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Is everyone tired of the politics and hate or is it just me?

Updated on July 8, 2016
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Brandi has been a stay at home mom for eleven years. She has a love for Thriller and mystery books, and just finished "All the Lost Souls"

I'm tired

This country that I love is quickly headed to a place that I am scared to live in. We are worried about other countries hatred and just down right wrong doing, so much so that we lock our selves in our country and hide away from the bad guys. But when it comes to a point where you are scared to say something to someone as simple as a "hi" because you are scared you could offend them, you might as well be shackled in a prison with duct tape over your mouth because we are no longer in the land of the free. When someone can sue over whether their coffee is too hot or not there is something wrong with the world.

We have a political campaign that is being held and it seems more like a three ring circus that anything else. One politician should be in prison as far as I am concerned for all of the many things that she has committed. Just a short list of things I don't agree with is the fact that she left military personnel and turned her back when they were murdered, she has happily shared confidential information through e-mails, she has helped other countries get cover names of our undercover men and women (those names protect them once they come home to their families), she has lied numerous times on camera and cant remember which story she wants to stick to today and yet she is ALLOWED to run for president. Our other choice is a man who yells and fights for everything. Which might sound great considering that we have had a president who has stood for nothing for the last eight years but when our president doesn't know when to close his mouth and listen there is some worry there. So is he going to make problems worse because he is so passionate and arrogant that he can't calm down and take a minute to not name call in the middle of his speech? What happens if you become president and do this only to find out that you have ticked them off so bad now they want to bomb us? The problem is at this point you have to choose one. So which one do you choose? Door number one who can't keep classified information to herself or door number two who offends almost everyone when he speaks.

People are being killed in the streets. A lot of these people are innocent lives that did not need to be cut short. Lets take a minute to look at the whole cop issue. First of all let me say I support our police men and women who have to go out everyday knowing today could be their last. Imagine for a minute that you are that police officer. You get up each morning and put on your uniform and kiss your children and spouse goodbye and pray it isn't the last time. Our street are boiling over with people who hate you because of something someone else has done and the hatred spreads so thick that they might just kill you to make a point. You want nothing more in your life than to put the bad guys away and make the streets a little better for your children to walk down and yet you are criticized for that. They yell and berate you because you are the scum on the bottom of their shoe but where were you when they needed you. Then you come into a time where you are put in front of someone who is threatening (maybe) things are going on all around you while this person scares you and it is your job to make a decision and while you have never wanted to pull the trigger on your gun at that moment in the heat of the race you feel like it is your only choice. Only the real problem starts after you pull that trigger because it is only then that you realize that what the victim pulled out instead of a gun is a phone. Your heart is broken and you are full of regret but there is nothing to be done now because there is no rewind button on life. Now you are the cop that everyone is spewing hatred on because of a stupid choice you made in the heat of the battle. The problem is that if you were right and it was a gun you just saved everyone's life, but you were wrong so you are now a murderer in the public's eyes. This is most cops. This is what they deal with on a daily basis. They wonder if when they go up to a window to give a ticket if it is their last breath. Then you have the others who think they can do anything and get away with it. It is these cops we should fear. They are running around with a license to do what they want and they are abusing it.

Our children are growing up in a world that is covered in hatred and they are being raised to hide and take no consequence for their actions. Bullies are beating up our children so bad they go home and kill themselves and we knew nothing of their pain. There is now safe rooms for them to run and hide in instead of standing up and fighting because we have taught them not to. We have shown them that we are a nation that lets others bully them around. You can't open a door for anyone because they might get offended and heaven forbid we assume someone is a man or woman and get it wrong. How are our children supposed to grow up and live successful lives if these are the standards we are setting?

Step back and take a look at what we are teaching them. It's ok for a felon to run for president because it is ok to commit some crimes but not others. If you have a problem with an entire group of people you can bomb them or shoot them and then just kill yourself and you will be famous because that is all people talk about. Ignore the people who so desperately need help around us as long as you help someone in a far off place because that will be noticed and make you a good person but giving food to the homeless person who lives in a box down the road is pointless. I mean who will it know other than that person who is starving.

In a world where people like to ignore the world around them and pretend like things have not changed for the worse we need to worry what we are showing the next generation that is going to run this world and I have to be honest I am scared. I am tired. I am ashamed. I am worried. You see there is no way out of this mess until we figure out where the line is between the good guys and the bad guys. Until we do that it seems like we are just going to continue to get worse until we have killed our population off because their opinions are different than ours.

Here's hoping our nation someday comes back to one that we can be proud of. One that loves each other and respects that everyone is entitled to an opinion but not hatred. Where they know the difference between right and wrong and actually do it. Where people go out and make an honest living. Where people can be and date whom ever they want. And finally where people remember just because they can say something that isn't nice, it doesn't mean they should.


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