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Is Trump a Homophobic, Islamophobic Racist and Will He Destroy the World?

Updated on May 25, 2020


(Since this article was written, regrettably Trump has demonstrated that he is a dangerous narcissist, has a lack of judgement, is disloyal to people who helped him get elected and is a pathological liar. So the answer to the question is probably 'yes')


David Rockefeller on tape at a meeting of ‘The Council of Foreign Relations’:

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine, and other publications, whose directors have attended our meetings and have respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march toward a world government.”

CFR’ controls American media and consequently American public opinion.

The Council of Foreign Relations (CFR)

It is a matter of record that in 1917, J P Morgan decided to control and to manipulate US public opinion by purchasing the 25 most influential newspapers in the US and to subsequently place editors in charge of them who were willing to do his bidding. He did this in cooperation with his contemporaries Warburg and Rockefeller, who joined him in forming ‘The Council of Foreign Relations’ (CFR). Subsequently the founders of CFR invited other tycoons and large organisations to join them, with one express purpose. This purpose is better described by Professor Carol Quickly, who was considered to be a sympathiser, and who in 1960 was given a two year access to their records.

According to Professor Quickly, the purpose of the CFR is

“To create a world system of financial control in private hands, able to dominate the political system of each country, and the economy of the world as a whole.”

In short, they seek total and quiet control of the entire world. That’s us. You and me. And to do this they need to be the story tellers of daily events, in order to control our minds. Hence the control of the media.

The current leader of this effort to dominate and to enslave the entire world is David Rockefeller. He is personally involved in all the following organisations:

The Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) – Chairman Emeritus when Dick Chaney was Director

The Council of the Americas

The Americas Society

The Forum of the Americas

The Institute of International Economics

The Trilateral Commission

Some of the better known names directly involved with this effort for world domination are:

Rupert Murdoch



Time Warner


George Soros

General Electric

Dick Chaney

The Bushes

The Clintons

Charles Koch



The same people who gave the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama, a man who will not be remembered by history as a peace maker, awarded the Nobel Prize for economics to Frederick Hayek for his economic theories in the book ‘The Constitution of Liberty’. Who was Hayek? The creator of the philosophy of Neoliberalism. And what does this philosophy espouses? Essentially it says that the strong and powerful should be allowed to do as they wish, on the basis of the jungle’s natural selection process. The lion feeds on the zebra, the zebra feeds on grass, if it can find a safe place in which to eat it in peace. A natural process of winners and losers. When the lions have their fill, the zebras may eat without hindrance. You and I are the zebras of Hayek’s world.

In other words, the markets will determine who will rise to the top and who will sink to the bottom.

Unreined entrepreneurs, with or without morals or ethics, could do as they wish on the basis that they will create wealth which eventually will trickle down to everyone else. Simply put, when the lions are full, they will not hunt the zebras. He justifies this by defining liberty as the absence of coercion. By imposing rules and regulations the state is coercing or restricting the rights of the entrepreneurs. By not having labour unions the state removes the coercion of the labour force to demand higher wages. As it is immoral to control free and innovative thought, so the theory goes, it is immoral to constrain the very rich from doing whatever they want, irrespective of the interest of the common man. And, according to the theory, democracy “is not an ultimate or absolute value”. That is a quote. Another quote is “an overwhelming case against a free health service for all”.

Billionaires like the Rockefellers recognised this as their ideal defence against that pesky matter of democracy and they immediately poured their financial generosity into the idea. They began by giving Hayek the Nobel Prize for economics. It was the beginning of the creation of a guileless faith in free markets, which now dominates our politics.

This is a simplified explanation of events. Look it up for a more detailed explanation online.


Phobia. Another Greek word, literally meaning ‘fear’. Homophobia. Do the rest of us ‘fear’ homosexuals? Going by the evidence surrounding me, barring the few exceptions that make the rule, the answer appears to be a resounding ‘NO’. Generally, heterosexuals feel every other emotion about homosexual men except fear. Sympathy for their parents, amusement, pity, aversion, curiosity - but not fear. In fact, homosexuals themselves appear to be ‘homophobic’ because they have opted for using the substitute demeaning term of ‘gay’, which implies a cartoonish character who is the butt of comedians the world over.

And I says this fully aware that I am not being ‘Politically Correct’, which brings me to my main subject:

It is one thing for me and you to accept the right of individuals to do as they wish with themselves, which I fully do and accept. However, it is another thing altogether when those individuals wish to impose their will on others and to influence their whole lives. Allow me to explain myself. I freely accept the right of two men to join together as a couple under the law. It is their right to protect their financial and other interests as heterosexuals do. However, I believe that a child has the need and the right to be given a chance in life by having the example and influence of a mother and a father. And this is where I object to homosexuals adopting children. Not because they will abuse children. Heavens knows heterosexuals are champions at doing that themselves. But to give a child the option of choice is, for me, of crucial, unequivocal and not negotiable importance.

Does this make me ‘homophobic’? No, I do not fear homosexuals. I do not hate or dislike homosexuals. I know that they will consider me patronising when I say I pity them, but I do. They do not know the joy of a woman’s soft skin, the joy of the moment of birth of a child conceived in love. So sue me.

President elect Trump is not an orator. He does not have the gift of eloquence. But I understand what he says about family values, about protecting American jobs and about protecting America’s borders. It is absolutely insane for the wealthiest country in the world to have its citizens work for $10 an hour, because illegal immigrants will do the jobs for that salary. It is insane to hear law enforcement agencies in the US say that they will not arrest illegal immigrants, because they, they agencies, do not agree with the policy of repatriating such illegals, contrary to existing law.

But most of all I understand and I praise President Elect Trump for his expressed intent to fight the globalists like the Rockefellers of this world. Does that make me undemocratic? On the contrary. Read the above and you will understand why.

I understand and I praise President Elect Trump for his expressed intent to fight the scourge of extreme Islamic fundamentalism. Does that make me Islamophobic? I assure you not. I come from Cyprus, a small island with a 20% Muslim population. Not one of my fellow Muslim countrymen will even dream of ever considering the cutting off someone’s head, especially a ten year old child. Or burning another human being alive, as the Islamists fundamentalists have done time and again. The kindest, gentlest, most saintly man I have ever met was a Muslim cleric by the name of Sheikh Nazim. It is his picture above. He was full of passionate hate against the devil, but that’s about all. In consequence, I am not Islamophobic, but I am against those Muslims who have chosen to pervert their religion to give rein to their worst inner selves. As I am against Christians who do the same.

President Elect Trump is not a charismatically eloquent man and he has difficulty in putting across his ideas in a graceful and captivating manner, but he appears to be a well-meaning man. Let us all give him a chance to prove himself.

J P Morgan’s bought and paid for media got the USA involved in WWII, for the sake of selling arms and profiting from the conflict. With hindsight we should be thankful for that involvement, despite the base motives of J P Morgan and his cronies. But this does not mean that the benefits to Europe and the unfairly hounded Jewish people should blind us to the desire of arms manufacturers to have wars for wars’ sake. I praise President Elect Trump for his expressed willingness to deflate the insane posturing against Russia and to work with Russia in fighting the real threat of global terrorism.

Wikileaks has shown all of us the depth of corruption of his predecessors. Hillary Clinton appears willing to sell the White House kitchen sink if it would make her financially better off. Thank God the linguistic brilliance of the establishment media did not sway the American people enough to vote her in.


Trump has reneged on almost all of his promises. He has shown himself to be just another puppet of the Controllers. Another sad disappointment for those of us who hoped.



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