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Is Donald Trump Fit To be President

Updated on May 10, 2016

In the 2016 election for president of the Unites States, politics has been emotional, stressful with no emphasis because of fiction not facts.

Some Americans are rallying around A non-politician who knows nothing about politics. Running casino's and hotel's hiring and firing, is far from running a nation.

Donald Trump the Billionaire businessman and entertainer is to explicit, he tells the American people what he thinks they wants to hear. He knows how to excite riots, defame women, doing what ever he wants without convictions.

He makes promises that will effect America and the people, without thinking about the repercussions, with Donald Trump as president there will never be a better America, this country will be consisted as second class

Will Afro-Americans Back Donald Trump? The polls among Afro-Americans feels that Trump is not strong enough to be a good leader and that he is not trustworthy. His reaction at debates and rallies proves that Donald Trump has no remorse for the mean hateful words that he speaks. Every day the insults people with no reasons just because he can, he is a Billionaire and feels that he can do what he wants.

Will the Republicans have a strong union with Trump as President? Other candidates as defamed Donald Trump as a man not fix to be president, what will they be thinking when standing behind Trump if he is elected President? Will Donald choose Ben Carson, Chris Christy or Cruz as his running mate?

Donald is a smart business who knows how play the system he uses Bankrupts as a tool for not completely failing. Others countries must sitting back wondering what the hell wrong with Americans. How can congress allow Donald Trump to get away with all his crazy stumps?

can a loose canon, with no respect for anyone except him self.



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