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Is John Ellis Bush(JEB) A Rough Rider?

Updated on August 28, 2011

A Rough Rider's Tale




Is John Ellis Bush a Rough Rider?

Maybe we have all been a little hard on the Bush family. They have been public servants their entire lives and we have not given them enough credit for the good they have done. I can tell you they are very popular amongst certain demographics within the USA. I understand Europe isn't a fan but perhaps that is exactly why we should consider JEB as a presidential candidate. That, and perhaps he is a descendant of Theodore Roosevelt’s Rough Riders. I know it sound preposterous. But check out the picture above. I couldn't make this up if I wanted to and I don't. The Bushes were combat personnel and volunteers in the first all volunteer army with integrated soldiers no less. History doesn't lie. There is absolutely no way to confirm this unless the Bush family declassifies their family history.

Bushes Related tot he Rough Riders?

Do you think JEB could be Related to the Rough Riders?

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Our Family Heirloom.

I know for certain my family was involved with the Rough Riders I have an heirloom which I am trying to find a good home for to preserve it for my family history which also includes American History. Oddly enough you have to be able to prove the history of a document before a museum will consider it. So in the past ten years I have dedicated a significant portion of my time verifying this historical find. And low and behold I found this. It should be noted my families name is very close to that of the Bushes which could have been easily mistranslated. It would seem that George Bush 41 did claim to be from Brooklyn and so was my family. And while I might believe the Bushes are from the same neighborhood and fought with the Rough Riders, I doubt there is any blood relations.

In conclusion.

If the Bushes have served with the Rough Riders then doesn’t JEB deserve consideration for Presidency? He represents the past, the present and the future of this country. He is perhaps the only person running who can both do the job and hold the imperialistic background for it. I know the country is badly beaten from his brother but I think the Bushes have paid dearly with all the criticisms. I think it hurts them very badly when they are told they have done a bad job.

JEB has the family history, he has been an executive of a state, and he now resides on Tenet Healthcare Hospital Board. And quite frankly, the Bushes know the lashes of discontent from the American People. If we get someone in office that is influenced by European Countries then we have lost this country for certain. If anything JEB might be our best bet as he has the most vested interests in serving this country well for the legacy of his family and for the USA.

And if you conclude JEB is a descendant of the Rough Riders then you know he is the best man for the office of the Presidency.


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    • profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago

      Thanks Sean. I value your feedback. Dubya would have to learn to box and he would have have to learn to conjugate verbs to come anywhere near Teddy but there might be hope for Jeb.

      I'm glad I could wirte something that interests you. I thought I would share as much as the piece as I could. I'm trying to find it a home. The Smithsonian wants it asa donation adn I would like it to be kept in military history but they want it in housewares.

      Thanks for the vote.


    • sean kinn profile image

      sean kinn 6 years ago from Key West and Budapest

      Great Hub, JT. I love history now, hated it in school, not sure why. If ol' Dubya would throw on a pair of wire-rimmed glasses and grow a mustache - he might actually look a bit like Teddy Roosevelt.