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Is There a Differesnce Between the Way Men and Woman Are Treated in This World??

Updated on May 14, 2010

My Little Secret Experiment

   I dont know if any of my female readers have ever gone to a game site - I like the Literari one on Yahoo, or sometimes the pool site.  If you have not ever, let me explain how it works and where you go and how it is set up for you.

   Once you get to the literari page, it takes you to a page where you must pick a room to go to, and click on it, and then that takes you to a page that actually loads the game and puts your name into a room, and you await a challenger to come and click into your room with you and you play the game, and if it is your room that you created, then you are the host, which means that if you need to boot a person out of the room for whatever reason, you have the ability to do so.  Unless you created the room you cannot boot anyone, so if you have a problem, you must just leave yourself and find somewhere else and someone else to play the game with you.

   Now, here is where I was having a little bit of problems at times.  I would go and create a room, and at that time my game name was dmom47.  The name pretty much lets you know what you are getting when you see it, and that was a 47 yr. old mom.  I noticed the more I played the more I was getting guys who would enter the room, take maybe one or two turns, and then say to me..."asl pleeeze"  which most of you probably know, but just in case some do not, it means, age, sex, and location.   Now I never did see the need to let someone know my age sex and where I lived when playing scrabble, but I thought maybe if it was a kid, it might matter, so at times I would say and other times I would not. 

   If I did respond I would get a lot of guys who at first might be polite, but by mid game would say something like, Uh I have always loved older women, or I need some sexual advice from an experienced woman, or even comments like ...Hey baby wanna do it with me right here?   I would keep thinking to myself, I am playing SCRABBLE, why is this so common.?

   I got to thinking about it and I thought, you know, I bet females do not act so crudely, I wonder how my scrabble experience would improve if I went in as a guy, at least I would not be propositioned and flashed pics of guys crotches.  So I started using the name  Bobster.  I noticed an immediate difference.  I was no longer a sexual toy for these guys, and I actually got way more of a game played.  What happened then, was I was having people come into my room with more playful names like Hotty_n_Notty who seemed to be probably younger girls who just wanted to flirt.  So now I was in a position of either telling them I was a female using my husbands account, which usually resulted in them just clicking off and leaving me with a half finished game, or not telling them and having to sort of flirt with them for the sake of finishing a game of scrabble.

   It was about this time when I got very curious about human behavior, and the different ways I was being treated, just on the merit of a fake name I had given myself.  I talked it over with a teacher friend of mine, and we decided to do some experimenting and call it research which wasn't too far from the truth.  I have written several papers on my findings, and what do you know I am doing one now....anyway, I went back to square one and wrote down all the results.  These results prove beyond a doubt that people are judged and thereafter treated certain ways just on the merit of a name.  Here are some of the results, I think that the only results I am not reporting on here are the ones that are just too vulgar to print here.

   I will print the various names I used, and then after the resulting treatment or behaviors I  received.

Dmom-  I got almost immediate sex talk and propositioned within five turns of the game  I got called a lot of dirty names, and if the person did respect my wishes not to involve myself in a sex game, I was then taunted with questions about the size of this or that and what I was wearing.

Bobster--I got a lot of lonely girls who basically just wanted to flirt some.  There was nothing vulgar or crude usually, but there was a lot of "let's get to know one another, and oh baby baby talk.

Dianna47--I still got propositioned but I found that without the mom in the name it was all a lot tamer as far as the sex talk went, but it was a switch off for people who seemed to need to put me down, tell me I was a bad player, hurry up with my turn, am I Blond, and that sort of thing,

Thebigandbadman--I found this name to be the most successful so far as actually finishing a game.  There were still a lot of lonely females, but it seemed like they were not quite as flirtatious, and what flirting there was, seemed a lot more towards what I would consider respectful and normal, as if we were talking face to face.  There were a lot more questions about lifestyles, careers, likes and dislikes, and that sort of thing.,

   I am sorry to report that no matter what female name I used , any time I could be identified as a female I got belittled, and just talked to in a non polite manner.  As far as mens names went, the more masculine the name, the more respect I got.  I could not find a female counterpart as far as names are concerned.  

   I also decided to try to use a name that had no gender at all, like a77a3.  With those nondescript identifiers, I was usually asked and asked asl asl over and over.  I also found that people tended to not speak to me at all.

   Let me also state that the statements I have made here simply do not mean that I got these results every single time, for there were people who also just wanted to play scrabble, but they were the minority.

   To be completely honest with this bit of research, there were a few times when I did tell people I was interacting with what I was doing as far as switching names to see if there were a difference in how men and women were treated in the scrabble rooms.  I can say that not many but a few were absolutely irate with me for misrepresenting myself, even when I had just told them.  They were upset with me anyway.  I guess you just  cannot win them all..... 


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