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Is coverage of political candidates fair or distorted?

Updated on September 30, 2015

The coverage of political candidates by the media often comes into question but none more so than this election cycle. Granted there are a large number of political candidates for the GOP nomination but the coverage and focus on all the candidates has been anything but fair by some of the media. If you doubt the above statement you only need to look at the last GOP prime time debate where some candidates barely got exposure by the lack of questions being asked of them. This is not only wrong but unfair to the individuals who will vote in the upcoming primaries and caucuses. This resulted in some of the candidates dropping out of the race. It makes no difference whether the media likes or dislikes a candidate’s political views it is an attempt to promote their political agenda.

We all know the media or at least some of them have their own political agenda based on issues covered or not covered. The media has a responsibility to report the news in a fair and balanced approach and doing less is a disservice to the public they supposedly represent in covering news events. Granted these days there is much to cover with all the political activity but each candidate has the right to not be ignored in their attempt to become the nominee for their respective political party. This kind of coverage appears to primarily be aimed at the Republican candidates but some of this is also aimed at the Democrats. There are more than two candidates to become the Democratic nominee but the coverage seems to focus only on two candidates. This is also wrong.

The media or at least some of them have a lot to learn and the public to some extent is attempting to cause changes in how the coverage of political candidates is accomplished. This election cycle has seen a shift from focusing on the establishment candidates to those primarily outside of the Washington elite. There are some exceptions but it is how candidates present their positions on the issues separate from the establishment of both political parties. Another way the media is distorting the facts can be seen in the political polls. I do not put much stock in political polls but it does not mean they should not be reported. Political polls at this point may not mean much but the trend being presented or in some cases being ignored. Ignoring the rise in the popularity of some candidates by polls being conducted by various media outlets is again an attempt to distort the impact some candidates are generating.

One good thing about the availability of news sources with the technology of today is that if you are looking for information about any political candidate and their positions it is available. The media does not give the public and the individuals who will decide on who the nominee will be for each political party credit for understanding what is being reported and what is not. Nominees have more resources available today than in past election years of 10 or 20 years ago and their message is more prevalent and can have wider exposure. The availability of information helps voters to become well informed not only about the candidates but their positions on the issues. They also have the opportunity to determine whether candidates are changing their previous actions or inactions they have taken dependent upon the audience to which they are speaking. Candidates are receiving closer scrutiny today than in years past and those who are presenting a consistent approach to the issues will receive wider support.


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    • Dennis AuBuchon profile image

      Dennis AuBuchon 2 years ago

      Happy Moment

      Thanks for stopping and providing your comment.

    • Happy Moment profile image

      James 2 years ago from The Eastern Bypass

      I guess so. The information about a candidate depends on the attitude of the media house towards a candidate.