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Is There Truth Behind Any of the Corona Virus Conspiracy Theories?

Updated on April 8, 2020
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Meagan is a skilled photographer and freelance writer who combines her passion for visual storytelling with her love for the written word.

Corona Virus and It's Conspiracy Theories

The world we know is changing and those changes have prompted people to ask, “why?” It’s human nature to search for a reason to explain things that happen. When a loved one dies, we want to know why. What happened? It’s almost as though people need to blame something or someone before they can accept it.

The problem with the current situation is that it’s new. Many questions remain unanswered as scientists scramble to learn more about this virus each day. The mystery surrounding Corona virus has forced people to create their own ideas about it, and they have come up with some whoppers.

Like anything else though, we need to be cautious. Just because somebody say’s that it’s true doesn’t mean that it’s true.

The Corona Virus is Just Another Flu

Perhaps the most common myth — and the one that people have likely heard the most — is that the Corona Virus is just another run-of-the-mill flu that’s being blown out of proportion. People who downplay the seriousness of Covid-19 like to compare the two and point out that the flu is also deadly. The message behind this is that people shouldn’t panic because it’s no worse than any other flu.

It’s true there are similarities between corona viruses and the flu’s that we are familiar with. Many of the symptoms are the same — fever, cough, fatigue, nausea and body aches to name a few — and we transmit both viruses in many of the same ways. It’s also true that the seasonal flu claims countless lives each year.

While the similarities are obvious, there are many ways in which the corona virus differs from the seasonal flu. The seasonal flu is a mixture of many strains of flu virus while Covid-19 is just the one, and recent evidence is emerging that suggests the corona virus might linger in the air even after an infected person has left the area.

Most importantly, there is a vaccine for the seasonal flu, and that vaccine can reduce the likeliness of death in infected patients. In addition, we can treat the seasonal flu with anti-viral medication to keep people from becoming critically ill, while the new corona virus is still being tested with anti-viral medications.

It boils down to this — this virus is new. Perhaps ongoing research will reveal that the two are alike, and people will say, “I told you so.” On the other hand, we may find out this is far more deadly than the seasonal flu and wish we had realized that sooner. As it stands now, until we know more about this new pandemic, we are right to be cautious.

Cats and Dogs Can Get Corona Virus

The theory that dogs, cats or other pets could spread the corona virus to humans is still being studied. There was a case in Hong Kong where a person who tested positive owned a Pomeranian who also tested positive for the virus. However, very little is known or understood yet about this, and right now scientists believe that the genuine worry here is still human transmission.


Face Masks Will Prevent Corona Virus

When Covid-19 first entered the spotlight, people were told that wearing masks would not help against the virus but now we're being told that we should wear them, what gives?

Well, it turns out that wearing a face-mask still won’t give you much protection against the small virus particles, but could prevent the spread of Covid-19. This new recommendation comes on the heels of a discovery that Corona Virus may stay airborne even after an infected person has left the area. Even if you feel fine, you should wear a mask in public to help slow the spread of this new virus.

5G Technology is Helping Covid-19 Spread

5G (fifth-generation) mobile technology is at the forefront of some newer conspiracy theories. Wuhan (where Covid-19 was first discovered) was one of the first cities to trial this technology. But why would people believe mobile technology would have anything to do with a new virus?

Some people believe the technology has negative impacts on our health. It’s suppressed our immune systems, making it easier for the corona virus to spread and leaving our bodies defenseless against the sometimes deadly attack.

Others think that the new technology actually allows viruses to communicate with one another. That may have been spurred on by a study that was done that concluded bacteria was able to communicate through electromagnetic signals. However, Covid-19 is not a bacterium, it is a virus.

Besides the fact that this sounds like something from a sci-fi novel — but stranger things have happened — the technology was also rolled out in many other cities that have not been hit by the Corona virus nearly as hard.

Taking Ibuprofen While Infected With Covid-19 Could Be Dangerous

Ibuprofen is just one of the many drugs being talked about in association with the Corona virus. It was recently suggested that taking ibuprofen while you had Covid-19 could be dangerous, and people were warned not to take it. The recent conclusion is that this is simply not true, and it’s safe to take this OTC medication to ease some symptoms you may be experiencing.

However, doctors have warned against many at home remedies and are telling people to use common sense when looking for a miracle cure. Their biggest fear is that people who believe they are safe, because they are taking an herbal supplement that has not been proven to thwart Covid-19, will engage in risky behavior and continue to spread the virus.


The Corona Virus Was Man Made

Humans thrive on drama. It’s what makes TV shows and magazines so exciting. We love a story with a twist, which might explain why so many people have clung to the theory that the Corona virus was purposefully made and released into the world. Unfortunately for them, a recent study has proven that the virus was more than likely not man-made. The science behind it is hard to understand, but more on this subject can be found here.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Meagan Ireland


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