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Is Energy Concervation Really Necessary?

Updated on February 2, 2018


Energy is very important for performing various day to day activities. It is so vital that we cant even one day without energy. Energy is very necessary for the development of any country. It is very necessary for all most all the industries. It is required for cooking, lighting, heating and so on. Can you think of at least one commodity or service which is produced without the use of energy?

Sources Of Energy.

There are broadly two two types of sources of energy, namely commercial and non-commercial sources. The commercial sources include the ones which are brought and sold for a price for eg. electricity, petroleum etc. The non-commercial sources include the ones which are found in the nature itself and can be used without the use of money. these include sources like agricultural wastes firewood etc.

The commercial sources normally gets exhausted due to overuse, with an exception to hydropower. Almost all of us use these commercial sources of energy for our needs.

Energy sources can also be classified as conventional and non conventional sources. The conventional sources of energy includes three sources solar energy, wind energy, & tidal energy.

Consumption Pattern.

At present commercial energy is found to be the most widely used source of energy. Of this coal is found to be satisfy 30% of the total energy requirements as in 2012. Natural gas was at 24%, oil at 34%, hydro at 6%, nuclear at 4.7% and other renewable sources at about 1.3%. Coal and oil is found to be the major sources of energy followed by natural gas and hydro power.

This shows us how dependent we are on the non renewable natural sources of energy. It also shows us the reason for the rapid depletion and the need for the conservation of these exhaustible and vital sources. When we realise this fact about our consumption and its consequences we will automatically feel the need for conserving energy.

What Can We Do?

You now almost understood how important it is to conserve these vital and exhaustible energy sources. In order to do that we have to reduce the pressure on those sources by reducing its use. Reducing the use can be done in several ways, like traveling on a public transport to the office than using your private vehicle. This reduces the use of petrol. One might think that if they are to reduce the use of the above mentioned sources i n there homes it is not to make any difference in the situation. But that is not a right policy. Think of it this way, if each person is to reduce the use of petrol by 1ltr. every day then 6,973,738,433 ltr. of petrol will be saved one day. Then think about how much we can save in one year.

We are not just to save these sources for future use but also to reduce pollution. Most the non-renewable resources which we were talking about are major players in polluting our environment. They are well known to contaminate our environment.

We can not only reduce our use to protect them but we can use other alternatives for these resources. We might use electricity in place of coal in industries so as to reduce the use of coal and also to reduce pollution. In our homes we might use solar energy which is a renewable source of energy. New technologies which can make the wind tidal and solar energy sources cheap can make normal people use it.

With these simple steps we will be able to protect these abundant sources of energy for our future generations. This will also enable us to invent new sustainable sources of energy and enhance our lives.

Do you think that we should conserve energy?

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    • noelm profile imageAUTHOR

      Noel M 

      5 years ago from Kottayam


    • pramodgokhale profile image


      5 years ago from Pune( India)

      I call you article writer

      ,In third world lack of funding and poor planning and transmission losses

      are the causes of energy crunch.

      Fuel efficiency and energy efficiency are basic concept while designing of gadgets .

      thanks once again.

      i will read your topics and later we discuss.

      pramod gokhale

    • noelm profile imageAUTHOR

      Noel M 

      5 years ago from Kottayam

      Thakz. And there's no need to adress me with this 'SIR' thing i'm younger than you.

    • pramodgokhale profile image


      5 years ago from Pune( India)


      Yes energy conservation is necessary since fossil fuels resources are getting exhausted and experts say that after a century it will be difficult to get new sources to run the economies.CFL lamp Vs. against normal

      incandescent lamp, In India we switched over CFL lamps and save huge amount of energy.

      Thank you sir,

      pramod gokhale


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