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Is a Cow's Life more Precious than that of a Human?

Updated on September 19, 2017
Cow being worshipped and is considered to bring good luck.
Cow being worshipped and is considered to bring good luck. | Source

Many times in this past 2 years I have come across this word " Intolerant India". So is India intolerant? I think to some extent, yes, because of the socio-political situation in the country. One of the issues that perturbed me was the killing of innocent people in the name of cows.

Cows are regarded holy in India by many Indians. It has become a political issue in the country since the BJP led government came to power in 2014. I am a proud Indian citizen but I am ashamed at the actions of some Indians who think they are more powerful than the law and the Constitution of the country. These many years living in my own country I had never heard such a thing like "beef lynching" before 2014.

Beef lynching
Beef lynching | Source

Beef lynching is killing of people by a mob in the name of cow protection. One of the first cases that came into the spotlight was the Dadri lynching.

In 2015, a mob attacked the house of a Muslim, Mohammed Akhlaq, in Dadri with stones and bricks whom they suspected to have stolen a cow and slaughtered it. In the attack 52-year-old, Mohammed Akhlaq died and his 22-year-old son, Danish was seriously injured. Later, it was confirmed by the state government that he had no beef stored in his house. The mob killed a person just on the basis of suspicion. Even if beef was found, does he deserve to die just because he ate beef?

Another sad incident took place in June of 2017, two young Muslim brothers on a visit to Delhi to buy new clothes for Eid boarded a train to return home. Soon, they were caught up in an argument over seating with fellow passengers, which later escalated into an argument over their religion. Some passengers called the boys, “beef-eaters”. The boys were assaulted with knives. Fifteen-year-old, Junaid Khan was thrown out of the moving train. He had been stabbed multiple times and was later declared brought dead at Civil Hospital in Palwal. Was this not an evil act and a senseless killing of a teenager?

There have been many similar attacks in India, some have died and some were saved on time.

And if we see most of the cases, the mob have attacked Muslims. There is a rise in anti-Muslim violence in India. Such situations can give rise to communal riots in the future if not thwarted. It will be devastating for our country. I think we should learn from our past mistakes and we should not allow anything that will disrupt peace in our country.

India is not a Hindu country, nor a Muslim, nor a Christian or for that matter of any other religion. India belongs to all the people who live in the country and contribute towards its development.

legal position of indian states on cow slaughter and ban.
legal position of indian states on cow slaughter and ban. | Source

Many people in India have been killed by cow vigilantes. This group of people call themselves as "Cow Protectors" or "Gau Rakshak's". There is no or very little action taken against such people. If we want our country to be prosperous we cannot have such narrow-minded views or thoughts and we should not support such kind of people who think they can do their dirty work in the name of cow protection.

At present, there is a ban on beef sale in 24 out of 29 states. In states like Kerala, Mizoram and few others there is no ban because of the stiff resistance from the people.

People really need to understand that human life is more important than the life of an animal. Animal life is also precious and we should not kill them for fun or for entertainment purposes but for our meal, yes, of course, we can.

At present, 80 million people consume beef in India, which also includes Hindus. Beef consumption didn't start in India 2-3 years back, beef has been consumed for last so many centuries, till 2 years back there was no issue. We should understand that some wicked people are trying to create a havoc in the country through their sinister plans. People who take law in their hands and can kill another human being in cold blood are not God-fearing and if we support such people, they will continue to do so without any remorse.

States where beef is not banned.
States where beef is not banned. | Source

We should always understand each action of ours will have a consequence and we should look forward to a country of peace and unity and not a country with endless violence and hatred for one another. What kind of country are we leaving behind for our future generation?

India is known for its Unity in Diversity
India is known for its Unity in Diversity | Source

It is high time that all the people come together irrespective of the religious views, political views, socio-economic background and say no to such violence which can bring no good to the developing country like India and give our attention to the real issues that really require our full concentration before its too late. Let's join hands and work towards eradicating poverty, corruption, violence against women, terrorism etc. As a human being, we all should find solutions to issues through dialogue and not through violence.

I would like to quote Betty Williams here, "I always say that non-violence is not the weapon of the weak. It is the weapon of the strong."

© 2017 nicci


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    • emge profile image

      MG Singh 

      5 months ago from Singapore

      Fine article. Just read it now but all the same it remains topical. The constitution does not bar eating beef or meat, so why try and regulate this?

    • Necento anto profile imageAUTHOR


      7 months ago from ukraine

      Thanks Madan. I agree with You.

    • emge profile image

      MG Singh 

      8 months ago from Singapore

      Very well written article. The bane of India is the advent of the BJP under Modi. Priorities have become skewed with Modi in power and the cow has more importance than human life. God save India.

    • Necento anto profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from ukraine

      Hey ashutosh, thank you for giving your views.

    • Necento anto profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from ukraine

      I agree with you MizBejabbers, I think there are some antisocial elements in the country who think of nothing else but just how to disrupt peace in the society. I strongly believe that " an empty mind is a devil's workshop" and these people who do such things have no other job other than violence. I think now the time is gone when we can just ignore such things, all people must come together and remove such people from the streets irrespective of the religion. We all are humans first and its high time we behave like one. Thanks for your comment.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James MizBejabbers 

      2 years ago from Beautiful South

      In primitive times there was a reason on why the cow became sacred to the Hindus, just as there was a reason that the clergy banned eating pork among Jews and Muslims. However, those times no longer exist just as slavery no longer exists in the U.S., so it is time to give up these outdated religious and civic ideas and become citizens of the modern day with love and justice for all. Very good article.

    • AshutoshJoshi06 profile image

      Ashutosh Joshi 

      2 years ago from New Delhi, India

      I guess there isn't ever a scarcity of religious zealots who perpetrate such crimes when they seem to get some sort of patronage or have ulterior motives ocassionally with political backing. Then there is our 'breaking news' media, often blowing things out of proportion. Junaid's case mentioned above was a classic example. Unfortunately a young lad lost his life but media just jumped guns and painted the story as per their convinience and trp requirements into cow vigilantism/beef violence, that being a hot button!!

      Personally, I am opposed to and condemn this kind of violence under religious garb. But it will be unfair to tag entire nation as intolerant. Having said that I believe that there does persists a gap and its imperative that all communities respect each other's sentiments. Cow is holy to Hindus, that fact too cannot be sidelined. Cow slaughter as it is has been banned in most states in India and that didnt happen today. In a country like India that has forever remained communally sensitive, its essential people rise beyond their prejudices, religious indoctrination and see through the media hype and political propaganda in order achieve a peaceful co-existance.


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