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Is President Trump Above the Law?

Updated on June 4, 2018

President loves himself. He seems to think he is King Trump and above laws that the U.S. Constitution prevents. President Trump has said that the special investigation about collusion with Russians, if any, is unconstitutional. He has said that even if the special counsel did find Trump guilty of obstruction or other, he will pardon himself, which indicates he thinks he is above the law, just as President Nixon once thought. We all know what happened to Nixon, he resigned before Congress could impeach him and remove him from office. Nixon led and directed the now infamous Watergate break-in of Democratic offices.

We all know that Trump is greatly irritated by the special investigation and is now trying to divert attention away what this investigation may eventually reveal about Trump's involvement. Whatever is revealed, Trump is the first president to openly lie about facts that have come out after Trump has made a denial any knowledge of. Too many examples are available, but telling a lie is not a crime. It is certainly bad public policy for the President of the United States.

Once the special investigation ends and its findings are known, the ball bounces to Congress to act or do nothing. Let's say, there is evidence that Trump did attempt to obstruct justice in some fashion, did talk with key Russian operatives to some degree, knew or directed his sons to talk to Russians or others about Democratic dirt on Clinton. King Trump would simply call it BS and call it a witch hunt. What would Congress do? Would impeachment proceedings begin and if so, would there be enough members on both sides to pass this proceeding?

Odds are, any impeachment would be divided down party lines, with some Republicans supporting the unanimous Democrats. Many Republicans would abstain or vote against impeachment because they are Republican. The impeachment proceeding would further divide America and probably would fail, further acerbating tension as Trump would claim vindication. Should the proceeding pass, Trump would pardon himself, or try to. This would also create more division within America because except for Trump's 40% base of followers, the remaining parts of America have a love-hate opinion of him, depending on specific issues. Some simply hate Trump for all reasons and just want him out of office by any means, while others are more in the middle.

If Trump's statement is true, that he can himself pardon himself for crimes or collusion, God save America! Our country started by those hating the King of England hundreds of years ago fleeing to a new land called America.

President Trump cannot be allowed to become a King of America.


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