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Is there any integrity in the executive departments of the federal government?

Updated on March 13, 2015

Integrity in Congress much less in the executive departments of the federal government whether it exists is raising many questions. The actions or inactions of Congress are adding to the negative perception citizens and voters across the country have concluded. While Congress does have some issues with integrity at least some of those elected to represent us the rampant activity of executive departments and agencies is even worse. Whether this is reality or just the appearance can be damaging to the perspective citizens across the country perceive.

The concept integrity and the principles involved by their actions do not seem to exist in the executive department of the government especially at department and agency levels. This does not mean that integrity does not exist just that those in charge are making the final decisions regarding policy, rules and regulations. Just as there are good individuals serving their constituents in Congress I believe there are good individuals in the various departments and agencies of the executive department.

Common sense is a characteristic of making decisions and goes hand in hand with integrity principles. Neither of these characteristics seems to present themselves within departments and agencies related to the decisions they are making. Decisions being made today are not thought out as to their impact on individuals, businesses and the economy before they are implemented.

In addition there seems to be no direct relationship in some decisions associated with laws passed by Congress and even their authority engrained in the Constitution. The points made in the previous sentence especially the lack of authority in the Constitution are especially troubling.

Another aspect signifying a lack of common sense or integrity principles relates to the volume of rules and regulations which seems to be never ending. Rules and regulations need to be created to provide efficient management capability ensuring the laws for which departments and agencies are responsible are accomplished. Some recent examples of the lack of common sense, integrity principles and even constitutional authority involved in decisions by the FCC and the Internet along with the ATF with the ammunition proposal.

The importance of integrity in society can be seen in deficiencies reported in the auto industry, product safety and quality ensuring that products and services perform as identified in sales literature. Whether these examples identify a lack of integrity in the processes can only be determined by examination but the appearance that integrity is lacking which is a perception the public can conclude. Problems will always surface but it is how you deal with them that make the difference to ensure they are either reduced or eliminated from recurring. The same is true with departments and agencies of the federal government. Problems will always surface with some or many decisions made in government. The aspect that promotes the appearance of the lack of integrity or common sense is when the government attempts to present a totally different picture than what the public is experiencing. When government creates problems with their decisions they need to step up to the plate and resolve the issues to either revoke their decisions or make corrections.


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    • Dennis AuBuchon profile image

      Dennis AuBuchon 3 years ago


      Thanks for providing your input to this topic. Many things need to change and hopefully there are enough good individuals currently in Congress to start us on the right path. In the next election we need to give them more support by electing others with a philosophy of change for the better.

    • handymanbill profile image

      Bill 3 years ago from western pennsylvania

      I believe that the people who we elect have got to do something to show people that they have been busy. A lot of them sit in there office and and have lots of spare time to dream up new laws and regulations. if they don't dream up these ideas then how do they account for there time? They need to throw out a lot of the laws they have and make things simple. For instance the tax laws we have. "Decisions being made today are not thought out as to their impact on individuals, businesses and the economy before they are implemented." Again they have to find something to do...