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Is It Right That Our Government Used Veterans to Trial Test Hydroxychloroquine?

Updated on May 27, 2020
Melissa Pitts profile image

Melissa Pitts is a business owner, activist, political and business writer.

World War 1, 2, Pearl Harbor, The Vietnam War, The war in Iraq. These are the most brutal battles that our American veterans and soldiers have endured and died for. They fought for all of us and this country. If not for these brave people, our democracy would not be as strong as it is. We would not have the same liberties that we have the privilege of enjoying. Some of my fellow Americans take veterans for granted and fail to realize their significant contribution to this country’s history. There’s one particular group that has recently used veterans like worthless guinea pigs and science experiments. This group is our own government.

The VA Department is continuing to test trial veterans, despite warnings from W.H.O.

The Department of Veterans Affairs recently trial tested Hydroxychloroquine on 1,300 veterans. Hydroxychloroquine has not been proven to be effective in curing or treating Coronavirus and the World Health Organization announced that they will stop trial testing this drug, due to the dangerous results of the human trials they’ve been performing. There have been patients that experienced irregular heart issues and some of the damages are permanent. Despite these findings, the VA is expected to have another trial at the end of this month, continuing to use veterans as guinea pigs. W.H.O. has warned against continued trial testings but the VA does not seem to care.

Our own top government health official, Dr. Anthony Fauci, recently stated on CNN that everyone should stop trial testing Hydroxychloroquine and also advised viewers not to use this drug for Coronavirus. This drug is used specifically for people with Lupus and arthritis, not Coronavirus. Some Lupus patients throughout the country have been unable to obtain this drug for their conditions, which will be an issue in the healthcare system if Hydroxychloroquine is distributed to the masses. .

There’s only one reason why these trial tests were performed on veterans-and that reason is Donald Trump

Hydroxychloroquine was promoted by the President for months and he still insists that it works to cure Coronavirus. Though he says that he touted this medication because he wants to help people, it’s obvious that this is not the real reason. The fact that a narcissistic sociopath with no ability to be empathetic is all of a sudden caring about us is a joke on its surface. This con artist obviously had a desperation to save the horrible pandemic response he’s had by making up for it with a made up claim of a potential vaccine. Not only is Trump trying to save himself politically, he was also trying to help himself and his cronies, as usual.

Bernard Marcus, the co-founder of Home Depot, was a large donor to Trump during his presidential campaign and for his reelection bid. In 2016, Marcus donated $7 million to outside groups that supported Trump’s campaign. In 2018, he donated $100,000 to a Trump Super PAC for his reelection campaign. Marcus is also co-founder of a group called Job Creators Network. They partnered with a non-profit medical company that collectively pushed for the sale and distribution of Hydroxychloroquine. So why would these groups push for an unproven drug? It’s mainly because these groups received millions in government grants to push Trump’s policies and agenda.

The conservative groups behind the Hydroxychloroquine push only have their own agendas in mind but not their conservative voters

Physicians for Reform often collaborates with Freedomworks, another conservative group that supports Trump’s policies. Physician for Reform has pushed for the deregulation of health care policies, which would only stand to benefit these groups and not the general public. They obviously want to get rid of health care policies so they can make more profit from bogus claims and not have to be held accountable for their consequences.

These conservative groups are so fixated on making money and keeping power that they fail to realize that they are literally putting their own fellow conservatives at risk. These are the people that listen to these groups like it’s a religion. The left won’t be affected by their recklessness as much as their own party. Democrats and Independents know better than to assume that the GOP have Americans’ best interests at heart more than their own bank accounts. Unfortunately, the current conservative echo chamber has become a hypnotizing object, causing the common sense and intelligence of many to dissipate.


Our veterans deserve better than to be used by their own government. They fought for this country, which includes the same government that doesn’t care if they live or die. Yes, human trials are common and the government has funded many tests throughout the decades. But this one is different because they purposefully chose elderly veterans, which obviously means that the government thinks that these brave men and women are disposable.

The same people that think of our veterans as expendable are the same ones that didn’t have the urge nor courage to serve their country in any of America’s army branches. Trump was such a coward that he had his father’s doctor write a phony letter about a fake bone spurs condition “little Donny” allegedly had. This was all for Donald to avoid fighting in the Vietnam war. Fast forward to 2020 and this cowardice conman is still disrespecting the same people he wishes he had the balls to be!


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