. Like any religious sect or brainwashed organization, socialist followers repeat only slogans, and they never use rational thinking to contrast those false statements. They want to believe and enlist to fight to establish a socialist republic, hoping it will bring more opportunities and the dreamed perfect society.


Houston, We Got a Problem; Today, Socialism is in the US Soil.

During the demonstrations, the socialist agenda became public. At the riots, the organization's level exhibited the speed at which the protest spread and the media coverage demonstrated it. The overwhelming evidence is undeniable; rioters and opportunists don't care for civil rights or human liberties. The socialists want to create chaos to gain adepts and destroy American's lifestyle and political system.

What are the odds? To find rocks and bricks carefully placed in the middle of the street in every major city where the looting and riots occur. Hundreds of caches of bricks and stones have been found strategically across major cities, including New York City.

Follow the money, the organization's level demonstrates that both Antifa and communists have been waiting to attack and create chaos to destroy American Institutions. According to Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, the violence and looting during demonstrations are generated by professional agitators and paid mobs from out of state.


Democrats' Mayors Give a Free Pass to Criminals.

The fundamental obligation of any public servant is to preserve US integrity and the citizens' well-being. However, Democrat's Mayors have forbidden the police department from restoring order or even protecting their police stations. On the contrary, those mayors praise the rioters and looters, encouraging them to continue their small business destruction. Why? What hidden agenda are they following? Who will benefit from this civil unrest?

When criminals are rewarded but decent and hardworking people are punished, thus, the entire system collapses. Democrats' governors and mayors put their states and cities on lockdown for the last 90 days. Under completely misleading Covid-19 pandemic precaution measures, county police sent a dozen entrepreneurs to jail for opening their businesses. Before the total madness started, the democrats called crazy and dangerous any proposal to end home confinement. The former scenario suggests that somebody might be acting against people's best interests, and there must be a secret plan.

Have You Been Exposed to Communist Propaganda During the Last Month?

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Headhunters the Revolution Is Hiring.

The number of university professors backing the violence and spreading the racial war propaganda is not accidental. Communists recruited educators, teachers, professors, celebrities, and even CEOs of the most prominent US industries. The socialists' ideals are ever-present in the entire US society. It is incredible how, regardless of the speakers' economic status or educational level, all of them repeat the same lies. The leftist mix all the causes to gain followers. They talk about environmental pollution, wealth inequalities, racism, lack of opportunity, sexism, police brutality, immigration, unemployment, and all-time favorite personal debts and debt forgiveness.

The totalitarian learned from the past. Nowadays, socialists know that by repetition, propaganda, and establishing a connection with the masses' fears and needs, they will get more supporters. Therefore, the leftists hide their unwelcome truths behind refined half-lies that impress to be the truth. In fact, everybody is susceptible to fall for it. The Millennial, Generation X, and most people under 50 years of age are socialist supporters. The comfortable lifestyle and the fact that anybody can make a living just by doing the minimum is spoiling the US. The mediocre democracy that promotes being barely regular and never giving your best for anything has allowed the communist seed to grow on American soil.

Welcome to Communist America

The lack of interest of current generations in politics and government is an accepted invitation for false leaders and corrupt administrations. The communist is already in America soil, and the rioters are just the tip of the iceberg. The liberal media has openly endorsed the Chinese Communist Party while maintaining a vicious attack on President Trump. During the Democrats' primary election, Senator Bernie Sanders' campaign motto was democratic socialism, an oxymoron. Socialism requires personal freedom and constitutional rights limited and even suspended to be implemented.


Are We Doomed, or Is There any Hope?

People's education and self-determination are the only hope the western societies have. Communism has proven to be a completely failed system in every country in which it has been implemented. Socialism is the fancy name for the ugly communist disease, but the results are identical. The latest example is Venezuela, the country which the major oil proved reserves, lives in misery, human-made famines, and millions of Venezuelans migrating to save their lives and feed their families.

America needs to wake up. The Democrats' behaviors, socialist support, and coup d'état attempt during impeachment are the most critical wake-up call a country can have to prevent a disaster and the secession of the Union. People have to take part in the country's political leadership and start by registering to vote and voting for the less evil of the options and the country's best interest. The US union must be preserved above all to inherit it to your sons, grandsons, and future generations. Today, the only hope is Donald Trump's reelection. Of course, Americans have to change the congressmen that are against American ideals and are promoting socialism. Regardless of their political affiliation, an elected official representing a foreign country's interest does not serve your best interests.


Critical Thinking is America's Best Weapon

Education and sciences are the only hopes. We have to teach younger generations the truth about socialism. Germany built a wall, the Berlin Wall, to prevent Eastern Germans from escaping communists. Also, communists have killed more humans than all the wars, with an estimated 150 million deaths. Share the Ukrainian Holodomor that was a human-made famine and all the truth about socialism.

Kindly remember, the improvement and technological advances saw during the last 140 years in the western world were obtained thanks to capitalism, democracy, freedom, and the rule of law. Your sons' fate lies before you. If the evildoers are not stopped now, their corruption will spread and infect the entire world, turning America into a third world country or a communist paradise like North Korea, Cuba, or Venezuela. Communism and socialism are social cancers that must be eradicated from Earth.

You are American, and you have the power to change and preserve the country that gives you a life and a future. Your action is demanded now.

Are You Concerned about Communism in America?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Dr Aron Mejias


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