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Is the Tea Party Movement Good for America?

Updated on June 8, 2011

There have been many movements during the history of our country but none I believe came close to having the impact that the Tea Party Movement has had on our politically elected officials.  Whenever a movement gains ground there is always going to be those that try to put a negative spin on the activities.  There may be cases where negative comments may be applicable given the activities associated with specific movements.  Whether the Tea Party Movement is good for America depends on who is asked the question.  It depends upon our own impression and whether we as individuals agree with the message being sent to our elected officials.

     The Tea Party Movement since it began gaining support at a grassroots level is a force not to be ignored.  The right of free speech granted by the Constitution is alive and well within this movement.  There are those who feel the movement is a bad thing and others feel it is good for our country.  The peaceful demonstrations about issues they care about and their right to voice their opinions, sometimes in votes is their right.  Those who ignored the impact of this movement felt their impact in the result of the last election.

     Movements such as the Tea Party Movement that get individuals involved in the political process is always a good thing.  In past years there seems to have been a lack of interest in the political process as evidenced by the percentage of registered voters who chose to vote in an election year.  This past election presented a different perspective with increased numbers of registered voters who voted.  The current economic environment with which our country is facing today was part of reason but it is the fact that people got involved again with the political process.

     Our elected officials of the past have not had much of a favorable impression of how they have conducted business in Congress and other locations.  Voters who chose to vote felt a need to voice their opinion of how their individual representatives or senators served their needs and he needs of the country.  The results are quite clear that voters wanted a change in direction for our country as evidence by the change in the political landscape in Washington.  Whether the changes that took place will be satisfied with the actions of those just elected will be known in 2012.  Our right to Changes in the way government is now operating today and the way it will operated in the future will be determined in large part by the impact this movement has on our elected representatives.

     The present Tea Party Movement with its grassroots support is voicing their opinions and making suggestions on what they would like to see happen with the way government presently operates.  Our elected representatives must remember they are there to represent us in making decisions that will affect the way we live and work in relation to the issues now facing our country.  The Tea Party Movement with all of its factions does not have a direct leader but in this respect it does not need one to have an impact.  Some say without a direct leader the group is not organized nor have a structure.  The organization and structure is clearly visible in the manner the demonstrations have taken place and the manner in which their opinions have been voiced to our elected officials.  Movements of the past, which had wide support in our country’s history forced changes to be made regarding specific issues.  The same will occur as a result of this movement and has to some extent already occurred.  Change is sometimes difficult to accept but with the issues facing our country change is required.

     Our senators and representatives must understand the fact that as an organization they have a less than favorable opinion by the citizens.  They must also understand that one individual, group of individuals or an organization never knows all the answers.  It is important to listen to the voters who elected them with their suggestions for consideration.  In the past it has appeared that Congress has ignored the opinions of their constituents whether this is the case does not matter as sometimes the appearance of something is just as bad as the actual circumstances taking place. Let us hope that movements such as the Tea Party Movement that gets individuals involved in the political system continues into the future to help make a difference.  I believe in the principle that one person can make a difference.  To answer the question at the beginning of this article yes the Tea Party Movement is good for America.   





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    • Dennis AuBuchon profile imageAUTHOR

      Dennis AuBuchon 

      5 years ago

      Thanks for your comments. We must get our fiscal house in order and reduce the size of government and government spending.

    • Doc Vega profile image

      Doc Vega 

      5 years ago from Here For The Moment

      I can say this after being in Washington DC twice on 4/15 and 9/12 it was good to be among those who shared the love of their country and cared enough to show their support for limited and Constitutional government that we see fading away thanks to the fraud of the Obama White House. And you wonder why I'm alienated.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      "The right of free speech granted by the Constitution is alive and well within this movement."

      All rights in the Constitution aren't granted by such, they are granted by our superiority from our evolutionary process (or "they are granted by God"). The Constitution merely holds them and protects them.

    • Dennis AuBuchon profile imageAUTHOR

      Dennis AuBuchon 

      6 years ago


      Thanks for stopping by and for your comments.

    • LuxmiH profile image

      Luxmih Eve-Lyn Forbes 

      6 years ago from Fort Pierce, Florida

      Voted up, useful and interesting.

      It is refreshing to read constructive, intelligent information about the Tea Party. I praise their leadership for stepping up to the plate to unite with fellow Americans and for setting such an insperational solidarity in motion.

      I pray the every person in America will recognize that we must stand United, One Nation, Under God, with Liberty anf justice for all. Thank you for this awesome Hub

      God Bless the USA!

    • Dennis AuBuchon profile imageAUTHOR

      Dennis AuBuchon 

      6 years ago


      Thanks for the compliment. Glad you stopped by

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      6 years ago from Chicago

      I surely agree with you. The Tea Party Movement is great for America. At the least, it proves that somebody gives a hoot about saving the nation from destruction. Your article is very good.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      The Tea Party needs a major presence across the country and not just for political type thinkers if they want to really make a difference.

      The reason I say this is because our elected leaders are not paying much attention to the ramblings of a minority of voters. The bigger focus comes from the big corporations who control or influence our government with scratch my back I'll scratch yours and that boys-club mentality. There should be a law against the blatant conflict of interest we've seen over the years with putting Banksters into government related roles. IE: Paulson/Goldman Sacs, Bernanke/NY Federal Reserve, and many more.

    • jjmyles profile image


      7 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      Good article and I also agree the Tea Party movement is good for the country. It has been a source of energy that has nudged many people out of complacency and has them getting involved in the political process as we all should be.


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