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Is Questioning Conspiracy / Part 4

Updated on July 18, 2021

Follow the Money

This is a supplemental to the preceding Parts 1 to 3.

Again, this is back in the realm of “questioning” - as opposed to “conspiracy theorising”. In the video below, Corbett isn't saying who he thinks is responsible (although some fairly obvious conclusions can be drawn throughout), but he raises the questions.

And again, as mentioned previously, the questions remain unanswered. There is no new commitment from the legal or legislative establishments to address the glaringly obvious informational shortfalls being so consistently and graphically highlighted. The questions continue to be completely ignored by any and everyone with any chance or capability of responding to them fully and responsibly.

Original image REMOVED by Hubpages
Original image REMOVED by Hubpages

And again, it is only the power of the internet and our modern laptops that allow determined individuals to put together coherent multi-media documentaries without the need for compromised corporate backing. And that same internet allows us to sidestep the corporations' stranglehold on distribution as well.

Unfortunately, what the internet cannot do is sort the wheat from the chaff.

Other determined individuals can go some way towards doing this on our behalves, but ultimately, it is up to us, occasionally, to take time out from our 30 second skips through cyber space to focus on important issues and bring what's left of our longer attention spans to bear.

It is up to us to make full and constructive use of what the internet has provided via this potentially brief historical/technological window of opportunity before the window is shut forever.

....little practical significance

The “9/11 Commission Report” (download a copy here) states, “To date, the US government has not been able to determine the origin of the money used for the 9/11 attacks.” And adds, astonishingly, that “Ultimately the question is of little practical significance.”

In this video, James Corbett (not to be confused with Stephen Colbert!) applies basic television detective logic to the “crime” (9/11 was a crime wasn't it?) and the “crime scenes”. He follows the money and raises the questions that arise there from.

He points out that, unsurprisingly, “the answers to crime investigations are not going to come from the suspects”.

Stating what should be obvious to all of us, he adds, “Instead, it is up to the Investigators to unearth the true evidence.”

Please Note: The above mentioned video has been REMOVED by Youtube.

If you're put off by the voice and the imagery, you can read the full transcript and check all the references here:

Next Instalment:

There is no Next Instalment to this series. As I re-read the series I realise that Youtube and Hubpages have been messing with content. Why this should be is anyone's guess, but I would imagine you know what my guess might be.

As the mainstream media slowly shuts itself down to anything but the "official narratives", so the trend appears to be replicating itself online via centralised corporate ownership.

Nevertheless, forlornly optimistically, a new series starts at: Lost Innocence / Virginity

Previous Instalment:


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