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Is Opposing The Spread of Islam Irrational or Racist?

Updated on March 1, 2019
Irrational Fear
Irrational Fear | Source

Irrational Fears

I am afraid of ladders. Not all ladders, only ladders that hate me. I can climb a ladder so long as it agrees not to deliberately push me off. Sadly not many can assure me that I will be safe, so I tend to avoid ladders. I also have an irrational fear of stairways and walkways made out of metal grating, elevators with windows or glass floors, and long high bridges. I pride myself on being rational and level headed. But if I am honest, I have to admit that on occasion, a bit of irrationality sneaks up on me.

But when it comes to Islam and the threat it poses to my society, my faith, and my family’s safety. I am the very picture of rationality; A man whose feet are firmly planted on solid ground.

False Accusations.

Islamophobia and Racism

Islamophobia, I have been hearing this word quite a bit lately. Have you’ve noticed the other word that seems to accompany it most often is Racism? Two words suggesting that a person who opposes Islam is both irrational and bigoted. It is a notion that is politically motivated and has no grounding in reality. Given Islam’s violent reputation, people’s fears are very rational. Since Islam is a multi-ethnic political system that doubles as a religion, those who oppose it can not be considered racist for their disregard for Islam has nothing to do with a Muslims race or ethnic back ground.


For The Record

It is my constitutional right and my moral duty to oppose any idea, ideology, or organization that is detrimental to our society’s welfare, personal freedoms, or way of life. Islam is no different than Communism, Socialism or Fascism. I would not want a Muslim in power anymore then I would want a Communist in power. I will speak against any group of people that seek to destroy my human rights or my civil liberties. Anyone who uses death and destruction to force their moral and political views on others must be opposed.

It is my opinion that opposing the spread of Islam or any political ideology that has as its stated goal, world domination, through whatever means necessary, is not irrational or racist. The use of the terms Islamophobia and Racist in connection to those who oppose Islam is nothing more then a deceitful political strategy designed to paint anyone who speaks out against Islam in a negative light; hoping to shame them into silence.

The Three Stages of Jihad

The following video is a must watch for anyone wrestling with the idea that Islam should be allowed to spread. Turns out that Islam spreads itself in three stages. For me this video was a real eye opener.

Something to Think About


A Must Watch


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