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Will ISIS put a Burka in Your Future?

Updated on September 20, 2014

Sharia Law and The Caliphate

Do you remember the controversy that erupted when some people wanted to build a mosque near 9/11 ground zero in New York?

That imbroglio sparked some questions in the minds of some Americans.

For instance, they asked themselves: How many Christian churches exist in Saudi Arabia? It turns out that the answer is zero.

But we have mosques all over the United States. In fact there are more mosques being built every day.

If we tolerate their religion but they don't tolerate ours, which culture will last? The answer is obvious isn't it?

If they protest and even kill when they believe their religion is insulted but we just turn the other way when ours is insulted, which culture will last?

The eventual triumph of Islam over Christianity is inevitable. Even now there are stories of American judges taking Sharia Law into account.

Christianity will tolerate itself out of existence.

For most American women this is not a direct concern. Their granddaughters may be forced into a burqa but today's women can still drive a car and wear what they want.

Speeding Up the Schedule

I used to think today's women were safe from having to wear the burqa until I heard that certain politicians, pundits and community organizers wanted to have elections wherein no one had to identify themselves. You are whomever you say are when it is time for you to vote.

In addition, our southern border is being left largely undefended. In fact when anyone does try to defend the border they are punished by the federal government.

Finally, some illegal aliens and foreign criminals have been rewarded for breaking US law and forcing their way in front of Mexicans who wait patiently in line for visas to enter the US.

Under these circumstances one could ask: What prevents the Taliban or Al Qaeda or anyone else who doesn't care for US foreign policy or culture from entering the US and voting in our elections? There is no one at the border to stop them and no one to question whether they are who they say they are at the polls.

The one possible glitch is that the foreign election crashers would still need to get their names on the rolls. But it is really that hard? If the foreign criminals write letters to the folks to run elections in states around the country, couldn't they register under any name they like and actually get legitimate voter registration cards mail to them? Wouldn't this be enough to put fake names on the rolls especially when the election officials are told, they should not look too carefully at who votes anyway? Certainly any district in the US with lax election laws could be hacked by the Taliban or Al Qaeda and a whole lot of new voters who will vote for any candidate or judge who backs Sharia Law would be "born."

These new voters could vote in the Caliphate and Sharia Law.


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