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Is Health Care Really Accessible Today?

Updated on February 2, 2018


We all know what the term health means. We know it as as a state of being free from diseases. But health is not only the state of being free from diseases but it is a also an ability of a person to realise his or her potential to work. It is necessary for any any person for understanding his abilities and work work upto what he can. What today's world needs is a healthy skilled workforce not a bunch of people ,who may be skilled but, not able to work properly as per their expectations. So it important that every one should be healthy enough to be employed and participate in the economic activities of his country and earn a living. But not every one is in a position to have access to this health care services now due to, mainly, economic reasons. So they wont be able be healthy and work up to their full potential, or may even have to abstain from work due to health issues. Health is one which is a right of every citizen who needs it. So it is necessary that every one gets access to better health care facilities. So it is the duty of the government of those countries to help people who are not able to meet the requirements for a good quality health care. They should provide incentives or setup government run hospitals so that the poor can get these facilities either at free cost or at reduced rates in an affordable manner. Many governments have taken several steps so as to improve the health condition of their people. Most of them had also achieved this goal. But it seems that the situation is getting worse nowadays. People may be in a position to afford the medical charges for a non-severe diseases like a small fever or cold. But are the bills for a severe disease lighter as in case of the non severe diseases? If it is not light enough for normal people why is it so? Is it because of the government or some companies who are only looking for profit and never concerns about the situation of the society? The are some questions we must raise in order to understand the gravity and the reasons for the situation.

Why Is Health Care Not Accessible?

Money is the most important factor for getting access to health care. Large amounts of money was be required to get a quality health care. That was the reason for the intervention of many governments in the health sector. This intervention gradually resulted in the lowering of the charges of medical fee and other charges for minor diseases like a small cold or a mild fever. But what happens when we have a severe illness like a cancer or a heart problem. The treatment required for these diseases are of course expensive but are they going beyond the limit? The reason for this is very clear. Many a times it is the companies involved in manufacturing medicines that causes this. Many of the companies have an arrangement with doctors so as to prescribe their medicines. They also give commissions and rewards to the doctors for carrying out these sales promotion activities. Those who are there to get the treatment doesn't really know why such a medicine is prescribed by the doctor, or doesn't care about the prescription as he trusts the doctor. This is one reason for the increased charges for health care.

Secondly it is the unwanted tests that is conducted by many hospitals. They conduct many tests even if you go with a fever and you clearly know its fever. I am not blaming all the hospitals or doctors. Many of these hospitals or doctors conducts these tests because they may have some suspicions about you having some other disease than what you know. But still what they charge for those tests conducted are beyond the capacity of many people. So what will they do to find out the diseases which they are suffering from. As we all know access to health care is a right to every one. But many may argue against it being a right but morally thinking it is still a right as it every one is equal.

I am writing about these from my own experience. My grandfather requires about $460 every month for meeting his medical charges. Do you think that every one can afford to pay such huge sums of money only for medicines. I am not saying to give subsidies to all the citizen, but to reduce these amounts to the needy who cant afford these.

Your Opinion.

So are whats your opinion about the access to health care to all. Do you think that every one has clear access to health care in today's system of health care. Please do give me your answers and sugessions.

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    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 4 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Great Hub, Noelm. Health care is not readily accessible in America especially for the poor. The price of insurance and medical charges render it economically prohibitive. Hopefully the new Affordable Healthcare law will reverse this problem when it largely takes effect in 2014 with the new state healthcare exchanges.

    • noelm profile image

      Noel M 4 years ago from Kottayam

      but does everyone have access to healthcare services.