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Is Donald Trump Going to Be the Last President of USA Dominant World Order?

Updated on August 17, 2020
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Student of diplomacy and world politics, analyst and journalist.

Xi jinping and Donald trump


Tension with China

Those who are watching this political situation of the world are understood well that today China has tried to take advantage of the weakness of America which it has not found till date. Russia is also sitting on that side planning, the wait and watch. Everyone knows that today Russia does not have the power it needs to weaken America. But if this tension with China and America goes ahead and the two get closer to fighting with each other, then at that time, Russia will come to play his role.

Those who may be important allies in China and America's fight have also decided not to go directly into a fight with China, whose direct reason is Donald Trump's decision which he took after becoming president. The biggest concern of America's fellow countries is the mood of Donald Trump. Which is his passion to prove himself best in taking diplomatic decisions with any countries. Because of which they also put other countries in trouble.

Fight escalation effects

In the last years, China had always started moving towards modernizing its military and technology. Just as china was becoming an economic power, in the same way, they had also pushed themselves towards a military power. The direct reason for this is that today is also giving competition to America. By the way, technology and military power of America is capable of defeating China very easily. But because of Russia's geographical location very close to China, the US cannot directly attack it. This is the reason that China is being very successful in encircling fellow countries of America very strongly.

Just as China is presenting itself as a major force towards America, Russia is also watching this thing very closely. And China has indirect support from Russia, which it is using against the US Taiwan Japan and India.

Due to the wrong decisions of Donald Trump, this strange block has been made against America today. It can prove very fatal for America if they try to suppress it with force or resolve it. The US joined countries from all sides to surround China, but even today their own partner countries are unable to trust and decide on Donald Trump's promises. This is the reason why China has moved towards a third power and can make it very difficult for America in the coming days.

Vladimir Putin


What is Russia thinking?

Russia had reached one of the weakest conditions in the last few years after the Cold War. According to some people, Russia is roaring very peacefully today. Whatever China is speaking today, Russia also speaks in their voice. In the race to weaken Russia, not all American friendly countries took Russia's silent diplomacy into consideration. No one took into account China's economic growth in an attempt to weaken Russia economically. And today America stands at the place where it retreats, its kingship is in danger and if it goes ahead then there is also a possibility of very bad results.

If the military forces are measured in one scale, if America's strength is 100, then China is at least 60 and in military strength both Russia and America stand together. If America puts all its strength against China And later if Russia stands against America, then Russia will face very weak America because even if China cannot beat America but it can weaken it badly. And to take advantage of that, Russia is watching this whole game very calmly today. America also knows this. And in a way, the reason for America to reach this place is the race to sell their arms in which there is a policy of fighting poor countries and not letting them go ahead by selling their own weapons.

So it simply means that America has very few options left, either to see its supremacy go away or to change its policy for years and for now, America has to give full trust to its partner countries or Then this tension with China has to end. Even if this tension ends today, China will remain a threat to America. China is trying its best to bring the Gulf countries under its influence and to a great extent it is a danger bell for the US and for Europe it is like a storm.

Donald trump

Donald trump's 2020 election
Donald trump's 2020 election | Source

Trump and USA Allies

One thing is said for the United States that the world changes when the government changes there. And the kind of government that has come this time is considered to be the weakest, most careless and mindset of dictatorship ever.

Ever since Donald Trump's government has come, he has tried to make his slogan Make America Great Again. And because of this, America's closest and most loyal companions were either offended or forced to start thinking about the future of their country and their people. Whenever the US government comes, it is representative of the whole world, due to which circumstances have arisen today that the countries feeling insecure from China themselves are also thinking very much to support America directly. Are considering.

Perhaps it can be a matter of great tension for America's establishment. For so many years, America had made a place for itself in every country which is their partner from every country to build their best and strongest relations. But since Donald Trump has come, he has tried to use those ties as a weapon which has created a huge ripple which China is trying to take advantage of today.


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