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The President Is Bad For America

Updated on April 7, 2019
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Trump wanted to Lock Clinton up for her emails what about Jared and Ivanka will Trump yell to his supporters lock them up.

Trump is Toxic

The 2016 debate left most Americans in limbo, watching Trump behavior on national television it was outrageous, for anybody t running for the highest official office in America, the White House. president of the United States. With the History of Trump, no one should never except Trump to run for president with no experience to any kind of politics. The way he conducted himself at the debates should have been a warning.

He tore into his opponents with no respect or dignity he was the Billionaire who could change the world, he treated opponents in the party he was running like fools showing his true character. He went after Clinton saying if he became president he was going to lock her up, calling her crooked Hillary.

Trump attended his rallies making fun of a disabled reporter marking him when he asked him a question, with some of his supporters laughing. He told his supporter to punch a man in the audience, if he went to jail he would pay for his lawyer. Trump was an embarrassment and played for his supporters the more he acted like a fool the more they clapped and yelled Trump. He promoted violence at his own rallies, he sworn and engaged himself in acts of violence. Republicans didn't like Trump but didn't want a Democrat in Office.

Trump made the American people promises, he would build a big tall beautiful wall, replace Obama Healthcare. Telling his supporters he knows more than anyone he lied to The American people and some brought every word he said manipulating his supporters telling them things they wanted to hear.

Trump likes acting touch with some fearing him because of his childless behavior This president is not a leader he has no morals or respect for anyone but himself, he was caught saying awful things about women body parts and got a slap on the back, it was just lockerroom talk. Donald Trump never thought he could win but after he won he went after the first black president Obama.

Obama had made a fool out him he said Obama was not born in The United States and Obama had embarrassed him at a dinner. Five days in the white House Trump signed an executive order for immigrants. Trump said Mexico was going to pay for the wall, Mexico was sending rapist, drug dealer, gang member, and bad criminals to our country.

Trump authorized the military to bomb the Syrian Government airbase with missiles because of the chemical weapon attack on their own people. Trump didn't get approval from Congress, he made the call all by himself. In Charlottesville Trump refused to Denounce the White Supremacist and the neo-Nazi-all are good people.

The president of the United States Donald Trump has taken the side of Vladimir Putin words over his own intelligence agency. Trump said in Helsinki he talk to Putin and he believes Putin because he had no reason to hack our elections.

Jamal Khashoggi a writer and a columnist for the Washington Post was slain in Saudi Arabia. The crown prince allegedly ordered the murder of Khashoggi. When Trump got around to asking the Prince, Trump told the American people he said he didn't do. Trump took the words of a dictator over his own F.B.I Agents.

In December 2017 Trump told the house speaker Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the vice president was in a meeting with Trump. He wanted to fund for his wall if I don't get what I want I will shut down the Government and be glad to do so. I will take the heat he told Pelosi and Schumer.

Trump shutdown government for 31 days the longest shutdown in History, this Government shutdown belonged to the president. Trump didn't care about800,00 Federal workers families going without a paycheck, he wanted to fund for a wall. He was never intended to build a wall since he made a promise to his base, now he had to try and make good on his promises.

For two years Trump has abused the power of constitution of the United States with Republicans looking the other way. Democrats and Republicans can't agree on issues that benefit our country because of Trump, he always wants to be the one who makes all the decisions with everyone agreeing with him.

America deserves a president who will honor the words of the constitution, America don't need a president who is racist, bais, and not for all people

. Donald Trump the president of the United States believes laws created for all mankind was not created for himself and his family. Trump wanted to lock up Hillary Clinton for using her emails on a private computer server, Jared and Ivanka were just accused of the same thing do Trump yell lock them up.



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