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Is Facebook a Threat to Our Society?

Updated on October 4, 2015

Is Facebook a threat to our Society?


I use Facebook. Most people do these days?

Whole families including Grandparents can now be found on facebook. It is free to keep in touch with everyone, you can look at family pictures instead of posting copies all the time, and you never forget friends and families birthdays because facebook is always there to remind you ha.

Facebook has over 500 million users. but unfortunately it is not always used in an innocent way. I have heard about people losing their jobs because they have slagged off their boss or posted inappropriate photo's of nights out etc on their wall. Others have got divorced because they have found something incriminating on their partners profile, friends have fallen out because they have made nasty comments about each other on another friends wall, but all these things are minor compared to some of the more shocking cases that I have read regarding facebook.

15 year old Pheobe Prince moved with her family from Ireland to Massachusetts, she started seeing a senior football player which caused jealousy in her fellow class mates.

Pheobe became the victim of harassment, name-calling, stalking, intimidation, and threatened physical abuse for months. The bullying was designed to make Pheobe feel humiliated and leave the school, but she carried on attending until the bullying became to much for her to cope with.

More worrying, the school was aware of the extent the bullying towards Pheobe had got, but still it carried on both at school and mostly on social networking site Facebook.

On the day Pheobe died, she was harassed in the school library which was witnessed by teachers who didn't bother to report it. She continued to get harassed as she walked the corridors that day, then as she was walking home one of the bullys drove past and threw a drink at her while hurling a barage of abuse.

Sadly soon after, Pheobe walked into her closet at home and hung herself. Her sister discovered Pheobe's body shortly after.

Even after this poor girls death, these sick bullies felt no regret. Instead they posted nasty comments about Pheobe on her facebook memorial page and began mocking her death,

Another shocking report was of a convicted sex offender, 45yr old Ian Green from Worthing West Sussex, who set up 11 different online identities and three private groups in order to share over 100,000 indecent images of children.

The Child exploitation and online protection group revealed Ian Green had set up three private groups on facebook to share these indecent images. Ian Green would only accept friend requests once the person had uploaded some child abuse images themselves. information was soon passed to Sussex police who raided his home and found content on two computers and a number of hard drives.

724 of these images and videos were said to be of the most extreme level. Ian Green was sentenced to a lame four years in prison. Facebook is a feeding ground for these sick people with reports of paedophiles making up false groups and profiles in order to lure young people or parents in order to get access to their photo's.

Another case which was titled 'The Facebook Paeodophile Ring' saw a female nursery worker in Plymouth abusing babies in her care and then sharing her sick images with two other paedophiles she met on the site.

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Is Having Facebook a Crime?

It seems that not even prison can keep these criminals from using Facebook.

Underworld Bosss Colin Gunn from Nottingham, who is in prison for ordering the death of Joan and John Sterland, set up a facebook account while in prison.

He later posted on his facebook wall

"I will be home one day, and i cant wait to look into certain peoples eyes and see the fear of me being there."

The Ministry of Justice says prisoners are banned from using social networking sites however this is clearly not the case.

Colin's page was closed by Facebook for violating it's policies, but Gunn is the latest in a long line of convicted criminals who have used social networking site Facebook to abuse victims and boast about their life in prison.

Jade Braithwaite, who was jailed for stabbing to death Ben Kinsella aged just sixteen, used the site to taunt his victim's family. The 20-year-old boasted he was "down but not out" and wanted a remote control so he could mute or delete people when he wanted to.

Manchester gangster Domenyk Noonan, also known as Lattlay-Fottfoy, 45 used a mobile phone he had smuggled in to add photos and comments to his Facebook profile.

While prolific Burglar Roy Boodle, 28, taunted police on Facebook for 18 months boasting that he could not be caught.

Facebook can also cause a lot of fights and break ups in relationships, but none quite as serious as Wayne Forrester from Croydon in south London, who brutally stabbed his wife Emma to death after they had split up and she changed her relationship status to single on Facebook. Police Officers found him sat on the doorstep drenched in his wifes blood where he just looked up at them and said "My Wife's in there, i have killed her."

His reason for killing his Wife, was that she had posted a comment on her facebook wall saying she had left him and was looking to meet other men, he said he loved her and this Facebook comment humiliated and devestated him so he killed her.

The latest story to hit the news this week is a Hit list of 69 teenagers names that was posted on Facebook, telling them to leave their area of Colombia within three days or be killed.

Police Officials initialy thought it was a hoax, until three of the boys who appeared on the list was murdered. Since then flyers have been left on car winscreens, the flyers read

'Please, ask relatives, ask them to leave town in less than three days, or we'll see ourselves forced to carry out more acts like that of 15 August.'

Shortly after, yet another hitlist went on Facebook. This time naming 31 local girls, the threats have caused panic among the families, many of whom have sent their youngsters away until these people are caught.

So what effect does social networking sites such as Facebook really have on our society? Facebook has found themselves at the centre of many court cases especially of adults grooming young children.

The most high profile case in England was that of seventeen year old Ashleigh Hall who was tragicaly murdered by convicted rapist Peter Chapman aged 33. She had agreed to meet him in their hometown of Durham, after he had posed on Facebook as a young lad.

