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Is it a Radical “Political” Shift, or “Polarity” Shift?

Updated on September 8, 2019

Global Warming and Political Control

Why is there nothing much written in any newspapers regarding the global climate changes resulting from the earth’s polarity shift? Everyone is aware, are they not, that the earth is undergoing one? I heard it is all about magnetic shifts, in particular “dipolar magnetic fields.” What? See and

The reason is likely due to the fact that if the full ramifications of the shift were understood by all of us, the liberals would not have the control over others lives that they love so much (and make tons of money exploiting). To begin with, we ought to take solace in the fact that at least on the argument of global warming, democrats and republicans are both wrong, and then they are also both right: There are climate changes no doubt, but there is nothing we humans can do about it. Like politics run amok itself, our country divided on the most basic of economic and social issues, we are partaking in ineffectual arguments about the consequences of carbon emissions that will never bring about true and effectual results simply because it may not be something we can control. [Like the cry, "It's the economy, stupid"! I say, "It’s a solar event, stupid"!]

It is good to care for the environment, few would disagree. Decreasing carbon emissions is good for the ozone? Perhaps. But instilling fears and creating a cult over the whole problem, including controlling the whole of people’s lives is not the answer. After all, Mother Nature knows how to clean her house and is quite effective at it. She can devour a city in an instant, and the cell that is earth within the universe has its own indefinite existence in the scheme of things, and no power on earth – nothing man can do - is going to change that.

Not the polarity shift or global warming, but the “political” shift is what should be our more immediate concern and focus, not only because of the solar consequences of climate change (tornadoes, hurricanes, rising sea levels) and the strength we need to endure calamity, but because the liberals exploitation of global warming for political power and destruction of the economy only may make us more vulnerable to greater threats than global warming could ever muster. This is the real threat.

What good are windmills, electric cars and solar panels if we are so weak economically as a nation that one blast from the outside will render us powerless? If we are attacked, or if our economic weakness as a nation creates a vacuum of financial instability in the world, would not the use of a nuclear weapon do more harm to the ozone and more environmental damage than flatulent cows? What about all the garbage to deal with if that happens?

We are on a course of self-destruction politically, economically and spiritually, which is our own undoing irrespective of solar events. [Even NASA still does not know what all the consequences of the shift will mean for us so how can the liberals pretend to know so much?] The only thing we all know for certain is that “collectiveness” and our current political shifts and divides are more of a danger both psychologically and economically to the whole of our country that it is doubtful we will ever be able to meet the demands of any cataclysmic event should it occur either as a consequence of a solar shift or political apostasy.

We ought to stop with the power mongering and get on with letting our people be. We ought to be concentrating on elevating the discourse to a more intelligent rather than emotional level and stop trying to control everyone's lives; and we ought to stop making others "atone" for our own failures by projecting guilt on to a people and into a political scheme for power.


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