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Is President Trump the Chosen One?

Updated on August 22, 2019
Would God select this man as the Chosen One?
Would God select this man as the Chosen One?

The Sad Thing Is, Many Do Believe It

Oh my. Such craziness from America's leader in the White House. Was it theatrics or things he, as a very vain, insecure, man, actually believes deep inside. Is Trump a victim of his own fake news by believing his base of followers?

When President Trump declared that "He was the chosen one" and looked up at the heavens, was he serious? Just screwing with the media? But, then he tweets that he was the King of Jews, only second to God. He then admonished all Jewish people that if they voted Democratic in the 2020 election, they are betraying Israel, insinuating that they would be betraying God's chosen one: Donald Trump.

Some think it is all mirrors and distractions to get attention off a teetering economy, the looming trade war with China (that he delayed now until December), the $15 billion in help to farmers due to the trade impasse, his continuing policies that erode the environmental protection laws, and so much more. As far as Greenland, this probably was a distraction tactic, as no one in their right mind would want to buy it. Not much is there. Besides, it was never for sale. Then when rebuffed by Denmark's PM, Trump called her "nasty".

Others, mostly the 80% of Republicans who support him, while they do not like him as a person they want their kids to emulate, many think his policies are good. But the real fanatics, those 40% of his base, actually do think he is the CHOSEN one, by God, to lead America back to greatness after so many years of veering away from God. One cannot make this stuff up. These people really believe Trump will make America great again. They believe he is the King of the Jews and will save Israel from destruction in the coming war noted in the Bible's Book of Revelations (assuming he is re-elected). Trump is buying this rhetoric as truth. While he may joke about it, he IS serious, at the same time.

On the other side, those who hate him for so many reasons, view Trump also as the Chosen one, but for the opposite reason. They believe that God has allowed America to veer so far off course, away from God, and Trump is just one method on the world stage that America will continue to have problems bestowed upon it in the End Times. If Trump is re-elected, America's posture in the World will continue to diminish until few countries will be our allies or believe we have the will to act to halt bad actors. In effect, God is punishing America by allowing a leader like Trump to be elected and have his policies erode America's role in the world until America will have so many issues within its borders, it will not have a role in world events.

Granted, if Trump is defeated, the trillion dollar debt and all the other issues will still be here. Changing the person in the White House does not resolve these. You can also hear those screaming that God has now chosen another POTUS that is no better than Trump because America's problems are just compounding.

Many believe, that is God's plan. Make America ineffective in all things.America was blessed, which is why it rose to the world's leader. Those blessings are now gone. What group of nations will take its place? China? China and Russia, together? Europe?

Time will tell.


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