Senior police officers claim that networking sites such as Facebook are among the biggest threats to our communities, and Nottinghamshire Police have revealed that crimes envolving Facebook have tripled when compared to the previous years data.

The reports suggest crimes have multiplied to a shocking 346 percent within a year, and harassment ranks top in widely reported crimes. Teenagers are now using Facebook to bully and threaten fellow classmates, uploading photo's of their bullying and fights with other kids for their mates to enjoy. and advertising themselves with Knives and Baseballs bats etc for their profile pictures.

Just the other week some kids started a group on Facebook called 'kick a ginger day' which resulted in a twelve year old redheaded boy getting beaten on twice in one day.

Studies have also shown that children of today have very poor handwritting and spelling skills due to texting and social networking sites, where they constantly type in text slang with words getting shortened so much it is barely readable. Sadly we are creating a generation of people that are going to have very poor english skills, make friends electroniacally, break up with people with a hit of a button or a quick change of a relationship status. Just what happened to good old fashioned conversation?

Facebook claims to not tolerate crimes of any kind on their networking site, but thousands upon thousands of youngsters are playing Facebook game Mafia Wars. For those of you who don't know what that is, the game involves mastering illegal jobs to earn cash and experience, with the goal of establishing and advancing their criminal empire.

Players create mafias by recruiting other players, and using reward points to hire extra mafia members. Facebook allow players to recruit from friends to build their mafia and fight against other players.

Players can improve their stats by visiting The Godfather, and with the help of other Mafia members that have been recruited, players can then fight other players which results in theft of cash, icing or Death. Players who manage to complete special tasks (for example, winning fights against bigger mafias or winning fifteen fights in a row) are labeled as having accomplished an "achievement", resulting in a bonus for the player.

As they level up, more jobs and features become available, such as the ability to visit Cuba to expand their criminal empire. here is an advertising clip from Mafia Wars....... "we would like to offer the Hit List, Here you can find a small sample of some of the best jerks, schmucks, and other undesirables on Mafia Wars Come check it out and beat on these folk in the game! We would love to see your exploits."

Police are now using facebook to gain information, and to try to crack down on these criminals. If only Facebook could be used as a positive to our society instead of a negative, then maybe we could all relax instead of reading these horror stories of social networking crimes.

Who Can Find You on Facebook?


Is Your Personal Info Safe on Facebook?

BBC have just revealed that some of the most popular applications on Facebook have been transmitting information which identifies users.

The applications have sent details to dozens of advertisers and companies that track what people are doing online. Facebook have said that they will be introducing new technology to limit the security breach.

Facebook developer Mike Vernal blogged: " We take user privacy seriously. We are dedicated to protecting private user data."

He added that in many cases the passing on of user ID's by apps is not deliberate, saying:

"In most cases, developers did not intend to pass this information, but did so because of the technical details of how browsers work."

But it's not clear how long personal identifying information was being pased on for.

One data-gathering firm, Rapleaf, was found to be passing on user ID information from apps.

But it has already changed its systems saying in a statement that:

"As of last week, no Facebook ids are being transmitted to ad networks in conjunction with the use of any Rapleaf service."

Most Facebook apps are the work of independent software companies, not Facebook itself.

The newspaper says the security breach even includes users who set all their information to be completely private.

Facebook says it has taken immediate action to disable all applications that broke the network's terms of use.

What age do you think children should be allowed to use Facebook?

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    • zoey24 profile image

      Zoey 5 years ago from South England

      Thank you for stopping by Sonam :-)

    • profile image

      sonam wangchuk 5 years ago

      nice one..... luved it

    • zoey24 profile image

      Zoey 6 years ago from South England

      Pleased you found it useful Loulou. Good luck with your editorial :)

    • profile image

      Loulou 6 years ago

      This article was really helpful as I haveto write an editorial on this. This information has made a solid argument. Thanks.

    • profile image

      dj 6 years ago

      thxsssssssssss alotttttttt

    • zoey24 profile image

      Zoey 6 years ago from South England

      Thanks for stopping by Farren. I know it is sad that people have to use Facebook in this way. Since this article i have been doing some further research and will be writing my next article on Facebook next week. :)

    • Farren profile image

      Farren 6 years ago

      I am really shocked that all this is due to facebook these stories are so sad, i always knew u get some dodgy people on there but not to this extent & like you i hate the fact that positive social network sites are being used in this way as i also have a fb account thanks for the awarness.

    • zoey24 profile image

      Zoey 7 years ago from South England

      I agree FaithDream, anyone can set up a FaceBook account no matter what their age. Thank you for your comment.

    • FaithDream profile image

      FaithDream 7 years ago from (Midwest) USA

      Very good article. What I don't understand is how a young child is able to set up a facebook account in the first place. The terms and conditions imply age restrictions, but who monitors that? Children can create bogus identies.

      Thanks for sharing this article.

    • zoey24 profile image

      Zoey 7 years ago from South England

      Thank you for our comment bingskee. yes i have just recently had to change my privacy settings because everyones mobile numbers were being made available on the site.

    • bingskee profile image

      bingskee 7 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

      it is for these reasons that i went to my private settings and control who can view my files. there are truly shocking and scary stories that happened via facebook. evil people used FB as a platform to write their evil schemes.