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Main Stream Media, the Enemy of the People?

Updated on March 12, 2019
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Political Writer Future Politician I enjoy reading up on the news and providing relevant talking points to current events

What is this 8th Grade?

So we see almost every day on the news, reporters going at one another for virtually nothing. Currently we are seeing Fox News host Tucker Carlson getting a lot of bad attention for what he said on a radio show 10 years ago. Yes, yes I know he still said it right? Well not exactly, what is being portrayed as misogynistic statements were not actually misogynistic statements. The Left is just trying to find more and more things to smear republicans and right wing news, to I guess make them look better? Lets face it they have been having a hard two years, from constantly reporting collusion with Trump when there is none, to defending someone like Jesse Smollett. However, on this subject both sides of the political parties are at fault. It seems as if they can't report anything nowadays without pointing out something either hypocritical or something that just isn't even really news. They are acting like a bunch of middle-schoolers nitpicking on one another and the rest of the country is eating it up, the rest of the country watching this are picking sides and then playing a game of telephone. It is almost impossible to find anything legitimate anymore because once one thing is said about 2 days later it sounds completely different then what is actually going on. So what is the actual thing that is dividing the United States? The media, on both sides they are battling each other for more ratings and more votes by smearing each other in the most childish acts possible. Why do we as Americans fall for this stuff? Its the equivalent to following a celebrity around taking pictures, its completely asinine and pointless and we as American citizens deserve better. We are wasting time and valuable information on what? A circus act we the people call "main stream media" and it is up to us to do something about it.

Tucker Carlson Misogynistic?

So lets talk about the most recent form of the smear campaign, Tucker Carlson getting blasted by CNN on Twitter for not apologizing and saying his comments on a radio show 10 years ago. This story has been out for about a day or two now and already we have people saying he is misogynistic, Islamophobic, bigoted, racist etc. Who really are the people saying this though, do they watch his show? The answer is, probably not, most people that are "boycotting" him have probably only seen him getting ridiculed on CNN or MSNBC. So honestly most people can see through this smear, but the main point is it simply isn't true. From what I have noticed the media shows the words that someone says and put a completely different headline on it so the headline hunters on platforms like Twitter read the headline and never read the article, watch the video, or look for any other information about it. They just take the word of the media and assume its true because hey, its the media right they wouldn't lie to us. Wrong, they may not "lie" but they are misleading. Tucker Carlson is a well known Conservative Republican, if you watch his show you know that he is very reasonable and takes on people that appose his views on a regular bases. He has very strong opinions on border security, gun laws, free speech, and somehow survives being himself in California. To me it is strange that most people that try to constantly smear him, like news anchors on CNN, never go on his show and actually debate him. Lets be honest though, Don Lemon only debates people on CNN so he can cut to commercial whenever an apposing guest starts getting the one up on him.

In the recording of Tucker Carlson 10 years ago, he was talking about Iraq, women, immigrants and Obama. When talking about Obama he states that he was annoyed that Obama said he will get pushed back because he is black. Tucker was annoyed by this because he used race as his main political advantage, I mean come on, his campaign was the same as Martin Luther king Jr's. It is obvious that he was running on the platform of race rather then policy. For saying a simple fact he is getting scrutinized, just because he is brave enough to say it while the rest of the world was trying to prove they are not racist by voting for someone based on the color of their skin? When talking about immigrants Tucker did not agree with the talk show host he said something different, I believe he was saying they should be providing more for the US rather then adding to our poor. Also that we need someone in our politics that wont feed into this nitpicking and just state their mind with no filter. On the statements of Iraq, we were at war with them, sharia law was much more rampant in the country and women were treated extremely poorly. To pretend that never happened is proof there is complete incompetence in our main stream media. So why is the media covering this like he is some white supremacist? He hasn't said anything untrue and the things they say he agreed with he actually never agreed with them.

Tuckers Comments From a Biased Youtube Channel

We Must Stand Together

So why do we get these headlines saying something that is either out of context, or just completely misleading? The main stream news companies count on a percentage of people not going through the article, not reading other news organizations, and not watching a full video. They do it so they can grab enough people to be on their side without actually knowing what is going on. The media bias is real, we all know that. Why do we accept it though, why do we as Americans watch hours of Stormy Daniels on the news just for her to be the highest rated porn star again for a couple months? Why do we contribute to the single thing that is harmful to our intelligence? We cannot continue to only indulge what media companies want us to because it is growing us apart and it is dividing our country. We must stand together and fight for transparency, fair and relevant news.

© 2019 Jay Blackwin


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