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Is Trump Leading America to a Censorship Nation?

Updated on May 4, 2019
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I have devoted my life to studying human behavior and social evolution. I love sharing the best of my knowledge with those interested.


When our nation founding father wrote the bill of right: they were aware of the evil that absolute power can bring to nations and its people. Under that spirit, they conceived a government in which no individual or group gains too much control, and every branch controls the others. The First Amendment was intended to secure our freedom, and it is the pillar of our democracy.

We have to be extremely concerned about the permanent belligerent tone in which Mr. Trump always speaks. He may not understand. He is the president of the United States. He has to govern in favor of the majorities, and for every one of us, and most important under the law. He needs to realize that the political campaign is over. Every single word he says is going to affect our policies, economic, and society. The president must understand that now he has to explain his action to us, the people of the United States.


Why President Trump Is Constantly Splitting Us Into Two Groups


We need to have zero tolerance to his intent to censorship anybody who dares to oppose him. This country is the greatest in the world because our dissident voices have been heard. Thanks to that, several wrongdoing and mistakes had been corrected. We became an industrialized country because we were able to get accurate and proper information.

We are a trusted society because our businesses are investigated and made public by the free press. The pressure that a free press put on our government bodies and on our society is the principal guaranteed they will respect the laws and behave properly. Every person in the public administration is a public servant. The press has an obligation to investigate and communicate to the people every action he does. The people have full right to ask for clarification and explanation from any official government.

It is extremely dangerous that Mr. Trump is always splitting us into two groups, with all kind of disqualified adjectives to those who are against any of his ideas, and all the best adjectives and approval to his supporters. This type of speech and behaviors were the starting point of every single totalitarian regime in human history. Additionally, this polarization in our society promotes discrimination and hates crimes.

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Are the News Media the Enemy of the American People?

Today, more than ever we need a free vigilant press. Only those who are wrongdoing fears to be scrutinized. The attack of Mr. Trump to the media, in general, is a dangerous signal. The federal government under the National Security Act might implement censorship policies initially on the press. Nevertheless, later on, this restriction can affect every part of our daily life, such as social networks, books, movies, etc. This possibility is the main reason why a zero tolerance is needed in this matter.

He started on January 20 by banning the National Park Services Twitter from sending pictures of his Inauguration’s day. Afterward, all Federal Agencies were banned from updates on social media. Later on, He banned government scientists from speaking out about climate changed.

The worst episode that sounded the alarm was on February 17 when Mr. Trump calls the news media the ‘Enemy of the American People.' This type of speech cannot be taken lightly. Unfortunately, his continuous attack on any information source can hide a more sinister plan for an informative blackout or a censorship state. We only read about it in totalitarian regimes, and in the third-world dictatorships.

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Some radical groups could mistakenly take the president permanent attack against his opposition as an invitation to racism and warmongering. His inflammatory language could jeopardize the political and social peace attained in the last 60 years.

Committed citizenries are needed now. Everybody has to call his congressional representative and make clear your point of view on this critical matter. The world history shows what could happen when radicalism is a government policy

The people of the United States cannot tolerate any form of limits on The First Amendment. No attained rights are negotiable. The people have to send a clear message to our government representatives that we do not tolerate this type of policies. The Congress has to enforce the last sentence of the pledge alliance “with liberty and justice for all."

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