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Is Having A Safe Environment Endangering Us?

Updated on July 12, 2016

Our Beautiful Cities

Cities are too safe

A lot of us live in the comfort of big cities. The luxury of perfectly paved roads, effortless transport links and having everything we need just a stone’s throw away. But is living in a capital city, actually playing with our mother-given internal instincts?

For centuries now, big cities have been eradicated of most things natural, from the eviction of all dangerous animals to the removal of the natural disposition of grasslands. A city is a man-made area of land where an initial settlement has grown so immensely to become a giant network of trade and accommodation. Given that a city is so artificial and so focused on growth, a few things go overlooked that I intend to cover.

Living in the age of lawsuits, we are all exempt for blame in our own eyes. As huge multinational corporations seek to cover their backsides off any blame, this new world is paved with tiny writing and court cases. Nevertheless, we can all expect to run our daily errands, go to work then come home all the while expecting that the day will be without any dangers. This is because there are no immediate dangers in the world we live in. I expect when I make my journey to my point of interest and back, that I will not encounter any problems. This is the world we live in. Everything is safe, road signs warn us, barriers prevent people from falling to their deaths and big trucks have lights all around them. So then why should we worry that the omnipresence of safety could be an issue?

Survival of the fittest was a famous term used by a famous scientist to describe the events in nature that leads to the gradual evolution of animal species. The weakest of the siblings succumb to their tragic deaths and only the strong survive, causing the subsequent generations to improve. Would it be outrageous to apply this principal to humans? Suppose we could. We all hear stories of heart-breaking deaths that could have been prevented.

Please comment if you are interested in the direction this is going and I will continue this.

Natural Order


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