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Is Someone Dangerously Seeking Your Attention

Updated on May 22, 2017

There Is More to a Person Actions If Those Actions Are Towards You, This Can Be a Serious Threat That You Are Ignoring

Why some people want your attention and how they do it.

Human beings are designed to live past certain experiences and become better people, however we live in a world where people are heavily time stripped, they do not have time to evaluate their lives and make something better of themselves so best if they try to hinder the progress that other people make in bettering themselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually, the only way they can get into the energy of your consciousness elevating and growing is by forcing themselves into your attention, that is the root of why sometimes you find that you made simple plans for a quiet Sunday afternoon, and from nowhere certain people whom you have no business with show up and start making noise around you.

I want to detail how they do this and how you can avoid such things and what the most important character you should maintain within yourself no matter how loud and in your face people can be, because let’s face it no matter where you are in life no matter what you do there will be mongers to the growth of your consciousness.

  1. They have no real purpose being around you

Let’s be honest, everyone has a life and things to do, if you are not spending your time cleaning or reading then you are out with your friends or whatever, we all have things we have to get to into, if someone is purposefully inviting themselves into a source which they know you are in and spending countless hours in that space then there’s an agenda, either they want to be noticed by you or want your attention, this one is simple people, lock your door and ignore them, but most importantly use that time to do what is constructively developmental to you.

  1. They are loud

We all have a tone to our voices that is specially designed to address a crowd, when someone is talking to another person who shares the same room with them but uses a pitch used to talk to a number of people then you should know that they are trying their utmost best to be noticed by you, so what should you do, do not make the mistake of going to them and asking them to tone it down, they may be looking for a gap to chat with you and justify their noise, simply put on your headphones and enjoy your movie, if you have to deal with them every day, then ask a friend or neighbor you know who is willing to share their space with you if you could come over and enjoy the company of someone who is not purposefully trying to get in your face,

  1. They have someone that they use to get close to you

A friend of mine was forced to share an office with a colleague, unfortunately for her, an attention seeking co-worker saw it best to always seemingly pop in to visit the other colleague. Pay attention because their visits are always seemingly innocent, let me finish the story, so what my friend did was whenever the attention seeker come through and started random conversation in the usual loud voice, she would go out for a cup of coffee or get the work that needs her to go see someone else done, eventually the attention seeker noticed that they were being ignored and started making comments that suggested that my friend had a problem, pay attention again because whenever you find a way to be at peace and away from them they start painting you as an anti-social, and that became the attention seekers new trend of attack, when one way fails they will try another. Keep your cool and never respond to their suggestions the best thing that you can do for yourself is stay focused on what you have to achieve.

  1. They always seemingly make jokes about you

The impression that there are trying to build is that they really like you, and they have a sense of humor that is somehow directed at you, but let’s be real an attention seekers sense of humor can be disgusting, because the jokes that they make want attention, remember that they are attention seekers, when they seemingly make fun of you, it’s a jab to get noticed or a trap to get you upset so you start questioning them then they have a gap to further converse with you and make more jokes. Best be really serious and totally stay clear of their company, because if you are with such people in the workplace you can possibly lose your cool and then they win, they finally can paint you as an erratic person.

  1. They have records on you

They are surprisingly knowledgeable about you and try by all means to gather information about you, you can never get away with owning something new where these people are concerned they will notice, everything that you do they zoom in and try to find other ways of sourcing information about you, they make friends with people that they know can give them information and indirectly ask questions by making comments like “ I notices that there’s a new ceiling in the house’’ they are starting a conversation on your surroundings digging for information. This is where it can get tough for you, because you will be forced to be discreet and careful about what you share and who you share it with and not everyone has a label that automatically warns you from sharing info with them, what is more, difficult is having to separate yourself from harmless people all because they are linked to a dangerously poisonous attention seeker who is hunting you down.

  1. They make sure that present themselves to you or anyone around you

Remember that you have an attention seeker in your life, if they buy something new, they will invite someone close to you over to come and see, or worse actually come through and make sure that you see, they cannot help themselves, their psychology is wrapped around you noticing them, to a certain degree you are an enemy, never mind the fact that you live your life without trying to be noticed by them, never mind the fact that you never share anything about yourself with them, never mind that you go out of your way to avoid them, they are drunk in love with the idea of attention, they crave you and they always will. At this stage you know what you are dealing with and I'm sure you are making plans of getting on a plane and living your life far away from you or any way that they can get hold of, it is unfortunate that you have to make plans around getting away from someone, but when dealing with psychopaths then you need the extreme way or they will web you around their insanity.

A lot of people who get their sunshine by arousing drama around you, I am sharing this because I know that there is power in awareness, the moment you are aware of something the sooner you can deal with it the best way possible, it would be a shame to find yourself still trapped in an attention seekers web after reading this, from the moment you realize that you are around such a person and knowing that you are not alone in dealing with such people then you are on a way to freedom. Look at the key points sit down and make a plan, a year from now you should be far away from such a person because their intention is to steal your mind your consciousness your peace and get it all for themselves that is how they sleep at night. They feel accomplished knowing that they had a piece of you, or somehow influenced your day. do not feel guilty about not wanting to have yourself surrounded by such people you have one life in which to share with 7 billion other positive people so do that.the


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